Appreciate little things

Do you appreciate the little things around you?
Like the color of the sky, the smell of some flowers or the taste of some dish? 🤔
This is a key to happiness for me. You NEED TO be happy about the little things. If you’d be happy only on big occasions like you wedding day, moving in to your new home, getting a promotion, seeing your kid graduate etc you’d be what…happy couple days during your lifetime? 😬 That’s just sad.
You NEED TO appreciate the little things. Why? It makes you a happy person! You’re happy throughout your life, not just on those special days! + Those things you may see as granted are not always given and not to all.
For example, not all days are sunny so appreciate a sunny day and be happy about it! 😉
Also, you may take such things as having a roof over your head, not being hungry or having 2 legs are something granted…well, it’s not granted for all.
There’s plenty people who don’t have a roof over their had, who walk around feeling hungry all the time and who don’t have 2 legs, 2 hands or are blind. Those people would LOVE TO switch places with you so appreciate what you’ve got! 😚

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