Be positive!

4 Magical phrases

Am I out of date? Or am I too sensitive? 🤔
I remember when I was a kid my parents taught me 4 magical words/phrases: „good morning”, „sorry”, „please” and „thank you”. Do you know these? I’m sure you do. But do you use them? 😉
I’m not a kid anymore yet those are still basic phrases for me and I use them constantly.
I walk into an elevator or pass my neighbours in the neighbourhood and I always say „Good morning” no matter if I like this person, no matter if I know this person 🤷‍♀️. And what do I get? Nothing.🙄
I do an extra job for somebody at work or spend my time helping somebody and what do I get? Nothing.🙄
I’ve been waiting for somebody who didn’t show up on time or I wasted my time for somebody who didn’t even care and what do I get? Nothing.🙄
Are words „good morning”, „thank you”, „sorry” out of date? Is it not ‘cool’ to say those words? I honestly don’t get it.😳
For me there is one simple value that connects all those phrases and the fact if you use it or not – respect towards other people 👊.
If I say „good morning” to somebody and he/she doesn’t reply – that’s lack of respect for me.😟
If I do something for somebody and he/she won’t even thank me – that’s lack of respect for me.😟
If I waste my time for somebody and don’t hear simple „sorry” – that’s lack of respect for me.😟
Of course it doesn’t apply to everyboody (thank God) but there are more and more those kind of situations and it really upsets me 😔.
Like Keanu Reeves once said „”I don’t want to be part of a world, where being kind is a weakness.”
You don’t have to like everybody, you don’t have to agree with everybody but PLEASE lets treat each other with respect 🙏. Lets bring good old phrases ‘good morning’, ‘sorry’, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ back to everyday life. What do you say?

P.s. I’m back 😎

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