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Cherishing little things helps succeed

Do you cherish little things? Are you grateful for every small thing? I know I’ve already talked about it but it’s not only for being happier, it helps us with being successful too! 💪
When you learn to be happy about the little things you also learn to set smaller goals (because smaller goals will also make you happy due to lower expectations 😊). Once you set smaller goals it is easier for you to achieve them and it is easier for you to be consistent, to not give up hence to succeed 😎.
For example, lets say you want to start a new business. Imagine that ideally you want to have 100 customers within 3 months but 3 months later you’re angry that it didn’t happen, you are frustrated with your dream and give up on the company 😡. Lower your expectations, be grateful for every single customer you get 🙏. Be happy about the 10th customer same way as you were happy about the 1st client you ever got.
When you learn to do so it will be much easier for you to set yourself smaller goals and, believe me, it is way better to set smaller goals but more often than big goal that will only become a burden on your shoulders, you’ll be stressed and full of anxiety to fulfill it and basically unhappy 🤷🏼‍♀️.
Do you understand what I mean?
I used to get panick attacks couple years ago. I was a wreck because I had enormous goals and this awfully big pressure (that I put on myself 🤦🏼‍♀️) to be big, to be someone. I wanted my book to be big, to be a bestseller, to have plenty people talk about it and out of 5000 that the publishing house printed only 600 got sold 💔.
I was devastated but later on I kept thinking „wow, over half a thousand of people read my book!” 😳. Imagine a room with 600 people. It’s a lot of people!
Of course in the end I still want to be big, I still want those big dreams to happen but instead of having 1 big dream and feeling stressed all the time I chose to change it into many small dreams (that in the end can become that one big dream when put together) and this way to be less stressed. I think it’s a healthy choise 😉
Even physically it is easier to take couple small steps than do one big jump! 😉

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Ignore unimportant people

Ignore comments and critisism from people who haven’t achieved anything ⚠️.
Why would you listen to a person who knows nothing about the thing you’re doing (they would know something if they actually achieved a thing or two)? 🤷🏼‍♀️ They are simply jealous that you’re doing something and they’re not 🙄
Haters are people who have big issues with themselves, those are people who are deeply sad and of very little self-esteem.
Don’t listen to them! ⚠️
Listen to comments from people who actually know what you’re talking about, from people who have achieved their goals, from people who are masters in their field 💪. Those are the people who can help you get your goal ⚠️
If they criticize your work they’re not jealous but they simply want to help you get on the right path❗Hear them, talk to them, remember what they said and use it.
This is constructive criticism, not being a hater! Know the difference! 😉
Haters gonna hate, you just do your thing and focus on the right people 🤗

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Love Yourself

Love yourself. ❤
You won’t achieve much if you don’t start with your inner peace and inner love 🙏.
You won’t get people to love you and to compliment you until you love yourself, until you’re confident 💪
You won’t get people to accept you until you accept you.
Whatever you do, start with yourself.
Whatever you want to change, change yourself and your thinking first.
Can a salesman sell a product if he doesn’t believe it works?
Can a motivational speaker motivate others if he/she isn’t motivated himself/heself?
Can an actor do a difficult role and act well if he doesn’t believe he is good enough? 🤷🏼‍♀️
It all starts with this one person believing in himself/herself, in loving himself/herself.
And so you need to believe in yourself and love yourself.
Once you have that you can find true love, you can pull an audience, command the crowds, you can be admired by many… you can do anything! 💪
Love yourself.🙏

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5 things you need to lose in 2020:

5 things you need to lose in 2020:

1. Bad attitude – believe me, bad attitude will only make things worse for you. It is scientifically proven that negative thoughts and being pesimistic brings bad attitude, makes you doubt more and believe in good things less 😟. The more negative we are the more chances there are that actually something bad happens. It is not magic of bringing bad aura above us or anything, it’s just how our brain works when we think of bad things and how it automatically lowers its self-esteem, its willing to work and/or be creative 🤷🏼‍♀️.

