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I’ll be happy when…

I have started new (and probably biggest yet) challenge on my Instagram! 🤩 It’s about following dreams! I’m one of those people who always encourage you to dream big and follow those dreams! I’ll be always rooting for you to work hard on reaching your goal 💪.
Setting goals and dreaming big is amazing and I am all for it but you need to learn to be happy during the process of following dreams, to be happy on your path, not only at the finish line ☺️.
You can’t get stuck on „I’ll be happy when…” syndrome.
➡️ „I’ll be happy when I finally manage to get a new job and quit current one.”
➡️ „I’ll be happy when I finally move to a bigger house.”
➡️ „I’ll be happy when I succeed and when my company gets 1000 clients.”
Do you see what’s wrong with those sentences? You’re blocking your own happiness! 😔 Thinking that you’ll be happy when you succeed you subconsciously tell yourself to be unhappy now 😬. What if it takes several years for you to achieve your goal? And what if it doesn’t work out and you won’t reach that particular goal (sometimes it just doesn’t happen, sometimes you miss your opportunity, run out of time etc)? Will you never be happy then? 😔
Appreciate all the steps inbetween! There’s so many more steps to be happy about rather than just the final one 🏁. E.g. if your goal is to get 1000 clients you still get a milestone when you get the 1st one! 🤩 That’s a huge thing to celebrate! Somebody liked and bought your product/service! And when you get to 100 clients – woah, that’s a lot of people, you should be happy! 🤗 If your goal is to lose 15kg you should be happy about every single kilogram lots, you should be happy about yourself taking care of yourself, you should be happy now! 😊
Remember, when setting your goal and following your dreams, make sure you’re happy all the way through the process!

Be positive!

Acts of kindness challenge

Lets be united, lets be kind to each other, lets do good 🙏
Here’s a challenge for all of us for upcoming days:
🔸️ Donate items to someone in need 🤝
🔸️ Give somebody a compliment 💬
🔸️ Street feed stray cats and/or dogs 🐶🐱
🔸️ Help out a neighbour 🤲
🔸️ Give a present for no purpose/occasion at all 🎁
Which ones can you tick off already? ✔️
I just need to find some stray cats or dogs and visit a neighbour 😃

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Healthy habits challenge

Why do people succeed? Because of the healthy habits they have! 😉
Healthy habits define your attitude, your mindset but, most importantly, they help you succeed! 💪
You probably think that you don’t have enough time in the day to start new things or to work on some new healthy habits but the truth is that plenty healthy habits that we should all have take only couple minutes a day yet can change a lot in a long period 🤗.
Join me in my 21-Day Healthy Habits Challenge on Instagram to form plenty healthy habits to benefit your body and mind! 🤗
Remember, healthy body + healthy mind = a happy life! 😉
Week 1 – let’s focus on the body
Week 2 – let’s focus on the mind
Week 3 – let’s mix it all and form new habits
+ checkboxes to mark your results!
After accomplishing the task don’t set it aside. This is your new habit now and you’ll be doing it everyday now 😀.
Next day work on your new task and repeat the task from day 1.
Day 1 – task nr 1
Day 2 – task nr 1 + task nr 2
Day 3 – task nr 1 + task nr 2 + task nr 3
And so on
Here’s all the tasks from week 1, join me on Instagram for week 2 about mind!

Smiley Future

Smiley Future – Step 72: LAST ONE

All our Smiley Future steps have been, no doubt, a journey into ourselves ☺. I hope that it was a good and constructive experience for you, which you can benefit from everyday now 🙏. I congratulate you on your courage and persistance! 😎 I hope that you’ve found your way to benefit most and use the tips I’ve shared here.
Here’s last task for you: thank yourself for the effort and all the work with some amazing award 🏆. If you’ve planned what’s gonna be your award here’s finally the time for it! If you haven’t planned it – find your favourite way to celebrate. Appreciate yourself and tell yourself, and say it loud!, that you are proud of yourself! 💪
Answer those questions:
* What have those steps have taught me about myself? 🤔
* What came easily? 🤔
* What was a challenge for me? 🤔
And that’s the end of Smiley Future steps! But don’t worry, there will be another series about gaining confidence and motivation soon! 🤗
Source: @chodakowskaewa‘s book “90 days – design your tomorrrow”

