Comfort Food

Time for fit Rafaello! 🍚🍚🍚
1 cube of cottage cheese
6 tablespoons of coconut milk 🥛
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
3 tablespoons of coconut shrims 🥥
1,5 teaspoons of honey 🍯
Blend cottage cheese with coconut milk, cinnamon and honey – paste should be smoothe 🤗. Add coconut shrims and mix it. Make balls out of it and put it into a fridge for at least 30min for them to get firm 💪.
If you’ve opened a can of coconut milk specially for this and now you don’t know what to do with the rest you can make a delicious smoothie that tastes like peanut ice-cream 🤤! Just add 2 tablespoons of oatmeal and 2 tablespoons of peanut butter. Mix it all and put it into a fridge too – it tastes best cold 😍! Remember about SmileyTravelling challenge!
Tart with peanut butter and oranges 🥧🍊
-3 spoons of almonds 🥜
-5 spoons of oatmeal or spelt flakes -1 spoon of honey 🍯
-3 teaspoons of oil -1,5 spoons of peanut butter -5 spoons of freshly squeezed orange juice 🍹
-1/2 of a peeled orange 🍊
-2-3 cubes of dark chocolate 🍫 *
1. Blend almonds and oatmeal/spelt flakes
2. Add oil, honey and mix it
3. Put baking paper on a baking plate and put mixed pulp on it
4. Bake it for 30min in 150 ‘C
5. Wait for it to cool down
6. Mix peanut butter with orange juice and spread it over the baked paste
7. Put slices of oranges on top
8. Grind chocolate and sprinkle whole cake with it
Enjoy! 😋
We all know what makes our mood better. Good food! 😋
Time to get back to Comfort Food section (I’ll be posting those once a month) but in a fit style cause eating healthy is both beneficial for our figure, our immune system but also for our mind 😉
So let’s make a brownie out of red beans (I promise you, you won’t feel it in a cake) 🥧
You’ll need:
· 500g of baked red beans or canned beans · 2-3 bananas (360g) 🍌🍌
· 4 eggs 🥚🥚🥚🥚
· 5 spoons of cocoa (50g) · 2 spoons of peanut butter (50g)
· 1 spoon of oil (10g) · 3 spoons of honey (75g) 🍯
· 1 teaspoon of baking soda or baking powder (5g)
· 1 handful of almond flakes (30g)
· 1 dark chocolate bar (100g)🍫
· ½ glass of almond milk/regular milk (125g) 🥛
1. Put all ingredients apart from almond flakes, chocolate and milk in a bowl and blend it
2. Crumb almond flakes and add it to the rest of the ingredients
3. Put baking paper in a form and pour whole dough in it
4. Bake 40-45min in 180c
5. Dissolve chocolate with a milk in a small pot and pour it over cake when it’s out of the oven
6. Wait until it cools down and keep it in a fridge
Enjoy! 😋
Recipe from: @chodakowskaewa‘s book “Fit & Sweet”


Time for another recipe! You may be surprised that i’m putting it in ‘COMFORT FOOD’ section as comfort food is usually associated with carbs 🍕, sugars 🍨 and high calories whereas this is a recipe for a healthy meal but I considered it good for this section for 3 reasons:
1. Healthy food makes you feel better. Your body is stronger having a nutritious meal hence you can do more and you are happier! 💪
2. All the spices used in this meal will bring you to India and its exotic vibes. Your kitchen will smell like holidays (unless you are from India then it will smell like home 😅)! 🕌
3. It is just soooooo delicious! 😋

