Different worlds

In times like these some of everyday problems seem so unimportant.
I may be worried that my dish didn’t turn out as I’d wish while there are hundreds of thousands of people ‘next door’ who don’t have anything to eat 😔.
I may be worried that there’s a stain on my favourite jumper and that it’s ruined while there are people freezing to death not that far away from me 💔.
I may be worried that I didn’t do as much as I wished at work this week while there are people without jobs and/or money who’d love to just get back to work, instead they’re fighting for their lives 😪.
I guess it’s always been like that, there’s always been a war somewhere in the world while I was watching Netflix, there’s always been people struggling to get any food while I overcooked a dinner, there’s always been people freezing somewhere in the world while I’ve been walking in my penguin onesie in my warm home.
Sadly there’s always been people with better, beautiful lifes while other fight to survive 💔
The key is to:
a) appreciate what we got, cherish every moment of our peaceful life with simple problems
b) help those in need as much as we can.
I LOVE my life. I love that I’m able to eat/cook anything I want 🥑🥓🍕. I love my apartment, the fact that I live in the city center and have everything close 🏡 . I am grateful for my family and friends ❤. I love that I am able to travel ✈️, to learn new things.
I just love it all.
And you?
What do you like/love about your life?
What are you grateful for?

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