How to easily change your mindset

Stop thinking „I have to” and start thinking „I can”. 💪
This is the easiest and most effective way to find what you should be grateful for 🤗
Instead of thinking „Damn, I have to go to work tomorrow 🙄” think „I can work! I didn’t lose job during coronavirus shutdown and I can keep on earning money 💪!”.
Instead of thinking „I have to make dinner, I so don’t feel like it 🙄” think „I can make dinner! I have all the ingredients in the fridge and I don’t have to walk around being hungry, I am so lucky 😋!”
Instead of thinking „I have to ride 300km to see my Mom, it’s so far away 🙄” think „I can still catch a train and go see her, not everyone is so lucky as so many people already lost their moms ❤”.
It’s not only about finding the reasons why you should be grateful but once you start thinking like that, once you start seeing your life as a list of opportunities and not tasks that you HAVE TO do you’ll feel more willing to do them! 😉
Words „have to” bring this pressure and tension, when you hear someone saying „you have to do this” you don’t feel like doing it at all 🤷🏼‍♀️, it works another way round.
„I can” attitude will make you feel more willing to actually do those things, you won’t feel that pressure and you’ll do those tasks with a smile on your face! 😊
Try it out!

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Positive apps!

I showed 5 positive apps in June (7 over all) on my Instagram Stories and I’d like to sum it all up 🤗.
Here’s quick description if you haven’t seen my stories with tutorial on each app (you can still see it in Positive Apps! Highlights on my profile).

🔸️Gratitude ( is a great app for building gratitude and affirmations. It works like a journal where you add what you’re grateful for daily. After a week or a month you have a whole list of things you can be grateful for – great to have on a bad day! 🤗

🔸️My Affirmations is a beautifuly done app for affirmations only BUT you get to say them out loud 🎙. In the app you’ll find various affirmations divided into categories. After you pick your affirmations you get to record yourself and in the end you can play a nice presentation with amazing pictures, calm music and your own voice saying amazing things about you! 🤗Pretty incredible presentation to have when you’re feeling down!

🔸️CBT Thought Diary is an app that works basically like a diary where you can keep on track with your thoughts, emotions and moods.

🔸️ThinkUp (@thinkupapp) is very similar to My Affirmations but with wider choice of affirmations to choose from.

🔸️21 Days Challenge (@21daysapp) is an app for building new healthy habits! You’ll find 11 challenges there for new habits in sections like: Mental wellness, Sleep schedule, Self care, Gratitude, Productivity, Happiness or No Junk Food. Each challenge has 21 steps with 21 different tasks for each day! 😁

🔸️Focusly (@focuslyapp) is a great app for meditation, fighting stress and calming yourself e.g. before sleep. There’s many meditation sessions divided into couple different types and plenty interesting articles.

🔸️Fabulous (@thefabstory) is another app good for building new habits but also about learning about time management and meditation, a bit of everything actually!

It’s impossible to choose just 1 best because they focus on different things so I’d pick 3 – My Affirmations for building gratitude, Focusly for meditation and keeping yourself calm and 21 Days Challenge for learning new habits.
I love those 3 apps and I am SO HAPPY I found those! You need to check them out! ❤🤗

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Cherishing little things helps succeed

Do you cherish little things? Are you grateful for every small thing? I know I’ve already talked about it but it’s not only for being happier, it helps us with being successful too! 💪
When you learn to be happy about the little things you also learn to set smaller goals (because smaller goals will also make you happy due to lower expectations 😊). Once you set smaller goals it is easier for you to achieve them and it is easier for you to be consistent, to not give up hence to succeed 😎.
For example, lets say you want to start a new business. Imagine that ideally you want to have 100 customers within 3 months but 3 months later you’re angry that it didn’t happen, you are frustrated with your dream and give up on the company 😡. Lower your expectations, be grateful for every single customer you get 🙏. Be happy about the 10th customer same way as you were happy about the 1st client you ever got.
When you learn to do so it will be much easier for you to set yourself smaller goals and, believe me, it is way better to set smaller goals but more often than big goal that will only become a burden on your shoulders, you’ll be stressed and full of anxiety to fulfill it and basically unhappy 🤷🏼‍♀️.
Do you understand what I mean?
I used to get panick attacks couple years ago. I was a wreck because I had enormous goals and this awfully big pressure (that I put on myself 🤦🏼‍♀️) to be big, to be someone. I wanted my book to be big, to be a bestseller, to have plenty people talk about it and out of 5000 that the publishing house printed only 600 got sold 💔.
I was devastated but later on I kept thinking „wow, over half a thousand of people read my book!” 😳. Imagine a room with 600 people. It’s a lot of people!
Of course in the end I still want to be big, I still want those big dreams to happen but instead of having 1 big dream and feeling stressed all the time I chose to change it into many small dreams (that in the end can become that one big dream when put together) and this way to be less stressed. I think it’s a healthy choise 😉
Even physically it is easier to take couple small steps than do one big jump! 😉

