Lets unite

Who doesn’t love getting a kiss on a cheek? 🥰
We should all care for and love each other ❤
In times like those there’s always one big advantage. People uniting ❤. Same vibe was when pandemic started.
When I went shopping on Wednesday to create a package for people in need in Ukraine I felt this amazing vibe on streets. 70% of the people I was walking by were talking about Ukraine and planning how to help 🙏. When I was in a pharmacy buying diapers, cosmetics and other things for people in need I saw couple more people in the store with baskets full of diapers, 20-30 energy bars, canned food, medicine and I could tell that they’re also shopping for those in need ❤.
Later when I went to a store with electronics where I wanted to buy a powerbank for refugees I saw that there’s hardly any powerbank left on a shelf and a salesman confirmed that plenty people came to buy one for people in Ukraine.
People are united as never. I’ve never experienced such love and will to help. Even our government started acting…normal 😜
I feel so sorry for Ukrainians, can’t imagine what they’re going through 💔
So I’m trying to help as much as possible. And so are millions, dozens of millions other people ❤.
I believe that it will soon be over, that Ukraine will survive and be even stronger 💪 and that we’ll have amazing friendship between Poland and Ukraine lasting forever ❤.
Слава Україні!!! 💙💛🇺🇦

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