Healthy egoism vs pure egoism

Nowadays we all talk more and more about self-egoism 🤔. That it’s good to put yourself first sometimes, that we should spend some time with ourselves as a self-care practice 🙏. But, as with everything else, we need to remember about healthy balance and we need to learn to differ healthy egoism from pure egoism 😉.
➡️ You can say ‘no’ to your friends when they’re inviting you to a party because you want to spend some time with yourself. That’s ok👍. But when your friends need you and you say ‘no’ to them because you’re going to a party – that’s not ok 👎.
➡️ You can focus on yourself and ask your family to give you some time alone because you want to work on your passions. That’s ok 👍. But when your family needs you, when you have some important family activities and you ignore them/miss the meeting because you want to work on your passions – that’s not ok 👎.
➡️ You can spend money on yourself, invest in your projects or buy some new clothes when nobody else in your family has bigger needs. That’s ok 👍. But when you spend money on new clothes for yourself and skimp on a gift for your close one and/or give them nothing when they always give you gifts – that’s not ok 👎.
Remember, we need to make sure there’s healthy balance in everything ⚖️. It’s good to focus on yourself, it’s good to spend time on your own but not when by doing that you neglect your closest family or friends 😉.


SELF LOVE: Women’s world

„Woman’s day lasts 36h.
Or actually it would last that much if we’d add all activities that a woman does during a day 😬. Woman can perfectly do couple tasks at once – working 💻, cooking 🥘, doing homework 📝, cleaning 🧹, shopping 🛍. And if she won’t manage to do something she resigns from her needs in favour of her closes ones – her hobby, rest, sleep, self-care 😔.

What would a Polish woman spend 1000 PLN if she’d be given those as a gift? 🤩 For house renovation 😳. 72% of women say “My house reflects me”. That’s not true! It reflects everybody that lives there.

Girls, women you need to start thinking about yourself! 😘 Be selfish sometimes! You deserve to have a rest 🛀, to have some sleep 😴, you deserve to develop your passions 🎨. You can also do… nothing 😉!

My healthy egoism reflects me 🙃.
My belief in myself reflects me 🤩.
My self-confidence reflects me 💪.
My peace, the way how I treat others, my sensitivity, my wisdom reflect me 😊.
My smile reflects me. And my experiences.”

That’s a part of new campaign for women made by @tvnstyle_official and I loved it so much that I just had to share it! 😘