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Time for positive news! 🤗
Apart from great positive news coming from USA 2 days ago here’s what else happened in the world:
Australian man plants 40000 sunflowers to send a cheerful message to the world 🌻
Sculpture of whale’s tail saves train from plummeting 30 feet off railway platform 🚄
French-Swiss artist’s largest human chain in the world reached 5th continent 🤝
Three-year-old girl rescued after 91 hours under rubble following Turkey earthquake 🙏
Global Program Dramatically Cuts Childhood Hepatitis B Cases By 80% Worldwide–With Less Than 1% to Go 💕

Come back next Monday for more! 😊

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New normal

What if it is all a test? 🤔
To see whether you got your prorities set right? To see what you’re sad about when having to cancel all plans? To see if you can appreciate what you got? To see if you’re flexible making new plans, rearranging your schedules, building new paths, being creative? 🤔
We can learn so much these days ⚠️ Not only about the world but about ourselves too 😉, about your closes ones whether think about you too these days, about your friends if they really care for you 😘
Have you learned something new about yourself? I, for example, started to notice that I really answer to problems/anxiety with work 💪. I put more and more on myself trying to achieve as much as I can, to prove that I’m good enough, to make myself proud, to feel calm once something is complete. This is they way I cope with stress – I work even more. That’s just me but I’ll work on that 😉😅
This is the time to observe, take notes and draw conclusions 📝 This is the time to learn ⚠️. So that once it’s all over we can build new ‘normal’ with the notes we took. We can use our lessons, our mistakes to set new goals, build new paths ⚠️
And I’m not talking about you and me only. I’m talking about all of us as one Earth-society 🌍. We should all keep some of the actions we do now forever. Starting from taking more care abour our health and appreciating when we’re healthy 🙏, from paying more attention to hygiene and washing our hands as often as we can 👏, from keeping healthy distance from one another in a shop, not standing on somebody’s toes 😅, let’s keep this personal space 😉, to helping one another 🤝, to spreading good deeds, to caring about strangers, not only about ourselves! 🙏
We can build such a beautiful new world out of it with new, better priorities, better standards and better rules. 🤩
A world where we can all appreciate what we got, care about others and are willing to help a stranger. 🙏
This is the time to build a new reality. ⚠️
Who’s with me? 😉 📸 pic taken in Athens in 2015

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Genesis of evil

I’ve been watching „Maleficent” recently (you know the movie? 🎬) and a thougth occured to me – are people originally good 😇or bad 😈? Or maybe neutral? When a person is born is he/she good and then becomes bad? Or is it bad straight away because of its fate or origin? 🤷🏼‍♀️
In the movie „Maleficent” (I know it’s a movie but still…got me thinking 🤷🏼‍♀️) it is shown that the fae played by Angelina Jolie was good and of pure heart ❤until she had that heart broken and been betrayed 💔. Kind of same story with „Joker” (have you seen it? Sooo good! 😍) – Arthur Fleck (played by Joaquin Phoenix) was a normal guy, bit of introvert but of good heart, he took care of his mother and wanted to become a famous comedian. But then it all changed. He had his heart broken by all this evil in the world and became Joker, a villain. 😈
I think we are all good in the beginning but sometimes things go wrong and people become cynical, they don’t trust people and in the end they become bad 😞. There are so many stories and examples of e.g. rapers who do what they do because they’ve been hurt in their childhood 💔. Evil experiences/memories bring evil actions 😩.
But we must not let it ❗. We need to fight with evil 👊. And whenever something bad happens, we need to stay good 🙏. As the Bible says: “Do Not Be Overcome by Evil, but Overcome Evil With Good.” 🤗
When something bad happens do not look for vengeance 🚫. Stay good, be good. This is the only way to fight evil. 👊
When our mayor Paweł Adamowicz was killed last year 💔 this is what his wife kept telling us, this is what our whole city kept repeating – to fight evil with good, to stay united 🤝.
And that is the best way to do, believe me.
Just be good. 🙏
I believe there are more good people than bad ones in this world and we need to keep it this way 🙏

Be positive!

Complimenting vs Complaining

Do you compliment strangers as often as you complain? Do you thank people who serve you a meal in a restaurant and say how happy you are with their service? Do you praise people who help you out on a helpline? Are you open to say a nice thing to a stranger when he/she does something extra for you? 🙏
I work in a contact center and I talk to many clients everyday and I’ve noticed that 90% of people either argue and complain 😡 or say nothing at all. It is honestly so rare when I get a phone call or an email from a client just thanking me and saying that he’s very happy with my services and that I’ve helped him a lot.
Why don’t people say nice things as often as bad ones?
It is same with reviews. People usually leave reviews on restaurant or hotel when they have some remarks to share and things to complain about. Can you relate? Have you ever written a complaint? I’m sure you have. But have you ever written an email/review saying „I have nothing to complain about, everything was perfect, thank you for your services”? 😉 I try to do it as often as sending those less happy emails. We all need to thank ourselves for being nice/helpful too! Not just complaining! 🤗
And it doesn’t have to be only about services and talking to strangers businesswise! Thank/compliment your friends or collegues on daily basis too!
For example, couple weeks ago I asked my boss for a one-on-one meeting. She was 100% sure that I want to complain about something whereas I surprised her and said „So as not to come to you only to complain and talk about injustices in our team or short bonus I actually wanted to come to you and to thank you”. She was shocked. Nobody has ever asked her for a meeting just to thank her for what she’s doing.
Do you know what I mean now?
Do you think you could do the same?
Please lets all try to compliment more than complain or at least to say nice things as often as bad things! 🤗

Be positive!

