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SELF LOVE: Magical herbs

Lets continue our series of self-care and working on being/staying calm.
You know what works when you’re trying to calm down? A blanket, candle and a nice cup of tea. So today I got 5 magical herbs for you that work great on reducing stress:
🌱 Saint John’s wort: It contains many chemicals that act on messengers in the brain that regulate mood.
People most commonly use St. John’s wort for depression and mood disorders (but consult it with doctor as it often gets in reaction with others drugs!!!)
🌱 Aloe vera for cuts and burns: It is used to treat burns and alleviate the symptoms of over-exposure to the sun by pouring the tea on the affected area. Aloe can also help treat skin conditions such as rashes or insect bites.
🌱 Chamomile for sleeplessness and to reduce anxiety
🌱 Echinacea for colds and sore throat and to boost immune system
🌱 Ginger for nausea and motion sickness.
So how do you feel today? Do you need some tea? 😊


SELF LOVE: Seven Types of Self-Care Activities for Coping with Stress

Self-care has to become a habit so that when we’re dealing with stress, we know what to do.
➡️ Sensory
When you feel stressed and need a calm mind, try focusing on the sensations around you—sights, smells, sounds, tastes, touch.
🔸️Breathe in fresh air
🔸️Snuggle under a cozy blanket
🔸️Take a hot shower / bath
🔸️ Get a massage
🔸️ Pay attention to your breathing
➡️ Pleasure
A great way to take care of yourself when you’re coping with stress is to engage in a pleasurable activity
🔸️Take yourself out to eat
🔸️Be a tourist in your own city
🔸️Watch a movie
🔸️ Do a craft project
➡️ Mental
You can also give yourself a boost by doing a task that you’ve been avoiding or challenging your brain in a novel way. This can also boost self-confidence.
🔸️ Clean out a junk drawer or a closet
🔸️ Try a new activity
🔸️ Immerse yourself in a crossword puzzle
🔸️ Do a word search
➡️ Spiritual
Getting in touch with your values is a sure way to cope with stress and foster a calm mind.
🔸️ Pray
🔸️ Read poetry or inspiring quotes
🔸️ Light a candle
🔸️ Meditate
➡️ Emotional
Dealing with our emotions can be challenging when we’re coping with stress. We tend to label emotions as “good” or “bad,” but this isn’t helpful. Instead:
🔸️ Accept your feelings. They’re all OK. Really
🔸️ Write your feelings down.
🔸️ Cry when you need to
➡️ Physical
Coping with stress by engaging the body is great because you can bypass a lot of unhelpful mental chatter.
🔸️ Try yoga
🔸️ Go for a walk or a run
🔸️ Take a nap
🔸️ Stretch
➡️ Social
Connecting with others is an important part of self-care.
🔸️ Go on a lunch date with a good friend
🔸️ Calling a friend on the phone
🔸️ Participating in a book club
🔸️ Joining a support group
Which one is your favourite way to take care of yourself?


About me

A ticking bomb above my head

There’s a ticking bomb above my head 🤯.
I’m turning 30 soon. Quite a milestone 😅.
I had plenty goals that I wanted to achieve by being 30 🤔. Even this year, I wanted to accomplish couple more things by that big day. And I failed 😬.
But did I? 😉
Same as in my previous post about noticing positives in everything – it’s about noticing what you HAVE accomplished, not about what you didn’t manage to do 😉.
And I personally think that I’ve accomplished a lot 😛. I published a book 📖 and even had famous Polish director talking about it, I write/publish those posts here for over 13 000 people and it melts my heart when I get a DM from one of you from time to time saying that you love what I’m doing or that I actually really have helped you (LOVE IT ❤), I got married to an amazing human being 🥰, my partner in crime and my best friend, I have an amazing home 🏡, amazing family, amazing friends 👯, I’ve been able to travel to so many places 🏛🏝, see so many bands live 🎶… it’s been such an amazing life so far, trully! ❤
And I have so many more ideas for next years, for future projects!
So in the end… I’m so excited to hit 30s and carry on with this happy, positive life! 😃
And how about you? Are you happy about your life? Are you focusing on positives? 😊

