Be positive!


Do you know Tony Robbins’ famous story about two brothers? 👬 There was two brothers who had an abussive alcoholic father. Their childhood was very dark, they lived in poverty 😞. Years later, when they grew up, one brother was very successful 💰, had a well-known company, wife and kids 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, was contributing to society, volunteering etc and another one was an alcoholic too 😪🍾. Somebody asked both of them „How is it possible? 🤷🏼‍♀️ How is it possible you didn’t turn out the same? Why do you think you became a volunteer? Why did you think you became an alcoholic?”. Both answered same thing „Who else could I become with a father like this?”
We can’t control what happens to us but we can control how we react to it ⚠️. You can either feel sorry about yourself, be miserable and live miserable life or you can turn your disappointment/sadness into energy and use it to make your life better 💪
There are so many people with same stories yet different endings. There are so many people who’s had abussive childhood but wanted to leave it behind them and achieve something big 🤩! There are so many examples of it among famous people like Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lawrence, Dwayne Johnson, Joaquin Phoenix, Oprah, Tony Robbins himself…just look at my Inspirational Stories 😉! All of them had difficult childhood and look at them now! 😎🎬🏆
Bad things happen to people everyday. It’s sad but it’s true 🤷🏼‍♀️. But it’s our choice what we’re gonna do with it! First of all appreciate what you have 🙏, secondly learn from your mistakes/failures/sad experience and then use it to build a better future 📈!
I know it’s harder than it sounds but it is all in your hands 🤲. You have all the tools to make your life happy, it’s  your move to use them. Nobody is going to do it for you 😉. It’s all in your hands and in your mind.



Do you run a diary? I personally don’t but sometimes I just need to take a piece of paper and write all of my thought/feelings/problems down.
Try doing the same! Sit down in a quiet place, put some chill music on, light a candle, close your eyes, open your mind and start writing ✒.
You will feel so much better and so much lighter afterwards! 😊

Be positive! · Health

Self-isolation time

How are you doing these days?
How are you spending self-quarantine time?
There is this worldwide pressure that you NEED TO do something practical during this time, you need to get some new skills, learn something new, bake home-made bread and get ABS 🙄
No, you don’t 😉
You CAN and it is GOOD IDEA but you don’t HAVE TO ⚠️
What you should do is stay calm and relaxed 🙏
We are all different and we react to current situation in a different way.
If you never had time for your projects/dreams and now you do, if you feel calm & relaxed during this time and you feel productive and want to do something while being at home then definitely use thise time and get to work 💪
If you’re feeling stressed, if you’re worrired about the future and can’t stay focused then let it go 😘 Postpone your plans and dreams for better times and now work on your mental health 🧘🏼‍♀️
Work on your inner peace instead 🙏
Use this time to do whatever makes you calm and happy 🤗 If working on dreams and being productive makes you happy (like me 😅) then yes, this time is great opportunity to get something done and walk out of quarantine with new skills and/or projects.
But if you’re not one of those people then ignore this pressure to DO SOMETHING, don’t read those posts that say „You never lacked time, you lacked discipline” 🙄 and read mine instead! 😉
This is difficult time that we all need to get through and whatever each one of us does during this time it’s his/her business 😉
Just be happy! 🤗

📸 pic taken ages ago 😅

Be positive! · Health

Clear your mind

When stressed, when tired, when overwhelmed or disoriented – clear your head.

We tend to be in a bad mood when there’s a chaos in our heads. All you need to do is to organize your thoughts and answer all the questions that keep bouncing in your mind.

Sit down, close your eyes and focus on your thoughts. What do you hear? Is your mind telling you  over and over about some things you need to remember? Is it visualising one of your problems? Is there a chaos in your head cause you don’t know what to do about something? Write your thoughts down. It always helps me. The process of writing itself works as a cleanse for your mind cause you’re taking bunch of your thoughts from your mind and you’re leaving it on paper. For example, when your mind keeps telling you to remember to do something the next day just write it down in your calendar. Whenever I have a new idea for something or just wake up full of new thoughts I take my calendar and write down all the things I need to do. Even small ones like „write an email to Mr X” or „buy a gift for your brother”. Whenever I „take that thought out” of my brain and write it down my mind stops screaming about it and it’s calmer up there. Same with approaching all problems – if I find myself in a new situation, have a problem to deal with, I think of a solution, try to think of who can I contact for help, where do I need to call etc and just write it all in my calendar. Some pages can be full of small things to do but it is so much easier when you just wake up, look at the calendar and you know what to do.

As you may already know I do a lot of things (work, music agency, blog, my secret project 😉 and many other things) so whenever I feel overwhelmed and feel lost in this all I take a piece of paper, divide it into groups and write down where am I at each project, what needs to be done, where do I want to go with it etc. Write all your questions or doubts down as well. When you have it all on the paper just look at it and read it out loud. You should feel calmer when you know what you stand on and when you see (literally see on paper) what else you need to do. You can combine two things and after doing such cleanse on paper with all your projects, doubts and questions written down write all the next steps you need to take in your calendar. Don’t put too much on 1 day though. There’s no rush, give yourself time.

If you have a tough decision to make – write all the pros and cons down. Writting down helps a lot!

Another thing you can do to clean your mind is cleaning your apartament. It is scientifically proven that when you clean your apartament you feel calmer and „clean” in your head too.

Also, when you’re full of stressful or chaotic thoughts – take your trash out. This is proven to connect to your mind and when you throw out your garbage you throw out your bad thoughts too!