Smiley Future

Smiley Future – Step 57

Let’s continue our practicing gratitude and try out another excercise 🙏. Task for today is feeling (and showing) gratitude towards others 🤩. How can you do it?
➡️ 1. Notice, appreciate and thank others (close ones, coworkers etc) for every little (and easy to miss) gestures coming from them 🙏. Bring your attention to everything that you get from them: attention, support, help 🤝. Short conversation 💬, making a tea when you feel sick 😪, helping in solving a problem, a text showing  that somebody thinks of you in a difficult moment….
When you concentrate on noticing and appreciating those details, you’ll see that you have plenty more reasons to feel grateful that you’ve thought before 🤩
➡️ 2. Notice, appreciate and thank strangers who you meet along your way e.g. as a customer. It can be a mindful waiter 😊, friendly saleswoman 🤗, a clerk with a smile on his face 😁, bus driver that waits for you to get in before he drives away 🚃… Notice those specific things that others do for you and feel grateful 😍
Do you notice those little deeds from others in your everyday life? 🤔 I sure do and I’m always grateful for every little help or support I get from others but on the other hand I feel sad/disappointed when others do not notice/appreciate what I do for them and take it for granted 💔
Do you feel the same way?
Next week: Gratitude towards your body
Source: @chodakowskaewa‘s new book “90 days – design your tomorrow”

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Be positive!


Here we have Easter time. Do you have everything ready for Sunday?
It might be less popular than Xmas but it’s still a beautiful holiday!
Do you have a family to spend it with? Do you have time off? Use it! Cherish that time with your family. Appreciate that you have people to spend it with. Think of those people who don’t or of those people who have to work and won’t see their close ones.
This is happy time! Loving time!
Call you friend and tell him/her you miss him/her. Call or visit your grandma/grandpa if you’re not spending holidays together. Go to cemetary to visit those who are no longer with you.
This is family time!
Forget about work. Forget about your duties. Spend those couple days with people close to you, tell them something nice and just be here & now. 😊