Be positive!

Free happiness!

Some people say you can’t be happy without money 💰.
Don’t get me wrong, money are much needed and useful obviously BUT don’t forget about happy things you can get FOR FREE!
1. Beautiful sunsets – it won’t cost you anything yet sometimes it can take your breath away! 🌅
2. Hug / kiss – hugging or kissing your friend / partner definitely won’t cost you anything yet it will make you feel loved, needed and happy 💏
3. Smile – smile at others! Even at the strangers. It will also go a long way and will make anyone’s mood better ☺
4. Long walk in the mountains or forest – long walks are very useful as you will clear your mind, relax and get new ideas 🏞
5. Appreciate the blue sky. Is it a pretty day? If so, head outside and enjoy the pretty blue sky. Allow yourself to give thanks for the beautiful day 🌝
6. Volunteer Your Time. Volunteering your time is a great way to help others and get enjoyment at the same time. Whether it’s a soup kitchen or an animal shelter, there are many places that could benefit from a helping hand 🤝
7. Meditate. Take some time to rest, relax, and center your mind to find happiness 🧘🏼‍♀️
8. Make A Grateful List. Writing down the things that you are grateful for can instantly make you happy ✒
And there’s so much more of free things/activities that can make you happy!
You don’t need money to be happy, believe me! 😊

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Purchase memories

⚠️ Purchase memories, not things. ⚠️
Happiness is usually abstract things – health, family, love. Focus on that. 🤗
Don’t pay attention to material goods, those are just things 👑💄💎. New phone or new pair of expensive shoes might make you happy for a moment but it won’t give you happiness and memories in long term. Instead of that try to go on an adventure, „buy” memories – book yourself a short trip on the weekend (it doesn’t have to be far) 🏕, go to a concert 🎙, go to a festival 🎭, jump out of the plane ✈…you may think that those are experiences couple minutes/days long, nothing permament, but the memories are for life! ⭐ They may not last long physically but you can talk about it with your family or friends for ages!
Remember – in the end people usually regret not having done something, no not having bought something. We regret experiences and chances we didn’t take, not missing a sale in a boutique.
This is a photo taken on our journey to Dominican Republic last year. It cost us quite a lot of money and we could’ve bought a sofa to our guest room that we are still missing (we moved into a new apartment last year) but I wouldn’t have had it the other way. We saw beautiful places, learned some new things and gained plenty amazing memories!
This month try to do something you haven’t done before. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, it doesn’t even have to be anything you pay for – if you live by the sea or lake try winter swimming 🏊‍♀️ (go into the water only for couple minutes though), go to a dog shelter and take dogs for a walk and spend whole day with them 🐶 (or maybe even take one home? 😊), volunteer at some city event 🎪 or just try eating something you haven’t eaten before 🍲🍤 (ok, this one you’ll have to buy but it’s a small thing to do). Literally anything! Just try to get out of the rut and get yourself some new memories! 😊😊😊