positive · Self-evolving


You know that feeling when you’re working hard on something and it doesn’t work out? When you put loads of effort into something and don’t see results? 🤷🏼‍♀️
I put LOADS of time, work, effort and money even into @smileysociety. Last autumn I decided to work harder on this page, to take better pictures, to bring more interesting content in stories so I started creating quizes, DIY tutorials, regular healthy recipes etc to bring more interesting stuff. For you.
Having a full-time job (and working even 10-13h a day sometimes) I spent my whole free time I had in autumn, winter and spring creating content for @smileysociety and…it got me nowhere 🤷🏼‍♀️😅
I gained very few followers, wasn’t shared on any sharing page etc 💔
This is why I haven’t been so active here for last 2 months. I felt burntout and didn’t feel like working on this page anymore.
And so I found new hobby – gardening 🌱👩‍🌾.
With gardedning it is 100% sure you’ll see results of your hard work and this makes me happy 🤗.
If you follow couple simple rules (plant your plants in good soil, water it, fertilize it etc) you’ll soon see your plants growing, your flowers blooming and maybe even some fruit 🍓🍊.
Gardening makes me not only happy because I see results but also makes me calm, takes my problems away and lets me focus on here & now.
I need to water my new beautiful grass everyday for 15min and those 15min are probably most relaxing during whole day 🙏.
If you have a chance try gardening and see how it can heal a soul!


It’s OK

It’s OK.
It’s ok if you’re 30+ and still don’t know what you want to do in life. We all need time to figure out what is our true passion, what we really care about and what we’re good at. Take your time, try different things 😉
It’s ok if you’re 30+ and you’re still single and don’t have kids. Don’t rush into any relationship just to make the pressure that society puts on us go away. Keep looking for that prince/princess, keep evolving, keep blooming, your time will come 🌸.
It’s ok if you’re 30+ and you’re deep into marriage with several kids and no career. We all want different things and there’s no need to fill bad about not fitting into some ‘society standards’. Just be you, follow your instincts and do what you want with your life 🤷🏼‍♀️.
It’s ok if you’re 30+ and don’t have any academic degree, you’re not a doctor or a master in any field. Education is important but experience is more powerful and there’s no university that can teach you how to deal with problems 😉
It’s ok if you don’t keep in touch with some relatives because it’s better and healthier for you this way 😉
It’s ok if you’re 30+ and you miss your Mom when she’s not around and you keep calling each other every day.
We all have different needs. We all have different prorieties. We all are different and it’s ok 😘.

Be positive!

Getting through problems

This year has been tough 😖, not only Covid-wise but I’ve been robbed & tricked recently 🙄, my grandma passed away 🖤, I’ve lost some friends 💔, I’ve had plenty days when I felt powerless…
I cried a lot, been shuting everything away and been hiding at home 😶
But I’m not telling you all this to make you feed sorry for me, no no. I’m telling you all this to show you that happy & positive people aren’t people without problems 😉. Happy & positive people are positive DESPITE their problems 💪
Everyone has some problems, each one of us is battling with something but the key is to not give up, to get through it and stand up wiser and stronger 💪.
I know I have learned a lot through my last experiences and definitely won’t make some mistakes again. You should learn from your problems and/or mistakes too! 😀
Chin up, it will be all good! 😊
Just focus on the positive, throw some strawberries 😜 and enjoy life! 😊


SELF LOVE: Calming crafts

The mental health benefits of crafting have been well documented by plenty of top publications 🤩! Working with your hands and making time to be creative can boost your mood 🙃, keep your brain sharp 🧠 and even help alleviate the symptoms of health woes like depression, arthritis, sleeplessness and stress 🤯.
Human beings have been using art 🎨 and creative endeavors to cope and express themselves for literally thousands of years.
So, it’s no surprise that DIY and crafting can help with anxiety, too 🤗. Crafting as a form of self-care is a long-standing tradition. 
I have always found creating/crafting/making to be a form of therapy 😍🙏. When you’re making something, your mind has space to wander and work things out. It also gives you a chance to change the channel in your brain and focus on something else rather than what’s stressing you out 🤗
And in many cases, the actual physical activities involved in craft projects can be relaxing in themselves. Whether it’s the act of making smooth brushstrokes, the calm repetitive nature of needlecrafts and knitting or crochet, or the soothing colors and sounds of coloring, just the act of making can be super relaxing 😍.
Check out my Instagram to see a tutorial on how to prepare those quick DIY Easter decorations 🐣.
2 more tutorials on Easter decorations coming this week! 🤩

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7 things you should drop in 2021

