Be positive!

4 Magical phrases

Am I out of date? Or am I too sensitive? 🤔
I remember when I was a kid my parents taught me 4 magical words/phrases: „good morning”, „sorry”, „please” and „thank you”. Do you know these? I’m sure you do. But do you use them? 😉
I’m not a kid anymore yet those are still basic phrases for me and I use them constantly.
I walk into an elevator or pass my neighbours in the neighbourhood and I always say „Good morning” no matter if I like this person, no matter if I know this person 🤷‍♀️. And what do I get? Nothing.🙄
I do an extra job for somebody at work or spend my time helping somebody and what do I get? Nothing.🙄
I’ve been waiting for somebody who didn’t show up on time or I wasted my time for somebody who didn’t even care and what do I get? Nothing.🙄
Are words „good morning”, „thank you”, „sorry” out of date? Is it not ‘cool’ to say those words? I honestly don’t get it.😳
For me there is one simple value that connects all those phrases and the fact if you use it or not – respect towards other people 👊.
If I say „good morning” to somebody and he/she doesn’t reply – that’s lack of respect for me.😟
If I do something for somebody and he/she won’t even thank me – that’s lack of respect for me.😟
If I waste my time for somebody and don’t hear simple „sorry” – that’s lack of respect for me.😟
Of course it doesn’t apply to everyboody (thank God) but there are more and more those kind of situations and it really upsets me 😔.
Like Keanu Reeves once said „”I don’t want to be part of a world, where being kind is a weakness.”
You don’t have to like everybody, you don’t have to agree with everybody but PLEASE lets treat each other with respect 🙏. Lets bring good old phrases ‘good morning’, ‘sorry’, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ back to everyday life. What do you say?

P.s. I’m back 😎

Be positive!

Acts of kindness challenge

Lets be united, lets be kind to each other, lets do good 🙏
Here’s a challenge for all of us for upcoming days:
🔸️ Donate items to someone in need 🤝
🔸️ Give somebody a compliment 💬
🔸️ Street feed stray cats and/or dogs 🐶🐱
🔸️ Help out a neighbour 🤲
🔸️ Give a present for no purpose/occasion at all 🎁
Which ones can you tick off already? ✔️
I just need to find some stray cats or dogs and visit a neighbour 😃


Core beliefs

What are you main core beliefs? 🤔
For me it’s:
🔸️ Be kind – always treat others how you want to be treated, don’t judge another person, especially if you don’t know the whole story
🔸️ Think positive – positive vibes really attract positive mind = positive life. Learn to appreciate what you got, to be happy about the little things, learn to see something good in the world around you
🔸️ Follow your dreams – set your steps that you need to take to reach your goal and try doing something everyday to pursue those dreams. It doesn’t have to be big, just keep taking small steps and keep moving forward. Anything is possible with hard work (and maybe a little luck)!
Which one out of those 3 is most important to you?
Keep reading my posts and I’ll teach you how to take care of/practice all 3 core beliefs 🙏
What are your core beliefs?


Talking on Internet

You know what drives me crazy lately? 🤬 People not responding on Internet 🙄.
You write somebody a message, you inform about something, you may even ask about something and… you get nothing 🤷‍♀️. Nowadays you even see if somebody read your messange (on Messenger, Instagram or Whatssapp) yet some people still have no difficulty in leaving it on ‘read’. 🙄
How rude. 😬
Imagine same situation face to face. You walk up to somebody, you ask him/her a question 🗨, he/she looks at you and walks away. Would you do it? 🤷‍♀️
Online or offline, lets all respect each other 🤝, treat each other how you’d want to be treat it and act like you’d be acting if you’d be talking face to face.
Also, I am so done with people who are ‘honest’ online yet are not able to say what they really feel/think when you see them face to face 🙄
I am so done with people who get online to let their rage out 🤬 and all they do is criticizing other people in a really rude way (so-called haters).
I am so done with people who are curagous and could talk you up when there’s a screen between you and would never do it ‘live’ 👎
I am so done with fake people who act different in Internet and different face to face.
Let’s all be real. 🙏
Let’s always remember that there’s a real human being on the other side of the screen. 🤗
Please let’s all respect each other no matter if you’re standing next to each other or you’re talking via social media.
Be kind. 🙏

positive news


Five Sikhs Used Their Turban to Rescue A Hiker Who Slipped Into The Waterfall
Netflix Establishes $5.4 Million Chadwick A. Boseman Scholarship at Howard University
‘Kindness wins’: School faculty chip in to buy car for staffer who walked to work everyday
82-year-old engineer built a machine that turns air into drinking water
DaintreA plumber sang with the radio as he fixed a bathroom. His client (label owner) overheard and gave him a record deal

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SELF LOVE: 30 ways of practicing self-love and self-care pt.3

Time for 3rd part of our 30 ways of practicing self-love and self-care with 6 more self-care tips for you!
🔸️13. Start each day by telling yourself something really positive 🤗. How well you managed to do something, how lovely you look today. Anything that you would say to your friend to make her/him smile – tell that to yourself! 😁
🔸️14. Eat healthy! 🥦 Fill your body with food and drink that nourishes it and makes it thrive.
🔸️15. Don’t believe everything you think 🚫. There is an inner critic inside of us trying to keep us small and safe, remember about that!
🔸️16. Surround yourself with positive people who love and encourage you 💞. Support each other, help each, be good to each other!
🔸️17. Stop the comparisons. There is no one on this planet like you we are all unique in our own way and that’s what makes this world beautiful! 😍
🔸️18. Step outside of your comfort zone and try something new 🤩. It’s incredible the feeling we get when we realize we have achieved something we didn’t know or think we could do before.