Recipe by @kingaparuzel
Ingredients (for 4 portions):
2 spoons of coconut oil 🥥
1 onion
1 clove of garlic
1cm of fresh ginger
1 chilli pepper 🌶
1 big sweet potato
1 can of sliced tomatoes 🍅
1 spoon of curry
200ml of coconut milk 🥥
200g of canned chickpeas
Black pepper
Half (or whole) broccoli 🥦
4 leaves of baby spinach 🍃
100g of dry lentil
500ml of veggie broth
(1 teaspoon of starch – optional)
1.Put coconut oil on a hot pan, add chopped onion, garlic and fry it for 2min
2. Add grated ginger and chopped chilli pepper, fry for 1 more minute
3. Slice sweet potato into 1cm cubes, add it to the pan. Add tomatoes, curry, coconut milk and drianed chickpeas as well. Stir and add some salt and pepper. Boil for 10min.
4. Add broccoli sliced into small pieces, baby spinach and rinsed lentil
5. Add 500ml of broth and boil for 10 more minutes
If the stew is too thin add 1 tablespoon of starch. If it’s too thick add more broth or coconut milk.

Enjoy! 😋
It tastes best the next day when all the taste mixes together.20190220_144955

Time for another recipe for comfort food. And what is best comfort food? Pizza! 🍕
I made dough with Thermomix 5 so you’ll find recipe there but here I’ll post the „normal” version.
Ingredients (for 3 medium or 8 small pizzas):
200ml water 💧
20g yeast
1 teaspoon of brown sugar
300g flour 🍚
15g olive oil
150g tomato puree 🥫
1 pinch of salt
1 pinch of black pepper
2 pinches of herbs – oregano, thyme 🌿🍃
250g cheese (Gouda or Ementaler best) 🧀
10 slices of ham 🥓
50g red bell pepper
50g yellow bell pepper
30-40g mushrooms 🍄
(10 olives – optional)
(50g broccoli – optional)
1. Pour warm water into the bowl, add yeast and brown sugar. Keep stiring. Make sure it is warm.
2. Add flour, olive oil and salt. Mix it and knead the dough.
3. Grease (butter) another bowl and put the dough in it. Cover it with a cloth. Set it aside for 50min for it to grow.
4. Get another bowl (or clean and use the 1st one) and put tomato puree in it. Add salt, black pepper and herbs. Stir. Set aside.
5. Shred cheese on a grinder (if you bought a whole piece)
6. Turn the oven on and set it on 220 .C. Put baking paper on a tinware.
7. Take grown dough and put it on a countertop with flour on it. Depending on what size of pizzas do you want devide the dough into 3 or 8 even parts.
8. Pin out the dough into a circle, about 1cm thick
9. Put the mini pizzas on a tinware, set it 5-7cm aside
10. Put 2 teaspoons of tomato sauce on it, spread it
11. Add shreded cheese on it
12. Put ham, mushrooms and whatever else you want on top
You can put more herbs (oregano or thyme) on top.
KIDS FRIENDLY: You can make pizzas into small faces – use olives as eyes, bell peppers as a smile (red one) and eyebrows (yellow one), a mushroom as a nose and broccoli as hair.
Bake 8-10min.
Enjoy! 😋

I promised you recipes for comfort food as well so here you go – recipe for my favourite chocolate cake (it is said that chocolate makes your mood better hence you’re happier so here you go!). It is very easy and quick to make. The recipe is from Cookido – Thermomix 5 platform and it is best to use Thermomix if you have one. If not then



150g of butter

6 eggs

Pinch of salt

200g of sugar

250 of dark chocolate

50g od flour


  1. Turn on the over and set it to 200’C.
  2. Lightly grease (butter) the inside of the entire springform pan.
  3. Smash eggs, seperate whites from yolks. Set it aside.
  4. Put whites and a pinch of salt into a bowl and lighly whip it until whites get firm
  5. Add 20g of sugar and lightly stir. Set bowl aside.
  6. Take another bowl and put yolks and the rest of the sugar in it.
  7. Tak 150g and dissolve it on a pan on a small heat. Add it to the yolks.
  8. Cut chocolate into small pieces and add it into the bowl with warm butter and yolks. Wait couple seconds until the chocolate melts then stir it.
  9. Add flour, stir.
  10. Add whipped whites and lightly stir
  11. Put everything into the greased springform.
  12. Bake in 200’C for 10-15minutes. Leave it in the springform for 5 more minutes until it cools down.


And done!

You can serve it cold or warm. Best with vanilla ice cream.