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Cherish little things

Have you stopped for a second and looked up the sky? 👀Morning skies in December are my favourite 😍. Always so pink (at least in Europe) and you don’t have to get up at 4-5am to see a sunrise 😅.
Have you stopped for a second to smell fresh air 👃? To breathe in slowly and relax?
Have you eaten your dinner today and actually saw what you’re eating? Have you thought what it tasted like? 😋 Or you just “threw it” into your stomach?
Just stop and cherish little things 🙏.
We are all in such rush, especially now before Xmas, that we keep missing all the little cute details. We take them all for granted 🛑.
I know we put more and more tasks on ourselves, we all want to achieve more and be successful but we need to stop to breathe from time to time 😅. To rest. To gain perspective. To get new ideas. To breathe 🤫. Especially now, during the Holidays.
Please use that time to rest and to regain gratitude for basic values – good weather, color of the sky, lovely time with family, delicious food ❤.
It’s such a magical time.
Enjoy! 🤗

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Unhappy to choose

I feel like nowadays people are unhappy because…there’s too much to choose from! Yes, exactly, because there are too many options 🤷🏼‍♀️
Subconsciously we want to have EVERYTHING so once we have to choose 1 thing out of 30 we become stressed, anxious about the decision and then in the end unhappy about the choice we made 🤯.
Daniel Levitin tells a story in „The Organized Mind” about one of his students years ago who came to USA from Romania (Soviet at the time). He recalls how he met this girl in a store in front of a shelf full of different pens almost crying. She wasn’t able to pick one. Back in Romania they had only 3 types of pen and that’s it. “Which one do I need for my biology class? Which one for poetry? Do I want felt tip, ink, gel, cartrifge, erasable? Ballpoint, razor point, roller ball?” ✒🖋🖊.
Then once she chooses she’ll be worried if she got the right one. She’ll go back home and will want the other one, the one she didn’t buy.
Sounds familiar?
It may sound as a simple and quite basic example but if you think about it you choose a product every day 🤷🏼‍♀️. You do grocery shopping and you choose one milk before the other, you choose one jumper instead of another one, you choose one smartphone instead of a different brand. We make hundreds decisions everyday and once we decide we keep wanting the thing we didn’t get! Mind will always want something that is out of reach, something that we are missing 🤷🏼‍♀️.
We are all forced to make plenty decisions every day and this can easily make one unhappy 😬😰.
Instead of thinking what you DIDN’T get think of what you DID get!
Appreciate that smartphone, smile at this new jumper, appreciate that pen! 🤗
Do you know why people in Africa or South America are happier than us? (I trully believe they are). Because they don’t have that ‘problem’! They simply appreciate what they have. They don’t have dozens brands of milk to choose from and wonder if that’s the right choice. They are simply happy because they got milk.
Minimalism and gratitude.
That’s the answer to it. Learn to choose 1 thing, to be happy about it and to forget about the ones you didn’t choose! 🙏

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Past dreams

Remember what did you use to dream about? What were your goals once? 🤔
Maybe you dreamed about a job you have now? Maybe you were trying to get a girl that is now your wife? Maybe you tried to buy that dream house that you call your home nowadays? Are you still happy about those things? Do you appreciate what you have? That you have what you dreamed of some time ago?
People tend to forget to be happy about what they have. To be grateful for where they are.
You got your dreams! You won! 🤗
Obviously once we get one thing we dream of another but don’t forget about the goals you’ve already achieved 🙏. Be happy about the job you got that you wanted so badly in the past, be happy about the girl of your dreams that is now by your side and be happy about every little dream you’ve accomplished!
Don’t take anything for granted ⚠️

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Learn to be grateful

Learn to be grateful
I’ve already said it and I’ll keep repeating – key to being happy is to be grateful 🙏. You need to learn to appreciate what you have, to feel happy about the little things, to feel gratitude 🤗. You can’t take anything for granted, even such „simple” (some would say 🙄) things as being able to see or having a roof over your head.
If you think that you don’t have anything to be grateful for go and do a volunteering at a hospice 🏥 or child care home 🏠. Talk to those poor children, ask them what makes them happy, tell them your story and see what they think about it, if you really don’t have anything to be grateful for 😏.
Go and spend a day with a blind person. Or even better – cover your eyes for 1 whole day and try to live and do normal every-day activities.
Go and live on a street for one night. Try to get some food. Find a place to sleep 😨.
::: Go and do all those things.
Still nothing to be grateful for?
Think about it. ⚠️
People keep forgeting about the most basic things and they tend to take them for granted whereas we should be grateful to be healthy, to be able to see, to have a family, to have 2 hands and 2 legs everyday. ⚠️
I sure am. 🙏

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Check out new positive quotes, psychological facts, positive movies recommendations and inspirational stories!

