SELF-LOVE: Home SPA – Natural face-mask

Stop seeing negativity! Instead make yourself a natural home-made face mask and relax!
Nutritional mask regenerates your skin, rebuilds it and delivers many microelements that are needed for its propper functioning. It also has anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. It is perfect for people who not only want to refresh but also deeply nourish facial skin. It is great for people with dry skin, hypoxic and grey but oily or mixed skin owners will also feel benefits of it.
You’l need:
πŸ”ΈοΈ1/2 ripe avocado πŸ₯‘
πŸ”ΈοΈ1 yolk πŸ₯š
πŸ”ΈοΈ1 teaspoon of honey 🍯

1. Mix all ingredients (or blend) until it is smooth paste
2. Put it on your face, leave it on for 10-15min, wash it off with warm water.

Enjoy! πŸ€—
Source: @redlipstickmonster