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Good deeds

How’s your Xmas preparations going? Did you write a letter to Santa? 😉
Here’s 10 good deeds you can do around Xmas time! 🙏
❤ Do grocery shopping for your elder neighbours
❤ Let somebody sit in your sit on a bus
❤ Write a postcard with Xmas wishes and put it in somebody’s mailbox
❤ Cook a meal and feed the homeless
❤ Find some charity you can support either financially or volunteer at some charity event
❤ Hug somebody who’s feeling sad
❤ Send somebody some positive thought, a positive quote
❤ Smile at a stranger
❤ Feed the birds or some homeless animal
❤ Pack a box (it can be anything handmade or something you don’t need maybe) and leave it as a surprise box in a park

I already did 4 of those and today did last from the list – I packed 2 Secret Santa boxes and left in the park. Here are some photos but watch my today’s stories on Instagram to see the whole thing including a video of a homeless man opening the box ❤!


Be positive!

Little things

There is this saying, one of my favourites, „Not everyday is good but there is something good in everyday” and I so agree! 😊
Even though this year has been tough to all of us I am more than sure that we could find something good in all of those days! Like the color of the sky, smell of flowers or somebody being nice to you! 😊
Last 3 months have been very very tough for me, healthwise 🤕, workwise 🙄, many family issues 😟, some friends let me down 😏…believe me, it has not been easy 🤷🏼‍♀️ and in the end when I was thinking that the only positive issue this year (besides my covid test 2 months ago 😜) is my financial situation, I got half of my usual salary today 🤦🏼‍♀️ and even though it’s all good now and it turned out to be a mistake by somebody in HR I won’t get the missing half until January 🤷🏼‍♀️… so 2020 misery goes on 🙄
BUT! Even though it’s been so tough I managed to see some good in everyday, to get excited about something every week, to be happy despite all the problems and that’s how positive mind works! 😉
I’ve been admiring beautiful sunrises and sunsets 🌄 (I am pretty sure that the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets in Poland are in December), I’ve been veeeery creative and doing plenty DIY stuff that you’ve seen/see in Smiley Advent Calendar 😁, I’ve been doing silly sketches and dances with my husband to make our moods better 🤪, I’ve been admiring beautiful fruity smell of my favourite shower gel each day 😍, I’ve been more and more excited about upcoming Xmas creating beautiful Xmas decorations 🎄, I’ve been grateful for every help that I got either from a stranger on a street or from a colleague at work 😉… there is so much good around us we just need to notice it! 🤗

Now tell me something good that happened to you today!

P.s. Here’s a little extra from today’s Smiley Advent Calendar box on my Instagram:

Positive affirmations 2Positive affirmations 3Positive affirmations 4Positive affirmations

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5 Positive apps

Are you following me on Instagram?
I changed my Instagram Feed into 1 big Advent Calendar! 🤩
There’s already been couple tutorials for homemade Xmas decorations, homemade Xmas gifts and plenty other surprises!

Here’s what was inside “box” nr 5! 🙂

5 positive apps for you!


Be positive!

What I’ve learned this year

Look deep into my eyes. What do you see? Confidence! 😎

I’ve learned a lot this year and I feel that I’ve grown as a person.
This year I finally accepted myself as I am 👍 I stopped feeling sorry for being the way I am and I’ve been encouraging people to understand that we are all different and you can’t meassure or judge everything with same standards/meassurements 🤷🏼‍♀️

For example, I am an analytical kind of person 🧐. I analyze lots of things, I plan lots of things, I need to have an order in everything and have everything organized 🤪. I feel calm when I have everything written down and everything planned 😇.

But e.g. my husband is not like that 🤷🏼‍♀️. So whenever he wanted to do something spontaneous together or plan some evening for me I felt nervous (Don’t get me wrong, I do get spontaneous from time to time but not when I have a busy week – e.g. preparing everything for an Advent Calendar 😜)
It took some time but he now understands that this is how I want things 🤗

But it works both ways! I used to be mad at him for not planning ahead or for not being orgnized. But that’s just how he is 🤷🏼‍♀️. He doesn’t need unnatural order in everything as I do. I used to be mad that he doesn’t remember me telling him something but his memory just isn’t as good as mine or, actually, it is as good but he just remembers different things 🤷🏼‍♀️ – I have good memory for facts, plans, for details and he remembers every movie and a last name of pretty much every person he’s ever met! 😅 We’re just different!

