Remember – time is not our friend. It won’t wait for you to be ready and you’ll never know when you’re gonna run out of it ⚠️
Don’t put your dreams on hold, don’t put taking care of your health on hold and most important – don’t put building your relationships on hold 🚫
Sadly we never know when last day of our lives will come. Same with your family and/or friends. Enjoy and cherish them while you can 🙏, believe me, you’ll miss them when they’re gone and it will be too late then.
Give your mom a kiss 😘
Tell your significant other you love him/her 💑
Call your grandma ☎️
Take your friend out for a coffee/drink 🍻
Don’t wait. Stop saying you don’t have time 🤷🏼‍♀️ It’s about those who make time!
Do it all while you still can.
Maybe it is worth setting one day of a week as a day for relations? E.g. Sunday? Just keep it always open and without any other plans but to spend it with your close ones 🤗
It’s not only about the relations though. Don’t pospone taking care of yourself too. Stop saying „I’ll do it one day” . Just do it now! 💪
You can plan your future and time/life will surprise you anyway 🤷🏼‍♀️. You can’t predict everything. You may think that it’s not a good moment now, that you’re not in a good situation but what if next month or next year will be worse (knocking on the wood that it won’t be for any of us! 😘)? And you’ll think then that you could’ve started earlier.
We always regret things we didn’t do, opportunities we didn’t take, people we let go. Try to prevent it. ⚠️ Seize the day, seize the time you got, seize your life 🙏
We got corona virus epidemic around the world. Are you scared? Do you panic? I think we should just live and enjoy the time we got 🙏
Stop waiting, start doing 💪


Following dreams

Are you following your dreams?
What does have to happen to make you start going for it?
Are you waiting for the right time?
There never will be. There’s always going to be something on the way, some obstacle but you need to overcome it and just get to work 💪
Are you waiting for something to change so you can start? Stop waiting. Don’t wait for some change, be that change ❗ The world and your life don’t change on their own, you have the power to change them.
Are you waiting for a sign from the Universe that you should get to work? There you have it. I am giving you that sign. 💫
Stop waiting.
Stop creating excuses. ⚠️
You’ll always find a reason not to do it but that’s not the point.
Just get up and start following your dreams.
You can do it. 💪

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