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Little things

We’ve learned about gratitude (see my previous post) now it’s time to learn to notice those little things/aspects we need to be grateful for. 👀
In my yesterday’s post I wrote about being grateful and noticing big aspects like being healthy, having family or not being blind but today I want you to learn how to be happy about the little things. This is another KEY TO HAPPINESS. ⚠️⚠️⚠️ Good stuff won’t happen to you everyday, let’s face it. But in order to be happy everyday you need to smile at the little things. 😊 Like the color of the sky, good weather or delicious food 😋. If you think about it, good things DO happen to you everyday, you just need to look for them sometimes. 😁
Look around you, stop for a moment and look at other people. Have a look at colors of your surrounding. Appreciate small gestures from other people like a waiter taking care of you and being friendly in a restaurant or a doctor that wants to help you and take care of your comfort ❤. Look at the street you pass everyday, notice its buildings and their details. We tend to be in rush all the time and doing many things automatically. Stop.⚠️ You need to be present in a moment to appreciate here and now.⚠️
Focus on the things you’re doing. Stop doing everything automatically. Your mind is off then and it doesn’t appreciate the things that are happening. Before you start eating your meal stop and appreciate its colors, its smell. 👃
Just slow down and try to be present.❤
This is called MINDFULLNESS. There are many excercises to develop it so you appreciate some situations or moments more and do less things automatically.
One of the excercises is eating a raisin – perfect for beginners. Act like you’ve never eaten or seen a raisin before. Notice the way the raisin looks, how it feels, its smell or taste. Then slowly eat it but focus on it.👅
If you want to excercise it and learn to be present here and now hence appreciate your life more see this article –

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One of the main and easiest ways to happiness is being GRATEFUL.
Are you grateful for what you have? If you’re thinking „what do I have to be grateful for?!” you’re probably one of those people who have lots but don’t appreciate it. You don’t have to be a millionaire or have a perfect life to be grateful. People tend to think that they don’t have anything to be grateful because they’re not rich or because they have some problems. ALL people have problems. Poor ones and rich ones. ⚠️
But the key is to appreciate what you have.
Are you healthy?
Do you have a place to live?
Do you have food in your fridge? Do you have family?
Do you have friends?
Do you have both legs?
Are you able to see, hear, talk? There are so many things /aspects that we need to be grateful for yet most of us take those things for granted.
People keep thinking that it is an absurd to be grateful that we see or have both legs. That it is a given. Well sadly not for everyone. Imagine not having that. I am grateful I am healthy, able to see, hear and walk everyday! ❤❤❤ The truth is, there are many people who lost their legs, are blind, deaf or very sick but still can appreciate life and be happy and those are the people we should follow and learn from them! 💪
Do you have both parents? I know this may not be as simple as the 1st question in the age of divorces but even if you have only one parent you are still more lucky than all those poor children living in shelter houses.
Did you have dinner today? So simple right? Yet still, if you have, you are still more lucky than millions of people in the world who starve to death.
You have PLENTY OF THINGS TO BE GRATEFUL FOR! You just need to learn to see them. 👀
You can do an easy exercise – write down what are you grateful for on a piece of paper and put it in a jar. Keep doing it for next 30 days. You’ll see how many things you have to be grateful for! + when you’ll have a bad day you can read them all and it will make you feel better. 😊

What are you grateful for?

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Did you know that to form a habit you need only 21 days? After repeating something every day for 3 weeks it grows into you and you do it automatically. For example if you need to remember to take vitamins after breakfast 💊 (do it!) you need to remember about it and focus on the moment of you taking the vitamins out of the drawer for 21 days and after that you just do it every day without even thinking about it (like me for last 3 years 😊).
It is said to be working same way when starting a diet – you need 21 days of you saying „NO! ⛔” to sugars and unhealthy food and after those 3weeks of a hard struggle you’ll do it easily, automatically or won’t even be craving sweets. 🥦🥒🍅🥗
But did you know that you can also reprogram/rewire your brain to be happy in 21 days? 🤗
I mean, WOAH! Right?🤩
And here’s my TASK FOR YOU.⚠️ For the next 3 weeks when you wake up think of 3 things you are grateful for and keep repeating it for…now guess…21 days, yes 😊
It can be same 3 things every day or it can be various things. Your choice. Just stick to it.
What is more, you can practice being more confident too 💪. Think of 3 values/qualities you like about yourself, some advantages you have, and say it to yourself out loud in front of a mirror every day for 21 days. I guarantee you’ll be more confident and more proud of those qualities. Just try it.
So what are you grateful for?
I am grateful for a healthy family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧, loving husband ❤ and our financial situation (being able to pay rent 🏡, buy food 🍕 and having a nice life 🎉🏖).