Smiley Future

Smiley Future – Step 36

Today we continue the subject of lost motivation 🔽. If the reason of your motivation dropping is a change of circumstances, some difficult situation, be flexible with it! 😉
Life often surprises us and it is possible that the reality is different than when you’ve set your goal and formed a plan of action 🤷🏼‍♀️.
That’s why when reality brings you new challenges grab a pen and update your plan! ✒
Turn your favourite music on 🎶, make yourself a nice cup of tea ☕ and do today’s task: prepare a new plan (remember our SMART method? 🤔 Go back to step 6), new implementation intentions (step 10) and process visualisation (step 11).
Instead of dropping  everything and quiting be flexible and adjust your plan to new reality 😉
Your new plan:
S – Specific – what exactly do you want to accomplish? 🤩
M – Measurable – how will you know you’ve achieved your goal? 🤔
A – Achievable/Atractive – why is this goal important to you? 🧐
R – Realistic – are you able to reach it? 😅
T – Time Bound – by when will you reach it? 🕰
Write down your implementation intentions.
And remember, something done is better than something perfect (but in your head) 😉!
Next week: Lost motivation – an excercise
Source: @chodakowskaewa‘s new book “90 days – design your tomorrow”

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Positive apps!

I showed 5 positive apps in June (7 over all) on my Instagram Stories and I’d like to sum it all up 🤗.
Here’s quick description if you haven’t seen my stories with tutorial on each app (you can still see it in Positive Apps! Highlights on my profile).

🔸️Gratitude ( is a great app for building gratitude and affirmations. It works like a journal where you add what you’re grateful for daily. After a week or a month you have a whole list of things you can be grateful for – great to have on a bad day! 🤗

🔸️My Affirmations is a beautifuly done app for affirmations only BUT you get to say them out loud 🎙. In the app you’ll find various affirmations divided into categories. After you pick your affirmations you get to record yourself and in the end you can play a nice presentation with amazing pictures, calm music and your own voice saying amazing things about you! 🤗Pretty incredible presentation to have when you’re feeling down!

🔸️CBT Thought Diary is an app that works basically like a diary where you can keep on track with your thoughts, emotions and moods.

🔸️ThinkUp (@thinkupapp) is very similar to My Affirmations but with wider choice of affirmations to choose from.

🔸️21 Days Challenge (@21daysapp) is an app for building new healthy habits! You’ll find 11 challenges there for new habits in sections like: Mental wellness, Sleep schedule, Self care, Gratitude, Productivity, Happiness or No Junk Food. Each challenge has 21 steps with 21 different tasks for each day! 😁

🔸️Focusly (@focuslyapp) is a great app for meditation, fighting stress and calming yourself e.g. before sleep. There’s many meditation sessions divided into couple different types and plenty interesting articles.

🔸️Fabulous (@thefabstory) is another app good for building new habits but also about learning about time management and meditation, a bit of everything actually!

It’s impossible to choose just 1 best because they focus on different things so I’d pick 3 – My Affirmations for building gratitude, Focusly for meditation and keeping yourself calm and 21 Days Challenge for learning new habits.
I love those 3 apps and I am SO HAPPY I found those! You need to check them out! ❤🤗

Be positive! · Self-evolving


I’ve got an excericise/task for you! 👊
As it is holidays season you’ll be probably going on some trip soon.
You can use that trip to learn not to care what other people think. 🤷🏼‍♀️
When you’re in a hotel/foreign city just stand in the middle and do a funny dance 🕺. Go jogging on a beach and do it in a funny/weird way (have you seen Friends episode with Phoebe running?) 🏃‍♀️. Just be weird and be proud about it. Who cares what people will think? Who cares that they will be staring? 🤷🏼‍♀️ You are on holidays and no one knows you there. Use it. ❗
Practice being yourself and not giving a damn what others think. 😎
Once you master it on holidays it’ll be easier for you not to care so much about everybody’s opinion on every-day life.
Try it out! 😊

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