2. Bad companions – lose people that don’t believe in you, cut yourself off from people who talk about you behind your backs, lose contact with people who bring you down 🙄. It may sound harsh but you don’t need friends like this, believe me. Instead, find people who are creative as you, who believe in you and support you, who are there for you whenever you need them. Those are the people you need in your life 🤗

3. Anger – you need to deal with stress in a smart way, there’s no need to lose temper. Whenever something bad happens just take 3 deep breaths, sit down and break a problem into pieces – what actually happened, what has that situation changed for you, how does it affect you and what you can do to change it. Being angry and frustrated won’t do much 😉

4. Complaining – stop complaining and start doing! If you don’t like something about your life then do whatever you can to change it! And if it’s something that you don’t have an impact on then just accept it 😎

5. Fear of failure – stop thinking „what if I fail…”, „what if it doesn’t work out…” and change it to „what if it DOES work out…”! If you fail, you fail 🤷🏼‍♀️, you’ll stand up, dust yourself off, learn from your mistake and move on 🛣. Everybody fails from time to time but it shouldn’t stop you and it definitely shouldn’t scare you. If you fail you’ll still be 1 step ahead from those who didn’t do anything! 😉

With those basic rules your life will get so much easier and you’ll be so much happier!
Believe me! 😊

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2020 Plans

Planning. 📅
I hope that you are one of those people who plan or set some plans/resolutions for a new year because it is actually 1st step to change your list of „I want to have” into „I will have”! 😊
Planning a whole new year isn’t easy so it’s best to divide it into categories (@drmattofficial set an example and we should all follow this man of success! 😊 )
So here’s my plans for 2020, probably irrelevant to most of you but I’d like to say them „out loud” to give them more „power”:
1. Health: eat less meat, take regular suplements, be active, lose 7 more kg 🥦
2. Sport: get to best shape ever, improve my stamina 💪
3. Skills: work on my Spanish, get back to playing piano, take course in photography, keep learning how to edit videos 🇪🇸🎹
4. Relationships: spend more time with friends, have a girly trip, call people more 🤳💃
5. Family: be an even better wife, daughter, sister and aunt ❤
6. Experience: visit a new country, learn more about different cultures 🌎🕌
7. Work/ my projects: build a plot of my 2nd novel and start writing it, go back to organizing more concerts for PRoxy, keep working on my blog ✒🎶
8. Education: get back to University, start doing Masters, read more scientific articles 👩‍🎓
9. Finances: start earning from my projects, build a habit of saving up 💰
10. Lifestyle: stress less, take up yoga, keep good work-life balance 🙏
And I am so excited to do it all! 😊

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2019 sum up

2019 was a difficult and challenging year but still good in the end.
Lets forget all the sad and hard things about it, all the loss, all the health issues and focus only on the good things 🤗: -I had my 1st ever professional photo shoot 📸
-Finally after 7 years of work I published my 1st novel! 📖
-I had bunch of press and radio interviews & book signing meetings ✒
-I met my mentor @chodakowskaewa 😍
-I had my 1st magazine cover 📰
-I got back to driving 😅🚗
-I had many amazing evenings with amazing friends 😘
-I had 2 book meetings at libraries where people actually discussed about my book 😍
-We had our 1st wedding anniversary in Italy! 💑🍕🍝
-I had a nice trip with my family, I think we started a new tradition! ❤
-I’ve been to UK 🤗
-I’ve been growing my blog @smileysociety 🤩
-I’ve arranged a surprise trip to Poznań for my hubby 😁
-I got back to beautiful Vienna after 15 years 😍
-I lost 5 kg 💪
-I visited beautiful Morocco 🕌
-I’ve arranged a surprise trip to SPA for my Mom ❤
-I finally started working on my 2nd novel ✒
Can’t wait for 2020!!! So many great stuff planned 😁
And as it is end of the decade today too (for me) time for quick sum up of those last 10 years! 😅
– I graduated high school 👩‍🎓
-I did a bachelor degree in Economics 📃
-I lived in London for a year where I had 3 interships in music agency 🎶
-I started my own music agency 😍
-I’ve been to over 150 concerts 🎙🎸🎶
-I’ve visited 13 countries 🌎
-I had 6 tattoos done 🤪
-I bought an apartment 🏡
-I got married 💒

I just love my life! ❤
So grateful for everything and everyone 🙏


Forgive and forget?