⚠️7 things you should drop in 2021:
➡️ Living in the past 🙄– cut off 2020 for good and forget about it! 😅
➡️ Need to please everyone around you 😓 – not everyone deserves your time and effort, focus more on yourself! 🤗
➡️ Fear of change 😱 – change is good! Everybody is scared of something new, something unknown but it is so worth to take the risk usually and change e.g. your job, school or even a partner! 😜 If you feel that it’s a good change but you’re scared of it, go for it! 💪 It might be scary at first but in some time you’ll be glad you did it! 😚
➡️ Overthinking and excessive analyzing everything 🤯 – just stop! ❌ Don’t worry about problems that aren’t here, don’t analyze a situation that hasn’t happened yet! Stop imagining future problems and just focus on here & now 🙏
➡️ Cancelling time and/or plans for yourself in favour of people who won’t appreciate it 🙄 – if you have plans to stay at home in the evening in pjs and spend some quality time with yourself that’s ok 🤗! Don’t feel about it and don’t change those plans because of somebody else ❌
➡️Belief that you don’t have a purpose 😞 – yes you do! Bigger than you may think! 😚
➡️ Pretending to be someone you’re not 🤡 – just be yourself! Being yourself is trendy 😉
After tough 2020 (but don’t think about it now, it’s done, gone, we’re not living in the past 😅) we all need a propper self-love time! 🙏❤ Let’s make a whole month of it or even a year! 🤗
I’m doing a 28-day self-care challenge in February on my Instagram! 🤗 I’ll be giving  tasks for you everyday in the morning to do something for yourself 🤗, I’ll be sharing even more recipes for homemade cosmetics 🧖‍♀️, uploading videos for relaxing/meditation sessions 🧘🏼‍♀️ and basically giving lots of love and encouraging you to take care of yourself! 😘
See my instastories for more info!


SELF-LOVE: 5 Self-love Exercises That You Need To Practice. NOW

The situation in the world is more and more intense 😓 (and even more intense in Poland now as government keeps taking our rights, now e.g. with an abortion 😡), we are all more and more stressed (I know I am) so it is EVEN MORE IMPORTANT to take care of our mental health now, to be good to ourselves and to practice self-love 🙏
What are the Benefits Of Practising Self Love Exercises?
By getting into the habit of practising a self-care routine you will:
🔅 Nourish your body with healthy food and activities
🔅Put yourself first sometimes and learn to say ‘no’.
🔅Take a much-needed break from social media without feeling utterly guilty and wretched.
🔅Indulge without feeling guilty.
🔅Learn to recognise thoughts for what they are and not act upon them.
🔅Love and respect yourself more
5 Self-love Exercises That You Need To Practice. NOW
➡️ # 1: Write 📝
Sit and write down everything that’s on your mind.
➡️ # 2: Walk 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️
Pick some excluded, quiet place, put a warm jumper & face mask on and go for a walk.
➡️ # 3: Make a Date With Yourself 💖
Watch some movie you love, read a good book, draw, paint, just spend some quality time with you and you only!
➡️ # 4: Workout 💪
Working out is always good. It’s not only about health benefits but it is good for your mind too! Let it all go. Just let all your anger or frustration out – kickboxing is best for that! You’ll feel so much better!
➡️ # 5: Don’t forget the small things 🎁
Get yourself something nice! Maybe buy some girly magazine to read about some totally trivial things? Or  go online shopping and get new pair of earing or some new book? Anything that will make you happy! 🤗

Remember to treat yourself well! 😘

Be positive!


Do you know Tony Robbins’ famous story about two brothers? 👬 There was two brothers who had an abussive alcoholic father. Their childhood was very dark, they lived in poverty 😞. Years later, when they grew up, one brother was very successful 💰, had a well-known company, wife and kids 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, was contributing to society, volunteering etc and another one was an alcoholic too 😪🍾. Somebody asked both of them „How is it possible? 🤷🏼‍♀️ How is it possible you didn’t turn out the same? Why do you think you became a volunteer? Why did you think you became an alcoholic?”. Both answered same thing „Who else could I become with a father like this?”
We can’t control what happens to us but we can control how we react to it ⚠️. You can either feel sorry about yourself, be miserable and live miserable life or you can turn your disappointment/sadness into energy and use it to make your life better 💪
There are so many people with same stories yet different endings. There are so many people who’s had abussive childhood but wanted to leave it behind them and achieve something big 🤩! There are so many examples of it among famous people like Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lawrence, Dwayne Johnson, Joaquin Phoenix, Oprah, Tony Robbins himself…just look at my Inspirational Stories 😉! All of them had difficult childhood and look at them now! 😎🎬🏆
Bad things happen to people everyday. It’s sad but it’s true 🤷🏼‍♀️. But it’s our choice what we’re gonna do with it! First of all appreciate what you have 🙏, secondly learn from your mistakes/failures/sad experience and then use it to build a better future 📈!
I know it’s harder than it sounds but it is all in your hands 🤲. You have all the tools to make your life happy, it’s  your move to use them. Nobody is going to do it for you 😉. It’s all in your hands and in your mind.