SELF LOVE: Homemade Rose Petal Face Mask

Homemade Rose Petal Face Mask For Glowing Skin (no, that’s not the mask on my face on the photo 😅)
You’ll need:
🔸️a few rose petals, washed 🥀
🔸️2 tbsp of milk 🥛
🔸️2 tbsp of oats powder
🔸️1 tbsp of honey (optional) 🍯
➡️ Step 1: Add rose petals to the milk and make a paste (Yes! the color would be purple and not pink if you do it right).
➡️ Step 2: Add the powdered oats to this mixture.
➡️ Step 3: If you are using honey, then add it at this moment.
Your homemade face mask is ready ☺️.
➡️ Step 4: Apply it on your face and neck and keep it for 20 minutes. Wait till it dries off completely, then wash it off with warm water in a circular motion.
➡️ Step 5: Soak a cotton ball in cold water and dab it on your face lightly and feel your skin.
🔸️Benefits of Rose petals:
✅️ Rose petals are rich in Vitamin C that acts as a sun block.
✅️ Hydrates skin without affecting it any adverse way.
✅️ Helps in removing dark circles.
✅️ Has anti-bacterial properties that fight pimples and prevent them from coming back.
✅️ Lightens scars and acne spots.
🔸️Benefits of Raw Milk:
✅️ Since raw milk is rich is omega 3 fatty acids, it hydrates skin like anything!
✅️ Helps in reducing skin allergies and redness.
✅️ Reduces sunburn.
✅️ Lightens skin tone.
🔸️ Benefits of Honey:
✅️ Honey is an anti-oxidant.
✅️ Has anti-inflammatory, hydrating and moisturizing properties.
✅️ Also reduces skin irritation.
✅️ Keeps skin soft and supple all day long.
🔸️Benefits of Oats:
✅️ Oats act as an excellent exfoliator.
When applied on skin, oats absorbs excess oil, dirt, germs, bacteria thus help us in having a clean, oil free, acne-free face.
✅️ Oats have ant-inflammatory properties that heals itchy skin rashes.


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