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Try seeing the world from other perspective!

You know how it said that you need to change in order to grow? 🤔 You need to change your mindset, your thoughts and sometimes your perspective too! 😉
It is highly possible that when you think about something while being in a different mood you’ll feel different about it 😉. That’s why we say „sleep on it” when we want somebody to make a decision on something. Because it works! You might feel different about some subject the next day 🤗
Same way you might feel different about something in several years 😉. As time passes you become wiser, you gain experience, your character changes so your decisions might change too 😉. Just think about some decisions you’ve made in last couple years. Would you do everything same way now? 🤔 Probably not. That’s why it is always important to think about future and about future you when making some important decision 😀
On another point – try seeing things from other perspective when listening to others’ decisions too! ⚠️ People keep judging somebody’s choices but what might not be good for you might be good for someone else! 😉 When judging others we need to remember that we are all different! ⚠️
I used to get mad when my husband didn’t plan or organize everything precisely 🙄, I used to get angry with my friend that he never remembers anything 😳 etc. It took some  time but finally I learned not to compare others to myself or other way round 😉. If I like being organized and/or have good memory it doesn’t mean that others are the same!
Remember, in order to fully understand something or to make a good decision you need to see something from different perspectives, trying to get a wide spectrum on the subject so as to be objective and to make a wise decision 🤗

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Don’t be a chicken!

Don’t be a chicken 🐥 and leave your comfort zone 😁! If you want to achieve something extraordinary (and you probably do as all of us 😅), if you want to be successful (as all of us 😅) or reach your goals you need to leave your comfort zone!
Comfort zone is where you feel safe, where you do everything automatically without any extra thought 🤔 hence when you’re in your comfort zone you don’t learn anything new, you don’t grow! 😏
Do you know that people used to think that human can’t run the distance of 1 mile (1609m) in less than 4 minutes? 🏃‍♂️ So this is what used to be believed as minimum time impossible to get. Best runners in the world have been finishing races with a result of 4 minutes + couple seconds until a British athlete called Roger Bannister left his comfort zone and run that distance in less than 4min in 1954 😎
There are plenty people who are stuck at work doing what they hate but they don’t look for a new job because they’ve been doing it so many years that they can keep doing it 🙄. The truth is they are stuck in their comfort zone. They are scared of changes, of new challenges, of meeting new people and starting from the beginning so they stay where they are.
They prefer to be stuck in a place where they know the people, where they know what to do when they come in to the office, where they no longer have to learn anything 🙄.
They want to be stuck there even though they hate it. 😏 That is not right. You need to overcome this fear of changes, you need to overcome your weaknesses, you need to leave your comfort zone, go out and do what you want! 🤗
Believe me, everybody wants to be in PJs in front of tv, being chilled and not stressing about anything whole day, week, month 😉
But this is not the way to achieve great things.
You need to grow to achieve success but you won’t grow without leaving comfort zone 😉

Be positive!

Challenge negative thoughts

Are you fair to yourself? 🤔 Do you treat yourself well? 😉 Do you think of yourself in a nice way and understand your needs and problems? 🧐 Do you expect same results as others from yourself or are you over ambitious and tend to be critical of your achievements? 🙄
Imagine a situation: your friend calls and tells you that she failed at work and is afraid she’s gonna get fired 😰. What do you tell her? 🤔 You probably tell her not to worry, you try to assure her/him that she’s/he’s probably over dramatic and that it couldn’t have been that bad. You emphasise that she’s/he’s good at her/his job and that she/he won’t get fired 🤩
Now imagine same situation but you’re the one that failed at work 😉. What do you tell yourself? Do you blame yourself? 😶 Do you keep saying how bad you are? That you deserve getting fired? 😬 Do you tend to be overcritical to yourself? ☹
Is that what you would say to your friend? No! 🚫
Be a friend not only to others but to you as well! 🤗 Be supportive, understanding and loving ❤
How to challenge negative thoughts? 🤔
Stop thinking:
❌ „No one likes me.”
❌„It’s all my fault that she’s upset”
❌„I shouldn’t have made that mistake”
❌„I can’t do this”
❌„Why does this always happen to me?”
❌„Everyone is out to get me”.
Instead think:
✔„What is another possibility?”
✔„What would the people who care about me say?”
✔„What is the worst that could REALLY happen?”
✔„If my friend had this thought, what would I tell her?
✔„Can I be 100% sure this is true?”
✔„What is the best possible outcome?”
Remember, be a friend to yourself.
Be kind 😘
You’re not a robot. You’re a human, you make mistakes and that’s ok 😉
Love yourself 🙏.

