Smiley Future

Smiley Future – Step 7

You already summed up your last year, made a circle of life that showed you which part of life you should focus on and you set a SMART goal – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and in time bound. Now it’s time to work on yourself and how to use both your strenghts AND weaknesses in achieving your goal 💪
First of all say out loud what are your strenghts.
* What are you good at? 😁
* What comes easy for you? 🤔
* What are you effective at? 🙈 In what situations do you feel you have biggest impact on something, you feel your power? 💪
* Remind yourself of a difficult situation (at work, at home, some conflict or crisis) in which you did well. What skills, knowledge, experience helped you in it? 🤔
* What do your friends and family appreciate in you? 👍
Now time for your external strenghts.
* On whose emotional support you can count? Who out of your family, close ones can and will give it to you? Who can you call in a moment of crisis, doubt? ☎️
* On whose support can you count? Who can give you good advice, some hints, answers when you need it? Who gives you honest feedback on how you’re doing? Apart from close ones this can be done in some Facebook groups, people trying to achieve same goal or fighting with similar difficulties. 💬
* What in your life situation will help you achieve this goal? Take your finances, moral support under consideration (e.g. friends/people who can help you create a nice CV, creat a well-balanced diet, create workout plan etc.) 🤔

Source: @chodakowskaeka‘s new book “90 days – design your tomorrow”


Don’t give up

Why do people give up⁉️
Is it because they are not good enough? Because they are not capable of achieving the goal?
You are good enough and you CAN achieve the goal! 💯
When it comes to setting goals and following dreams people tend to be very impatient and want results right away. They give up because they haven’t reached their goal in a week or a month. Not that fast! „Rome wasn’t built in a day”, they say. Be patient and keep going! Don’t give up! 🙏
Also, when going after a dream people tend to look ahead. They keep looking how much road they have left to reach the finish line 🏁 instead of looking back once in a while and appreciating how far they’ve come already! Do it! Look back! ⏮
When e.g. you are trying to lose 10kg and after a month you’ve got still 7 more kg to lose, don’t give up! It means you’ve lost 3kg! Congratulate yourself and keep going! (Also, it is not possible to lose 10kg in a month in a healthy way 😉).
OR you’re trying to build a popular blog or an account here on ig and after couple months you’ve got only 20% of what you wanted. Don’t give up! Keep pushing! And look what you’ve got already! I, for example, thought Smiley Society will be way bigger after 6 months (has it been that long already?! 😅) but I’ve got 1800 of you here and when I try to imagine 1800 in a room and me talking to them…that’s a lot of people! 😅
Do you see what I mean? When going after a dream don’t just look forward and look out for the finish line. Look back and see if you can see START. You have passed it which means you are making progres! 📈
You’ll get where you want, you just need to be persistent and patient!
I believe in you! 🙏💫