We are all different and we all want different things. Don’t judge somebody for not wanting something you want or for having something you find unappealing 🤷🏼‍♀️

Don’t feel sorry for a woman that has been single her whole life, maybe she wants to be alone? 😉 Talk, listen. Stop looking weird at a married couple that doesn’t have kids – maybe they don’t want traditional Graduate-Get Married-Have Kids lifestyle. Talk, listen. 😉

Stop looking at people through your own opinions and your own character. Maybe something that drives you crazy is good for another person? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Be positive!


Coronavirus exists & is more dangerous than flu – have you had a fight about it already? 🙄

I have Covid-19 behind me already and I can tell that the virus is real & that it was worse than flu for me & I still do not feel 100% well.

And as I’ve been sharing my story and my advices to people on e.g. how to be tested, I had plenty people thanking me 🤗 (especially people in Poland as I explained exacty what to do to be tested) but I also had plenty haters laughing at me 🙄, telling me that it is all fake 😳, that it is all planned (God knows by whom 🤷🏼‍♀️), that people should not be tested etc

I’ve been talking to those people trying to explain to them that they’re wrong, they were explaining to me that I’m wrong and I just gave up 🤷🏼‍♀️ I just blocked them 🚫. Maybe we were both right on some level and the truth is somewhere inbetween or maybe we’re both wrong 🤷🏼‍♀️

But in the end ARGUING (OR ACTUALLY DISPUTING) IS GOOD & much needed as you need to get some other PERSPECTIVE from time to time 👍. You can’t just live in a bubble and surround yourself only with people who share your vision, who have same opinion, like same political party etc. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Sometimes you need to leave that bubble to gain perspective, to see the problems through somebody else’s eyes, to see that maybe a thing you’re fighting for isn’t as perfect/clear as you may think.

BUT at the same time there are people who just think that they know everything 🙄, who will never admit to being wrong (when you’re talking about facts and things that can be only one-sided) 🤦🏼‍♀️

You can keep giving them facts, showing them proofs that you’re right (e.g. some numbers or things you can measure) and they will just keep telling you you’re wrong 🤷🏼‍♀️

Just let go. You won’t convince them to your point of view just as much as you won’t ever be convinced to their 🤷🏼‍♀️
But never argue over taste or likes. We are all different and we all like different things 😉

In short – disputing is ok when both sides have respect towards one another and when we learn from each other👍. If people just stay stupborn or even call you stupid just block them. You don’t want needless fights 😉

Be positive!

Stop living in a bubble!

Stop living in a bubble! 😉 Stop daydreaming, stop comparing yourself and start appreciating what you’ve got! 🤩
You know what word should be deleted from a dictionary and be banned forever? 🚫 ‘Perfect’. 🙄
Nothing is perfect, no one is perfect and will never be 😏
We tend to compare our lives with some unrealistic scenarios 💁🏼‍♀️. We tend to compare ourselves with unreal people (yes, that famous model in your magazine isn’t real because in real world she doesn’t look like she’s presented in the photo 🙄). It’s as if we were comparing our life to a Disney movie! 🤦🏼‍♀️
All people have ups and downs. All people have their worse moments. All couples fight. All families have their own problems. ⚠️
Believe me, even if someone seems perfect to you, I am more than SURE that he/she isn’t, that he/she is struggling with something, that he/she has their own problems 🤷🏼‍♀️
And hey! Maybe there’s a person that thinks of you as perfect? 😉 Beucase maybe on the outside you seem to have it all? 💁🏼‍♀️
You’ll always have something that somebody else doesn’t and at the same time you’ll always lack something that some other people have ⚠️. That’s just the way it is and we need to stop chasing after unreal goals 🚫
Nobody has it all.
Now just stop and look what you have. Cherish it. Appreciate it. 🙏

What do you think? Do you agree?

