SELF LOVE: Face Mask for Spring

Winter is finally behind us and it’s time for Spring showers and sunshine 🤩. If the cold winter months have left you skin feeling dry and dull, you’re not alone.
Papaya Skin-Brightening Face Mask 🤩
This is a very simple face mask meant to bring a natural glow back to your complexion. You’ll get rid of those dead, dry skin cells thanks to the natural exfoliator in the Papaya, leaving your skin bright and beautiful 🥰. Not only does honey help bind this all together, it will also soothe your skin.
What You Need:
🔸️ ½ cup of mashed papaya
🔸️ 1 teaspoon of honey 🍯
🔸️ 1 whipped egg white 🥚
Make the Mask:
➡️ Separate your egg white and whisk it until it has a soft whipped texture.
➡️ Cut and mash your papaya. If you have food processor, this step is super simple! If not, just cut up the papaya and mash it by hand with a potato masher or sturdy fork.
➡️ Combine all ingredients in a small bowl.
Use the Mask:
Make sure your face is clean. You don’t need to scrub, just a good rinse with warm water and pat it dry with a towel. Then carefully apply the mask with your fingers, making sure to avoid the area around your eyes 😊. 
Sit back and relax and let the mask sit for 10-15 minutes. Practice a little mindfulness or meditation while you let the mask sit 🧘‍♀️. When the time is up, wash the mask off with warm water and scrub your face well to really exfoliate. 
That’s it! Your skin will have a bright glow almost instantly! 🤗


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