SELF LOVE: Dealing with emotions

We’re all focused now on helping others, on taking care of refugees, our dear friends Ukrainians.
But remember to take care of YOU too! ❤ Like in a plane – put your mask first before helping others.
So today focus on you 💛.
What to do when you feel…:
🔸️ ANGRY – ask yourself why you feel this way, what’s the reason of your anger, go for a walk, focus on breathing, listen to some calm music
🔸️ SAD – write down what you feel, all your anxieties, let it all out, cry if you feel like crying, then treat yourself – make yourself (or order in) some nice meal, buy yourself something nice
🔸️ ASHAMED – develop self-compassion, practice self-love talk, talk to your friend
🔸️ ANXIOUS – turn off your phone, stretch your body, go for a walk, listen to some chill music, try yoga and/or practicing mindfullness
🔸️ DRAINED – rest, take a hot shower/bath, do some home spa, have some tea, go to bed early
How do you feel today?

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