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Healthy balance

You know what’s one of my main rules in life? Healthy balance about EVERYTHING 😉
We live in crazy times where everybody is in a rush, everybody wants to be the best at something 😬. Some people risk it all to get what they want. Is it worth it though? 🤷🏼‍♀️
I’ve heard some people say that in order to be successful you need to totally limit your time off and focus on work 😶. That you need to drop Netflix, drop the time with your loved ones and spend every minute of your day self-evolving 😏 That instead of watching a tv show on Netflix in the evening you should focus on broadening your skills, your knowledge and read a book 📖
I understand that in order to succeed you need to work hard and I totally agree with that 👍 I highly encourage everybody to self-evolve, to learn new skills… sure, that too ☝️. But to limit your time off? 😕 To never watch Netflix (apart from the fact that you can always learn something from a tv show/movie/documentary 🙄)? To never have propper leisure time? 😒
Na-ah 👎
There needs to be balance⚖. Not only you NEED TO REST regularly in order to rebuild your energy to work, to get new ideas 🤩, to stay fresh 🙂 but if you work your ass off and never rest you’ll lose your motivation, lose your will to work and it will all become a torture for you and in the end when you succeed it won’t bring you any joy 😏
Another example are people who want to lose weight or muscle up and they work out every day or even twice a day 🙄. That ain’t the way to do it 🚫. Muscles grow on your rest days! You need at least 1 day break from working out a week for the body to recharge and for your muscles to grow.
You should make sure that there’s heathy balance ⚖ in every part of your life:
Between work 💻 & rest 🎬
Between working out 💪& regeneration 🧖‍♀️
Between your career 👩‍💻 & private life 💃
Between the time you’ve got for others 👥 and time you’ve got for yourself 🧘🏼‍♀️
Between physical development 💪 and mental development 🧠
Between caring about what’s important ⚠️ and ignoring what’s not 🚫
Healthy balance is the key, believe me 😉

Be positive!

I’ll be happy when…

„I’ll be happy when…”
Is that thought stuck with you? 😏 Do you keep thinking that you’ll be happy when something happens? 😬 Or when you’ll accomplish something? 🤔
I used to think that way. I kept saying to myself „I’ll be happy when I lose weight” 💪, „I’ll be happy when I publish my book” 📕, „I’ll be happy when I get married 👰”.
And you know what? It doesn’t work that way 🤷🏼‍♀️
Happiness isn’t some kind of a prize 🏆 that comes when you do what you have to do 🙄. You can lose weight, get married and reach all your dreams and still won’t be happy 😞. It’s about your mindset ⚠️
If you keep thinking „I’ll be happy when…” this happiness will always be somewhere in the future ➡️, it will be always ahead of you and you’ll never catch up 😧.
You need to find a way to be happy NOW ⚠️. Even when you haven’t achieved your goal, even if you’re e.g. losing weight and got still some kgs to lose 😅, be happy on your way to success 🔜.
What if you’ll never get what you want (sorry to break it to you but it might happen)? 🤔 What if you keep saying to yourself „I’ll be happy when…” and the ‘when’ never comes and you’ll just lose weeks, months or years waiting for that happiness 😱?
It’s not something that will come to you. It’s not like you’ll wake up one day after reaching your goal and think „wow, I’m happy now” 😉. You need to change your mindset ⚠️
Start thinking and focusing on HERE & NOW ⬇️. Start seeing, like actually seeing 👀, what you have, what you’ve done ☺.
Start being happy about the little things 😉. Instead of thinking „I’ll be happy when I reach my goal” be happy that you’ve started working on that goal 🤗, be happy with every step you take to reach it, be happy about every little obstacle you’ve defeated 💪.
Be happy NOW ⚠️
Tell me, are you happy? 🤗

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Live a colorful life! ❤💜💙💚💛🧡

Paint it the way you want! 🎨🤗
In order to make your life colorful you need to break your routine 😉 Being organized and having everything planned is cool and you know I am all for it but you need to get crazy sometimes too! 😜
Be spontaneous! Drop that mop on a Saturday and instead of spending whole day cleaning your house call your friends and go bowling 🎳, to an aquapark 🏄‍♂️ or even for a roadtrip if possible! 🚙
Go to your favourite restaurant but skip you favourite meals and order something new 🤩! You won’t get to know new tastes and maybe even find you new favourite dish if you won’t be trying new things! 😉
And it works same way in life! Do something new! Take up a new hobby! 🤹‍♂️ Start some new course! 📚 Join some association and meet new people! 👥
Best memories are made when you leave your comfort zone and do something new, even if it’s scary, believe me! ☺