Be positive!


Do you know the saying „The appetite grows with what it feeds on.”? 🤔 The more people have, the more they want and this saddens me 😔. When will those people be happy? 🤷‍♀️ They’re chasing all the time to have more and more and in the end they never have enough, they are never happy. Isn’t is easier and better to appreciate what we have? 🤷‍♀️
To be grateful and to be happy all the time and even HAPPIER when you get something new, something better? 🤔
There are people in Africa or South America who don’t have much, who struggle to survive and yet they are so much happier than people who have so much more. Because they appreciate what they have 🙏, because they are happy about the simple things like having food or a roof over their head. We should learn from them!
I know we shouldn’t compare ourselves but in this case do it. Compare what you have to those poor people who hardly have anything. Compare the conditions you live in with wifi, shower 🚿, Netflix and/or Playstation 🎮 to the conditions they live in with a bucket of warm water to clean themselves with, with one wooden toy for all 6-7 children and no idea what wifi is (not everybody there lives like that of course but there are plenty people/houses who do).
Do you still think that you don’t have much? That you live in bad conditions? 😶 Compare your life in which you are able to go to a cinema, to travel, to see your favourite band live with the life of e.g. Cubans who can’t travel (they don’t have passports), who hardly get any access to international movies 🎬 or music 🎵, who use their day off to stand in line for several hours in front of a grocery shop to get any food yet they still go out to the streets and laugh, dance and love life. Do you still think your life is so bad?
There’s one simple rule to have a happy life – look down on those who have less when building gratitude 🙏 and look up for those who have more to build motivation 💪 and to get inspired. And never do it the other way round 😉.


What is success to you?

What is success to you? 🤔 What does being successful really mean? 🤔 Is it having lots of money? 💰 Being smart? 🧠 Looking good? 😎
I’m gonna break something to you and you might feel bad but you need to be aware of that 😉: there’s always gonna be someone more beautiful 😎,  someone smarter 🧠 and, unless you’re Jeff Bezos, someone richer 💰. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be successful!
Being successful isn’t being THE BEST. It’s being better than average. Being successul is being better than you were a month ago 💪. That’s a success!
The best and the only scale you should be comparing your current self isn’t to other people because this might have the opposite effect, it’s comparing your current self to your past self! 😉
As long as there’s progress there and a positive difference you’re successful! 😊
This is healthy competition and both easiest and hardest to have! But if you’re progressing, if you’re going forward this is success!
Do you agree?

Be positive! · Self-evolving

Being cool

What does being ‘cool’ mean to you?
It is always a big problem in high schools, while growing up. You HAVE TO be cool or you’ll be pushed away. I had a problem with that when I was a teenager. Always trying to be cool, to hang out with cool kids. To be popular. Does it ring a bell? 🤷🏼‍♀️
I find it disturbing and unhealthy that young people are trying so hard to fit in nowadays. That they have to act cool, wear expensive clothes and attend all parties to be cool or they’ll be bullied if they don’t.
What’s up with that?! Who defines what it means to be cool? Show me a definition of the word „cool”.
Those are some stupid rules defined by bullies and popular kids that make other, weaker kids copy them, adore them and do anything what they say. This is not right! ⚠️
But I feel like it’s not only among teenagers. There is still this unhealthy rivalry among adults too. We all need to attend important events and can’t miss big parties, we need to wear PRADA, Gucci or another expensive brand, we all drink expensive wines and talk about our expensive cars.
Does it have to be this way? Is it being cool to be rich? Seems like it these days. We are all trying to impress others with what we have, what we wear and what we drive. For me those are least important values. I don’t have a car, I don’t have any fancy wardrobe and I would never spend whole salary on an expensive bag or Jimmy Choo shoes. If others do want it all that is perfectly fine but should they judge others through the perspecive of owning those things? Is somebody worse if she doesn’t have Dolce Gabbana bag? Or maybe she simply doesn’t need it, doesn’t want it? Does it make her not cool? 😐
For me cool is being your true self and not pretending to be someone else just to impress others. 😎
This is cool – just being you.
You are cool. 😘

Be positive! · Self-evolving

Don’t compare yourself

We tend to compare ourselves to people around us. We want to be richer than a guy next to us, prettier than every girl in the room, smarter than your boss and better than all the people in the world. As much as I encourage to get motivated by others, work on your dreams and get on your way to success, you can’t get crazy over that, you need to find that limit. While you work your ass off to beat everybody else just stop and appreciate YOU. 😊Think what you’ve done, what you’ve accomplished. It is good to be INSPIRED by somebody else and to have that as motivation for you to work but you CAN’T get sad or lose confidence over somebody’s success. ⚠️ Unless you can get motivation from it, don’t compare yourself to others. You know why? Cause there’s always going to be somebody smarter, somebody prettier, somebody better than you. That’s just how it is and you CAN’T keep comparing yourself to others or you’ll get stuck in „never enough” zone and you’ll keep wanting more, keep pushing yourself further instead of realising how amazing and good you already are!!! 😘
Instead of competing with everybody around you just be BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF. If you hear somebody smarter, learn from him, listen to his/her story. Maybe you’ll decide to e.g. read more or to learn another language if that’s what impresses you in that person. If you see somebody looking good in a swimsuit don’t get envy but work on your body to be confident with yourself. If you see somebody richer don’t be jealous, think how YOU can get there, what YOU can do to achieve that 👏
BUT at the same time, remember that in some other category you are better than that person. You may get impressed by somebody’s body but I am sure that you have some talent that he/she doesn’t. You may see somebody rich but I’m sure he/she is missing something that you have (e.g. a relationship, a family, health). You may think a smart man knows so many things that you don’t but i am SURE that you know something that he/she doesn’t. 😊

We all have our values and in some way we are both worse AND better than everybody else.⚠️

Be positive! · Self-evolving


Nowadays we are ‘attacked’ by plenty images of perfect bodies, faces etc. We see perfect figures in magazines, slim bodies on tv and lots of that here, on instagram. People tend to lose confidence when they see how other people have perfect lives, relationship, house or perfect body. Remember, nobody’s perfect! 💁🏼‍♀️
We all share only good (or even best) moments of our lives and only good/best photos of ourselves on social media! Not to mention that many people use filters (i do) or even photoshop their photos to make they bodies slimmer or boobs bigger. Don’t compare yourself to those unreal images. ⚠️ Don’t get sad or lose confidence over that! 💔 I am pretty sure all of us work hard to get that perfect posture, get your hair and make up done and all that before taking a photo. And this is normal, we all want to look good on pictures but if you get sad when looking on others, on some ideal photos/faces remember about this process before (make up, perfect pose) and after (good edit,filters) taking the photo.👯‍♀️
And it is not only about the body. E.g. if you see plenty romantic photos and a couple holding hands or kissing on all of them don’t think of them as a perfect couple and don’t compare their relationship to yours. I am sure they also have their bad momments, they also argue etc. They just don’t share those moments on social media. ⚠️Cause we only share our good/best moments.⚠️
Please remember about that. There’s so many people going crazy seeing how other people live or how they look but it’s only one side of their life.
Here’s me for an example (don’t think i’m comparing myself to those beautiful accounts or models, it’s just an example) – my bad version & best one after doing make up, hiding my round parts, standing differently etc. One photo taken after another, on the same day. Remember all those beautiful photos here on ig or in magazines are those ‘best version’pics 😉