Good deeds

How to be happy?

Help others.

We need to make this world a better place. We need to do it ASAP.

Instead of complaining on other people, talking behind their backs lets help each other, lets be good one to another.

This doesn’t have to be anything big. I try to do a small good deed every day and I encourage you to do the same. As I said, it doesn’t have to be big. You can simply help a stranger pick something up when he/she drops it on the street, you can open the door for a mother with a stroller when she’s struggling to enter a shop, you can help a young woman carry a heavy suitcase up the stairs, walk an elder man through the street, help someone find the right place when you see he/she is lost or just simply smile at others.

This is really simple and it costs you nothing yet can make a big dfference.

It doesn’t have to be only strangers on the street too. You can (and you should) help your friends or family in need too. You know that your friend  is moving houses? Go and help him/her pack. Your mom is preparing a dinner for a whole family? Ask if you can set the table or make a salad at least. Your friend lost his job? Ask your colleagues around if there is a job for him where you work, try to help him find it. Your friend practices for an exam or a job interview?  Go over to her and simply listen to what she has prepared. Let her practice on you.

There is over 1700 of you here, lets say even just a tiny bit of 10% of you joins me on this mission and we’ll have 170 good deeds every day, 5100 good actions every month and 61200 amazing acts of help every year. That’s a lot!

Will you join me?

Do you help strangers on the streets?

Remember to check other pages too! There are other parts of the blog added here daily!

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Be positive!

Good vs evil

Last week was horrible for Gdańsk. We lost our hero, our friend, father of this city. Our mayor Paweł Adamowicz was murdered. I know most of you didn’t know him but he was a marvelous man. He’s been a mayor for over 20 years, he’s been elected for the 6th time just 2 months ago. I keep saying that in a small village with couple hundreds of people a mayor knows every citizen and works on every man’s wish but Paweł Adamowicz did that in a city with 500 000 citizens. We all knew him and he knew all of us. Each one of Gdańsk citizens had an individual story with him, I am sure of it. I had a couple of those.
But what people started talking about is this fight between evil and good. We can’t let evil win. Sometimes it is hard to let go but when you fight back, evil vs evil, bad energy wins.
Instead of that we should all do an examination of conscience. Think about your thoughts, your actions, examine your past. See what did you do wrong and try to fix it.
We all need to unite in this time. We all need to be good, do good deeds to let good win.
Our Polish TV says now „We all need to be nice to each other. We all need to be good now. Maybe say „good morning” to your neighbour? Let’s smile to each other!” and all I keep thinking is what a horrible time it has come to. Do we really need to tell others to smile? To say „Good morning”? What has happened to the inner good? To the inner will to be polite?
On this day, one week since our mayor has passed away, I still can’t understand how it has come to this, I still can’t understand how someone can be so evil.
But i still believe that there are more good people than bad ones. We just need to show it to them!
Please do something good this week! Help out a charity, volunteer in some social event, help a stranger, smile at others (although this one is an obvious one)!
Our mayor’s last words were „Let’s share good”. Please lets do that.

Be positive!


Do you know what’s one of the main things that make you HAPPY? HELPING OTHERS. I love helping others. I love seeing people smile when I manage to help them out. It makes your heart grow. It makes your heart warm. It doesn’t have to be anything big. You can do plenty of small things that can make someone’s day better. You can stop the bus when you see someone’s running for it. You can pick something up and help a stranger who dropped it. You can walk an elder through the street. Do you have a spare dollar? Buy a chocolate Santa for a homeless man. I’m sure it will make him smile. Or you can easily just smile to strangers, that will make them feel better as well.

Are you a giver or a receiver? I’ve always loved giving gifts more than getting them. It’s about that smile that you see in a person when you give it to him/her. That’s the best gift for me.

Of course If you are a giver and want to do something bigger than walking an elder or catching a bus for someone there are plenty ways to help out in a bigger scale. You can give out money to charities, obviously. You can buy some food or blankets and give it to shelters. You don’t even have to buy anything, if you have some old blankets that are still good but you don’t need it don’t throw it away, always think of someone who might need it. Do you have empty boxes? Give it to animals’ shelters, they always need it. Did you clean up your wardrobe and have plenty of clothes that you don’t wear anymore? Give it to shelters. Same with toys – give it to child care. I am sure that you have plenty of things that you find useless that might be a great gift for someone else.

Why you should also help others? It’s not only about seeing people’s smiles and making them grateful. It’s about Karma too. I don’t know if you believe in Karma or any high power but „the more you give, the more you receive” rule always works. It may not be proven. It may not be scientific but it works, believe me. Even if it’s not about high power/Karma, by helping othesr you show people that they can count on you and once you do that you’ll have people to count on when you need help. It’s all about the circle of giving and receiving.  Let’s be a friendly community that helps each other. Lets reach out a  helping hand to others.