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What are your dreams?

We’ve talked about goals in previous post (Motivational Monday, step 3).
Now let’s talk about dreams 🤩
What’s the difference? 🤫for me goals are about career, about work life, about something that we work on (or should be working on) everyday.
And dreams are something else. Something magical, about your personal life, your family, your free time. 😊💫
I told you yesterday that we’re going to Mexico in the end of October.
Why? It has been my dream to go to Mexico for their Dia de los Muertos since I was a teenager 🤩
And now it’s finally gonna happen!!
This is what gave me wings lately, the reason I’ve been so happy and full of energy 😄
And the trip is happening this year as a gift from myself to myself (and from my husband and parents a bit too 🥰) for my 30th bday! Dia de los Muertos that is celebrated on Nov 2nd is exactly 1 month till my big day! 😊
I literally cried happy tears when we bought the tickets 🥲.
Now tell me, what are your dreams?