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Complimenting vs Complaining

Do you compliment strangers as often as you complain? Do you thank people who serve you a meal in a restaurant and say how happy you are with their service? Do you praise people who help you out on a helpline? Are you open to say a nice thing to a stranger when he/she does something extra for you? 🙏
I work in a contact center and I talk to many clients everyday and I’ve noticed that 90% of people either argue and complain 😡 or say nothing at all. It is honestly so rare when I get a phone call or an email from a client just thanking me and saying that he’s very happy with my services and that I’ve helped him a lot.
Why don’t people say nice things as often as bad ones?
It is same with reviews. People usually leave reviews on restaurant or hotel when they have some remarks to share and things to complain about. Can you relate? Have you ever written a complaint? I’m sure you have. But have you ever written an email/review saying „I have nothing to complain about, everything was perfect, thank you for your services”? 😉 I try to do it as often as sending those less happy emails. We all need to thank ourselves for being nice/helpful too! Not just complaining! 🤗
And it doesn’t have to be only about services and talking to strangers businesswise! Thank/compliment your friends or collegues on daily basis too!
For example, couple weeks ago I asked my boss for a one-on-one meeting. She was 100% sure that I want to complain about something whereas I surprised her and said „So as not to come to you only to complain and talk about injustices in our team or short bonus I actually wanted to come to you and to thank you”. She was shocked. Nobody has ever asked her for a meeting just to thank her for what she’s doing.
Do you know what I mean now?
Do you think you could do the same?
Please lets all try to compliment more than complain or at least to say nice things as often as bad things! 🤗

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Don’t worry over small things

Don’t worry over small things!
Do you know the rule of 1 year?
If somethings bothers you but it’s some small thing that you won’t remember about in 1 year, you shouldn’t worry about it! ⚠️
Don’t waste time crying or getting stressed about some things (or people) that won’t matter in a year! It means they don’t matter now!
For examle, if you had a misunderstanding with a friend, you did something wrong at work, you broke your favourite cup or some guy said something uncool to you – shake it off and forget about it. 🤗 We’ve got too little time in this precious life to spend it worring about unimportant things! 😉
Will it matter to your in a year? Willi it change your life or yourself that much? 🤔

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Be positive!


One of the things that annoy me the most is complaining. Oh how I hate it! (am i complaining on complaining now? 😜)
To me it feels like people are never happy with what they have🤷🏼‍♀️

Blond girls want to have dark hair, brunettes want to be blond, girls with curly hair want to have straight hair, tall girls want to be shorter while short girls want to be taller etc etc. It never stops 🤷🏼‍♀️

If you can change it (e.g. hair colour) then change it and if you can’t change it (e.g. height) then just accept it. Complaining won’t do you any good and will only annoy people around you 😜

It is also quite often that people want something, complain that they don’t have it and then when they get it they complain they have it. Do you know what I mean? It’s like it’s never good but always something to complain about.

People tend to complain a lot about their jobs but do nothing to change it. How is it supposed to get better if all you do is complaining? Are you waiting for a miracle to happen and you think that by complaining you’ll get it to come to you? No! Just get moving! Start working on your dream or change and stop complaining! 😊