How to stay calm now?

Last 2 years have been hard to us all. First pandemic, now war (next door for us here in Poland 😬).
We’re all tired, stressed, tired of being stressed…we need to take care of ourselves 🙏 we need to take care of our minds ❤
How to stay calm now?
🔸️ First of all, if watching news boosts your anxiety stop watching it! Either go online only for 10-15min to catch up on most important things to know what’s happening or, even better, ask your family/friends to inform you if there’d be something you really need to know about. Don’t spend hours watching photos/videos from the war.
🔸️ Instead of constant reading about next victims 💔 read how you can help. There’s plenty foundations where you can donate. If you live in Poland, Moldova or Romania you can donate food, clothes, cosmetics, blankets for the refugees.
🔸️ If that’s all too much for you you can cut off from all of that completely and keep on living your normal life, that’s totally fine and understandable. Focus on yourself and practice self-care.
🔸️ If you find yourself panicking, take slow deep breaths, try meditating, go for a walk or soak in a warm bath. Do whatever makes you calm.
🔸️Write down all your questions, all your anxieties, let it all out.
🔸️ Talk to your close ones about your concerns, hear them out (but please talk to people who know what they’re talking about, don’t spread fake news etc). Remember that you can always message me ❤

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