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Smiley Future – Step 68

Today we’re gonna continue summing everything up ✔. I highly encourage you to reflect on what subjects were most important to you, what did you discover about yourself? 🧐 To make it easier here’s a list of the subjects we went through:
🔸️Training strong will
🔸️Mind traps
🔸️Be good to yourself
🔸️Deffering gratification
🔸️Sabotaging thoughts
🔸️Emotions vs will power
🔸️Practicing gratitude
Which out of those subjects touched you the most, made you reflect most, opened your eyes? 🤔
Will those be helpful in the future? How can you use them?
Write down your thoughts 📝
Next week: Summing up: Your tools
Source: @chodakowskaewa‘s book “90 days – design your tomorrrow”

Smiley Future

Smiley Future – Step 31

Do you know that saying „out of sight, out of mind”? 🤔 Turns out that scientific researches prove that wisdom when it comes to fighting temptation and empowering willpower! 💪
Good healthy mindset probably already suggests you that it is easier not to eat sweets when you don’t have them around in the house 😉
Brian Wansink, american psychologist learning about eating behaviour did an interesting research with James E. Painter that he describes in his book „Mindless Eating” 🧐
Gentlemen gave their secretaries chocolates 🍫 on Secretaries week in some office. Some of the sweets were in a box with  a see-through lid where they could see all the chocolates 👀 and some of the sweets were in a normal not see-through box where the content of the box stayed hidden 📦.
What do you think, which chocolates tempted more to be eaten? 😅 Of course those with a see-through lid 🤷🏼‍♀️. Women that could see the chocolates were tempted 71% times more! 😱😳 They were reaching for chocolates 7,7 times a day while those women who had „hidden” chocolates reached for them only 4,6 times a day.
You see? Out of sight out of mind 🤗
So here’s your task for today: get rid of all the temptations in your house 😉. Not only sweets but maybe some stuff that you spend too much time on while you could spend the time working on your dreams like PS games or your Netlix account? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Think about it. You don’t have to throw them away/delete them but you can maybe lend those games to your friend or ask your friend to change your password to your Netflix account 😉
What do you think?  Would that help you?

Next week: Procrastination so constant postponing doing things that need to be done – test
Source: @chodakowskaewa‘s new book “90 days – design your tomorrow”

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Positive apps!

I showed 5 positive apps in June (7 over all) on my Instagram Stories and I’d like to sum it all up 🤗.
Here’s quick description if you haven’t seen my stories with tutorial on each app (you can still see it in Positive Apps! Highlights on my profile).

🔸️Gratitude ( is a great app for building gratitude and affirmations. It works like a journal where you add what you’re grateful for daily. After a week or a month you have a whole list of things you can be grateful for – great to have on a bad day! 🤗

🔸️My Affirmations is a beautifuly done app for affirmations only BUT you get to say them out loud 🎙. In the app you’ll find various affirmations divided into categories. After you pick your affirmations you get to record yourself and in the end you can play a nice presentation with amazing pictures, calm music and your own voice saying amazing things about you! 🤗Pretty incredible presentation to have when you’re feeling down!

🔸️CBT Thought Diary is an app that works basically like a diary where you can keep on track with your thoughts, emotions and moods.

🔸️ThinkUp (@thinkupapp) is very similar to My Affirmations but with wider choice of affirmations to choose from.

🔸️21 Days Challenge (@21daysapp) is an app for building new healthy habits! You’ll find 11 challenges there for new habits in sections like: Mental wellness, Sleep schedule, Self care, Gratitude, Productivity, Happiness or No Junk Food. Each challenge has 21 steps with 21 different tasks for each day! 😁

🔸️Focusly (@focuslyapp) is a great app for meditation, fighting stress and calming yourself e.g. before sleep. There’s many meditation sessions divided into couple different types and plenty interesting articles.

🔸️Fabulous (@thefabstory) is another app good for building new habits but also about learning about time management and meditation, a bit of everything actually!

It’s impossible to choose just 1 best because they focus on different things so I’d pick 3 – My Affirmations for building gratitude, Focusly for meditation and keeping yourself calm and 21 Days Challenge for learning new habits.
I love those 3 apps and I am SO HAPPY I found those! You need to check them out! ❤🤗


Never look back

Never look back. What happened, happened. If it was a good thing then good for you but if something bad happened then just let it be. Or better yet – learn from it. Do you know what trully changed my mindset? What changed it all for me? Learning to look different at failures – in bad times instead of asking yourself „Why is this happening to me?” ask yourself „What is this trying to teach me?”. This makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE. It did for me.

You can’t change past. Don’t overthink about it then. You don’t have any impact on that now.

What you can do is learn. Learn from your mistakes, from your decisions, from your choices. Next time you’ll do better!

So tell me, what did life teach you lately? What mistake did you make?

My husband and I are still arranging our new apartment that we got in April and boy did we make a lot of mistakes there! We didnt’ put enough electric contacts in the kitchen (or in whole apartment really), we did a bad set up in bathroom and made it look smaller than it is, we did mad meassures in kitchen and one cupboard is a bit higher than the rest…the list is long but believe me, those weren’t failures, it was just lessons that we got here and we won’t do same mistakes in our next apartment in couple years.