Be positive!

What I’ve learned this year

Look deep into my eyes. What do you see? Confidence! 😎

I’ve learned a lot this year and I feel that I’ve grown as a person.
This year I finally accepted myself as I am 👍 I stopped feeling sorry for being the way I am and I’ve been encouraging people to understand that we are all different and you can’t meassure or judge everything with same standards/meassurements 🤷🏼‍♀️

For example, I am an analytical kind of person 🧐. I analyze lots of things, I plan lots of things, I need to have an order in everything and have everything organized 🤪. I feel calm when I have everything written down and everything planned 😇.

But e.g. my husband is not like that 🤷🏼‍♀️. So whenever he wanted to do something spontaneous together or plan some evening for me I felt nervous (Don’t get me wrong, I do get spontaneous from time to time but not when I have a busy week – e.g. preparing everything for an Advent Calendar 😜)
It took some time but he now understands that this is how I want things 🤗

But it works both ways! I used to be mad at him for not planning ahead or for not being orgnized. But that’s just how he is 🤷🏼‍♀️. He doesn’t need unnatural order in everything as I do. I used to be mad that he doesn’t remember me telling him something but his memory just isn’t as good as mine or, actually, it is as good but he just remembers different things 🤷🏼‍♀️ – I have good memory for facts, plans, for details and he remembers every movie and a last name of pretty much every person he’s ever met! 😅 We’re just different!

We are all different and we all want different things. Don’t judge somebody for not wanting something you want or for having something you find unappealing 🤷🏼‍♀️

Don’t feel sorry for a woman that has been single her whole life, maybe she wants to be alone? 😉 Talk, listen. Stop looking weird at a married couple that doesn’t have kids – maybe they don’t want traditional Graduate-Get Married-Have Kids lifestyle. Talk, listen. 😉

Stop looking at people through your own opinions and your own character. Maybe something that drives you crazy is good for another person? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Smiley Future

Smiley Future – Step 8

Last week we talked about your strenghts 👍. Today let’s talk about your wekanesses 👎. I know it may not be pleasant but it’s an important thing to do. In couple steps you’re gonna use your weaknesses to prepare a „plan b” for situation that may complicate achieving your goal.
You can divide weaknesses into internal restrictions (your character) and external restictions (e.g. lack of knowledge, lack of time, not being understood by others, difficult situations).
Try to answer couple questions:
· What kind of knowledge you don’t have but need for your goal?
· What part of your character can become an obstacle in reaching your goal? How can it complicate your plans?
· What types of situations are the hardest for you when it comes to following your dream? If it happened in the past what was the most challenging in it for you?
· What would your close ones mention as your weakness?
· What is difficult for you? What will be biggest challenge for you while following your dream?

Next week: Creating plan based on your strenghts

Source: @chodakowskaeka‘s new book “90 days – design your tomorrow”