Why taking small steps is so important? 🤔

I keep telling you – whatever your dream is, keep taking small steps forward! With small steps you won’t get tired and/or burned out which means you won’t give up and you’ll reach that goal! 🤩
If you’re one of those people who need to do a lot to ‘feel like’ you’ve actually worked (gotta admit that I’m one of those people 😅) and that e.g. reading 15 pages a day is nothing to you, saving 5 USD a day doesn’t feel like saving and/or when you work 30min daily on your project you don’t feel like working at all remember:
🔸️15 pages a day (so about 30min per day spent reading) is 5475 pages per year so about 13-18 books per year – that’s quite a lot! Definitely more than the average 😉
🔸️ 5 USD saved daily will make 1825 USD in a year! 💰💰💰
You can buy quite a lot with those money!
🔸️ 30 min per day spent working on your project/business makes 10950 min in a year = 182.5 h !!! You can do/achieve so much in 182 hours!!! 😉
Remember – small steps matter and can make a HUUUUGE difference!

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