Be positive!

Challenge negative thoughts

Are you fair to yourself? 🤔 Do you treat yourself well? 😉 Do you think of yourself in a nice way and understand your needs and problems? 🧐 Do you expect same results as others from yourself or are you over ambitious and tend to be critical of your achievements? 🙄
Imagine a situation: your friend calls and tells you that she failed at work and is afraid she’s gonna get fired 😰. What do you tell her? 🤔 You probably tell her not to worry, you try to assure her/him that she’s/he’s probably over dramatic and that it couldn’t have been that bad. You emphasise that she’s/he’s good at her/his job and that she/he won’t get fired 🤩
Now imagine same situation but you’re the one that failed at work 😉. What do you tell yourself? Do you blame yourself? 😶 Do you keep saying how bad you are? That you deserve getting fired? 😬 Do you tend to be overcritical to yourself? ☹
Is that what you would say to your friend? No! 🚫
Be a friend not only to others but to you as well! 🤗 Be supportive, understanding and loving ❤
How to challenge negative thoughts? 🤔
Stop thinking:
❌ „No one likes me.”
❌„It’s all my fault that she’s upset”
❌„I shouldn’t have made that mistake”
❌„I can’t do this”
❌„Why does this always happen to me?”
❌„Everyone is out to get me”.
Instead think:
✔„What is another possibility?”
✔„What would the people who care about me say?”
✔„What is the worst that could REALLY happen?”
✔„If my friend had this thought, what would I tell her?
✔„Can I be 100% sure this is true?”
✔„What is the best possible outcome?”
Remember, be a friend to yourself.
Be kind 😘
You’re not a robot. You’re a human, you make mistakes and that’s ok 😉
Love yourself 🙏.

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Be positive! · Self-Love

Please remember, be good to yourself! 🙏

Nothing will happen, nothing will work, nothing will change for better, you won’t be happier, you won’t like yourself more, you won’t accept yourself if you’re doing it because of hatred to yourself 😞
If you’re doing it out of fake intension, because you need to prove something to somebody, out of punishment or any negative reason, it simply won’t work 🤷🏼‍♀️. You won’t achieve your inner peace, you won’t be happy and/or anxiety free.
First of all you need to understand that you don’t need to be the best, you don’t need to be the fastest, the smartest, the richest ⚠️. In fact, I’m gonna break it to you 😉 – there’s always going to be someone smarter, someone prettier and someone more successful than you, it’s just how it works 🤷🏼‍♀️
You need to understand that you don’t HAVE TO do anything. Your attitude will change SO MUCH when you change the thinking and instead of thinking „I HAVE TO”, you’ll start thinking „I CAN” 🤗
I can change 😎
I can follow my dreams 😍
I can work hard and reach my goals 🤩
I can be better 💪
You don’t have to be the best but try to be better each day, to grow, to self-develop ⬆️. But do all of that while being good to yourself. Don’t force yourself to anything, it won’t work. You should want to do it, desire it. Not feel like you NEED TO or HAVE TO do it.
Remember, it’s all about the attitude 😘

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SELF-LOVE: 10 Ways to Be Kind to Yourself

1. Invest in yourself 🤗
Spend 15-30min in the morning or evening reading, listening to or watching material that uplifts you, that helps you to understand yourself
2. Find the truth and exception when an inner or outer critic attacks 😏
Your own inner critic may not always say nice things about you 🤷🏼‍♀️ People around you may attack you to serve one of their own needs 🙄
If this happens, ask yourself this question:
What is the exception to this? 🤔
E.g. if you or someone says that you are not doing a good job in school then you can find answers that tell you that it isn’t really true 😊
3. Unstress tonight 🧖‍♀️
Take a long bath and read something to escape. Or work out 💪
4. Take just 2min in the morning or evening to appreciate yourself 🤗
Sit down & ask yourself:
What are 3 things I can appreciate about myself? 🤔
5. Mediocre day? Take 1 small step forward towards something positive 🤗
If your day feels mediocre take 1 small step towards something positive to breathe new hope and optimism into your day & week
6. Be kinder towards others ❤
The way you think about & treat others is often the way you think about and treat yourself 😉
7. If you stumble, be your own best friend 😊
Don’t beat yourself up, that will erode your self-esteem. Be a kind and supportive friend to yourself.
Ask yourself: How would my friend/parent support me and help me in this situation? 🤔
8. Take a laugh-break 😂
Take 5-10 min.
Watch a funny clip or a half an episode of a sitcom you know makes you laugh
9. Remember, the future is still in your hands. And it is never too late to change 😉
Think about what you really want in the rest of your life.
10. Simply remind yourself of why it is smart to be kind to yourself 🤗
By reminding yourself of benefits such as better real life results, more perseverance, higher self-esteem, more inner happiness and stillness it becomes easier to stay kind to yourself through life’s natural ups and downs 😉