Be positive!


Do you know the saying „The appetite grows with what it feeds on.”? 🤔 The more people have, the more they want and this saddens me 😔. When will those people be happy? 🤷‍♀️ They’re chasing all the time to have more and more and in the end they never have enough, they are never happy. Isn’t is easier and better to appreciate what we have? 🤷‍♀️
To be grateful and to be happy all the time and even HAPPIER when you get something new, something better? 🤔
There are people in Africa or South America who don’t have much, who struggle to survive and yet they are so much happier than people who have so much more. Because they appreciate what they have 🙏, because they are happy about the simple things like having food or a roof over their head. We should learn from them!
I know we shouldn’t compare ourselves but in this case do it. Compare what you have to those poor people who hardly have anything. Compare the conditions you live in with wifi, shower 🚿, Netflix and/or Playstation 🎮 to the conditions they live in with a bucket of warm water to clean themselves with, with one wooden toy for all 6-7 children and no idea what wifi is (not everybody there lives like that of course but there are plenty people/houses who do).
Do you still think that you don’t have much? That you live in bad conditions? 😶 Compare your life in which you are able to go to a cinema, to travel, to see your favourite band live with the life of e.g. Cubans who can’t travel (they don’t have passports), who hardly get any access to international movies 🎬 or music 🎵, who use their day off to stand in line for several hours in front of a grocery shop to get any food yet they still go out to the streets and laugh, dance and love life. Do you still think your life is so bad?
There’s one simple rule to have a happy life – look down on those who have less when building gratitude 🙏 and look up for those who have more to build motivation 💪 and to get inspired. And never do it the other way round 😉.

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