positive · Self-Love

Most beautiful flower

Imagine the most beautiful flower in the world 🌹.

Imagine it blooming 😍.

Imagine that this flower is one of a kind, there’s no one quite like it in the world 💫.

Do you see it in your mind? Is it beautiful? 🤗
Now imagine that thanks to this flower you can do anything you want. Because you’re the only one in the world that has it. It’s like an investment 📈. You have in your hands the most beautiful flower in the world 🌹!
And now imagine this beautiful, unique, precious flower losing its petals, losing its charm 🥀. That would be such a shame, right? The flower is not blooming and you’re losing on your investment 📉!
You NEED TO take care of this flower. You NEED TO water it 💦 to make it grow, you need to make sure it gets the sunlight 🌞. You need to do it all to see it bloom, to benefit from the flower later on as your investment.
It’s quite obvious right? Even a kid knows that you need to water a flower 🌹.
Everybody knows that you need to take care of something precious 🤩. So why won’t you? 🤷‍♀️ Because you know…the flower is you 😉.

Now read it again.