Motivational Mondays

MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY – STEP 20: Procrastination + sum up

They say procrastination is the thief of time—actually deadlines are 😬.
New research from the University of Otago has found that if it is best not to set a deadline at all 😮. But if you do set a deadline, make it short 😉 (here we’re talking about a deadline of a short/small project or a deadline of STARTING some big project).
Professor Stephen Knowles, from the Otago Business School tested the effect of deadline length on task completion 🧐.
Participants were invited to complete an online survey in which a donation goes to charity. They were given either one week, one month, or no deadline to respond.
The study found responses to the survey were lowest for the one-month deadline, and highest when no deadline was specified 🙃.
No deadline and the one-week deadline led to many early responses, while a long deadline appeared to give people permission to procrastinate, and then forget 🤷‍♀️.
Quite surprising, huh? Remember about that when planning some new project! 😉
It is also said that if something is said to take 5-10min of your time, do it straigh away. Don’t postpone it over and over again. For example, if you need to call your bank to ask for something or you need to buy something online – just go and do it! Procrastinating is the worst 🙄.
And that’s the end of our Monday Motivation series! 🤗 Whenever you feel like you lack motivation go back to those steps:
➡️Remind yourself what motivation exactly is (step 1)
➡️ Why you may lack it (step 2)
➡️ Read again how to set a goal (step 3)
➡️ Successful methods to boost your motivation:
🔸️ visualisations (step 7)
🔸️ training your willpower (step 8 & 9)
🔸️ deferring gratification (steps 11 & 12)
➡️ Remember what may weaken your motivation (steps 10, 14 & 15)
➡️ For practical tips to use in life (not only learning about motivation in theory) keep coming back to steps 18 and 19 – those are my ‘secret weapons’ how to get yourself to work! 😉
Happy planning your projects for this year and I wish you plenty of motivation and will to work!


5 tips how to have more energy!

Check out my Smiley Advent Calendar on Instagram to see how to make 3D stars out of paper, gnomes out of wool, vintage decoupage Christmas ornament and more!
There are so many great ideas for homemade Christmas decorations!!! Are you making some? What do you have ready for Christmas already? Or maybe you’re missing energy this winter? 😔
Here’s 5 tips that you need to practice to get more energetic! 💪
Good morning routine is very important! You could start with a glass of fresh squeezed lemon with hot water & honey (that’s what I do) 🍋, maybe try yoga to calm your mind 🧘‍♀️ or jogging to boost your energy! 💪
You can combine nr 1 with nr 2 but if you don’t have the time to move your body in the morning do it in the afternoon/evening! Go for a walk, hit the gym or simply do couple fitness excercises at home 💪
That’s probably the most important rule ⚠️. You NEED TO provide good nurtitous food to your organizm so that it can change it into energy 💪
Drink at least 2l of water per day! Remember, your body is made 78% of water so you need to keep that number!
Go for walks whenever you can, especially when the Sun is out! It is very important to get at least 20min of sunlight per day to get vitamine D into your body 🌞