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Please remember, be good to yourself! 🙏

Nothing will happen, nothing will work, nothing will change for better, you won’t be happier, you won’t like yourself more, you won’t accept yourself if you’re doing it because of hatred to yourself 😞
If you’re doing it out of fake intension, because you need to prove something to somebody, out of punishment or any negative reason, it simply won’t work 🤷🏼‍♀️. You won’t achieve your inner peace, you won’t be happy and/or anxiety free.
First of all you need to understand that you don’t need to be the best, you don’t need to be the fastest, the smartest, the richest ⚠️. In fact, I’m gonna break it to you 😉 – there’s always going to be someone smarter, someone prettier and someone more successful than you, it’s just how it works 🤷🏼‍♀️
You need to understand that you don’t HAVE TO do anything. Your attitude will change SO MUCH when you change the thinking and instead of thinking „I HAVE TO”, you’ll start thinking „I CAN” 🤗
I can change 😎
I can follow my dreams 😍
I can work hard and reach my goals 🤩
I can be better 💪
You don’t have to be the best but try to be better each day, to grow, to self-develop ⬆️. But do all of that while being good to yourself. Don’t force yourself to anything, it won’t work. You should want to do it, desire it. Not feel like you NEED TO or HAVE TO do it.
Remember, it’s all about the attitude 😘

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Be positive!

Be fair!

You know the saying – treat others how you want to be treated, right? It also works the other way round 😉 – expect from others what they can expect from you.
Don’t expect somebody to be honest with you if you’re not honest with them ⚠️
Don’t expect somebody to hear you out if you don’t listen to them. ⚠️
Don’t expect somebody to help you if you never help them. ⚠️
Be fair!
Don’t be surprised that somebody isn’t telling you some secrets or personal things if you don’t share some personal stuff with them or if you can’t keep a secret 🤷🏼‍♀️. Would you tell them a secret of yours if you’d know that they’d tell it everyone around? 🤔
Then when somebody is telling you something personal or confessing of their problems don’t reply with „Ahh, that’s nothing. My situation is even worse…” 🙄 or ‘fight’ over who is in worse situation „You’re tired? Believe me, I’m more tired!” 😏 Nobody likes that! Let him/her talk, hear them out 👂and then when they’re finished and are ready for some advices you can compare their situation to yours, tell them what helped you, how you’re dealing with such situation etc but don’t make it about you. 😉 Let this moment be about him/her, focus on your friend and let them feel heared out. Your time to confess and complain about your sitation will come, don’t worry 😉
And finally, don’t expect somebody to help you if you’ve never helped them! Why would they do that? 🤔 It should work both ways! E.g. at work – ask somebody to do something for you but also offer to do something for them from time to time 😉
Let’s all treat each other how you’d like to be treated, be fair with others and never let a relationship work only one way 🙏

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Good deeds

How’s your Xmas preparations going? Did you write a letter to Santa? 😉
Here’s 10 good deeds you can do around Xmas time! 🙏
❤ Do grocery shopping for your elder neighbours
❤ Let somebody sit in your sit on a bus
❤ Write a postcard with Xmas wishes and put it in somebody’s mailbox
❤ Cook a meal and feed the homeless
❤ Find some charity you can support either financially or volunteer at some charity event
❤ Hug somebody who’s feeling sad
❤ Send somebody some positive thought, a positive quote
❤ Smile at a stranger
❤ Feed the birds or some homeless animal
❤ Pack a box (it can be anything handmade or something you don’t need maybe) and leave it as a surprise box in a park

I already did 4 of those and today did last from the list – I packed 2 Secret Santa boxes and left in the park. Here are some photos but watch my today’s stories on Instagram to see the whole thing including a video of a homeless man opening the box ❤!