Do you know the saying „Forgive and forget”? Do you agree? I do but in half. 🤷🏼‍♀️
We definitely should forgive but why should we forget? If, for example, someone let us down or, even worse, hurt us why should we forget about it?
Forgive – sure (when you’re ready) but we should still remember about it. We should remember to e.g. never trust that person again. We should remember this mistake we made (e.g. in trusting someone), draw conclussions and never make it again. 🤗
It may be harsh but nowadays we really need to be careful who we trust, believe me. I think, and I reckon you will all agree with me, we want friends who we can count on, who will never betray us, who we can rely on. 👭👬 And I know this friendship exists. It may be harder to find, it may take some work to keep it alive but it is so important to have that one good friend in life. ❤ That’s right, one is enough. Go for quality, not quantity. 🙏
I am very careful who I call a „friend” so I don’t have many of them (I have plenty buddies/acquaintances though!) but I do have some people who would do anything for me and I’d do anything for them 🤗. That’s what friendship should be about. Love, laughter, help and trust. 💕
So I say forgive but don’t forget. Choose your friends wisely.

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Remember, your age doesn’t define your maturity, your grades don’t define your intelligence and rumours don’t define who you are! ⚠️
And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
Do grades matter if somebody years later can’t be independent, doesn’t know how to do basic things in life, can’t cook, doesn’t understand taxes and have no idea about other countries and their culture? 🤷🏼‍♀️
People pay big attention to numbers starting with grades at school, with your age and how you act on it and then with your salary 🤷🏼‍♀️. But can we really judge people by that? Can we really tell if somebody is good and smart if he had good grades in school? Can we assume somebody is a good person if he earns a lot? Of course not. 🛑
It is (or should be!) about what we have in our hearts, about what we say around people and/or about how we act towards somebody in need. Isn’t that most important? To just be a good human being? 🤗 And there’s no number on it. 😉
And the last part – rumours. NEVER listen to what people say about you behind your back. 🛑 If they do spread rumours about you, you can only be proud because you probably did something they didn’t and they’re simply jealous 😉
Forget the numbers, ignore the rumours and just be your best self! ⚠️🤗

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You know what’s sexy?
And the more confident you are (= you see more good values and less bad ones in yourself) the happier you are! 🤗
So here’s an excercise to become more confident:
Think of 3 things you like about yourself (even better to ask somebody else to tell you what they like about you), write them down on a piece of paper and put that paper next to a mirror. Read it out loud in the morning while looking at your reflection, look at it while brushing your teeth, just get that inside your head! 😁
Then after a week write down 3 other things you like about yourself.
Keep repeating until you trully love yourself! 😊😘

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Don’t buy time to spend it anyways

You know what I find really surprising and odd? We keep inventing those facilities, those machines that are supposed to get us more time yet we keep lacking it. We now have washing machines that do laundry for us yet we’re still in a hurry. We’ve got dishwashers that get dishes clean for us which normally took plenty time yet we still don’t have enough time for anything. We even got diet caterings (which I got addicted to this month) thanks  to whom we don’t have to cook or do grocery shopping.

We keep buying more time in order to keep loosing it doing something else.

Aren’t you tired of that rat race? Of constantly being in rush? Of running from one place to another with your tongue out? I sure am.

We live in great times when we have somany machines doing stuff for us, we live in times when we should have so much more time than our ancestors who had to do everything manually yet we still don’t have it. Many years ago people started escaping from nature into the city to find a better life yet now we run away from city into nature to catch a breath. Does it apply to you?

This needs to STOP.

We all need to slow down. And the easiest way is to start appreciating here & now. Don’t rush from one task to another, don’t take anything for granted and learn to make time. That’s right, sometimes it is not about having time but making time. If you have those machines running and doing laundry, dishes or dinner for you don’t use that time to get soaked into more work, use it with your loved ones, with your family, reading a good book or simply connecting to nature.

Of course it is convenient and helpful to use that extra time (while you have that laundry or anything else done for you by a machine) to do something else but don’t overuse it.

It is all about that healthy balance to be able to divide your time this way to both have some work done but also to have propper rest and to spend your free time nicely. I am a workaholic and tend to put loads of work/project on me but I never work past 9pm or on weekends. This is my time to rest, to reload, to connect with family, friends and nature or to travel around the world and enjoy its charm 🙂