Be positive!

Little things

There is this saying, one of my favourites, „Not everyday is good but there is something good in everyday” and I so agree! 😊
Even though this year has been tough to all of us I am more than sure that we could find something good in all of those days! Like the color of the sky, smell of flowers or somebody being nice to you! 😊
Last 3 months have been very very tough for me, healthwise 🤕, workwise 🙄, many family issues 😟, some friends let me down 😏…believe me, it has not been easy 🤷🏼‍♀️ and in the end when I was thinking that the only positive issue this year (besides my covid test 2 months ago 😜) is my financial situation, I got half of my usual salary today 🤦🏼‍♀️ and even though it’s all good now and it turned out to be a mistake by somebody in HR I won’t get the missing half until January 🤷🏼‍♀️… so 2020 misery goes on 🙄
BUT! Even though it’s been so tough I managed to see some good in everyday, to get excited about something every week, to be happy despite all the problems and that’s how positive mind works! 😉
I’ve been admiring beautiful sunrises and sunsets 🌄 (I am pretty sure that the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets in Poland are in December), I’ve been veeeery creative and doing plenty DIY stuff that you’ve seen/see in Smiley Advent Calendar 😁, I’ve been doing silly sketches and dances with my husband to make our moods better 🤪, I’ve been admiring beautiful fruity smell of my favourite shower gel each day 😍, I’ve been more and more excited about upcoming Xmas creating beautiful Xmas decorations 🎄, I’ve been grateful for every help that I got either from a stranger on a street or from a colleague at work 😉… there is so much good around us we just need to notice it! 🤗

Now tell me something good that happened to you today!

P.s. Here’s a little extra from today’s Smiley Advent Calendar box on my Instagram:

Positive affirmations 2Positive affirmations 3Positive affirmations 4Positive affirmations

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5 Positive apps

Are you following me on Instagram?
I changed my Instagram Feed into 1 big Advent Calendar! 🤩
There’s already been couple tutorials for homemade Xmas decorations, homemade Xmas gifts and plenty other surprises!

Here’s what was inside “box” nr 5! 🙂

5 positive apps for you!


Be positive!

What I’ve learned this year

Look deep into my eyes. What do you see? Confidence! 😎

I’ve learned a lot this year and I feel that I’ve grown as a person.
This year I finally accepted myself as I am 👍 I stopped feeling sorry for being the way I am and I’ve been encouraging people to understand that we are all different and you can’t meassure or judge everything with same standards/meassurements 🤷🏼‍♀️

For example, I am an analytical kind of person 🧐. I analyze lots of things, I plan lots of things, I need to have an order in everything and have everything organized 🤪. I feel calm when I have everything written down and everything planned 😇.

But e.g. my husband is not like that 🤷🏼‍♀️. So whenever he wanted to do something spontaneous together or plan some evening for me I felt nervous (Don’t get me wrong, I do get spontaneous from time to time but not when I have a busy week – e.g. preparing everything for an Advent Calendar 😜)
It took some time but he now understands that this is how I want things 🤗

But it works both ways! I used to be mad at him for not planning ahead or for not being orgnized. But that’s just how he is 🤷🏼‍♀️. He doesn’t need unnatural order in everything as I do. I used to be mad that he doesn’t remember me telling him something but his memory just isn’t as good as mine or, actually, it is as good but he just remembers different things 🤷🏼‍♀️ – I have good memory for facts, plans, for details and he remembers every movie and a last name of pretty much every person he’s ever met! 😅 We’re just different!

We are all different and we all want different things. Don’t judge somebody for not wanting something you want or for having something you find unappealing 🤷🏼‍♀️

Don’t feel sorry for a woman that has been single her whole life, maybe she wants to be alone? 😉 Talk, listen. Stop looking weird at a married couple that doesn’t have kids – maybe they don’t want traditional Graduate-Get Married-Have Kids lifestyle. Talk, listen. 😉

Stop looking at people through your own opinions and your own character. Maybe something that drives you crazy is good for another person? 🤷🏼‍♀️