Kids nowadays

Have you heard phrase „ahh kids these days…”? 🤔 I keep hearing (mainly from people my age so 25-35) that kids nowadays are lazy, that they are not independent 🤷‍♀️, that they are less intelligent because they read less and „only sit on their phones”, that they are rude… I keep hearing that there’s no hope in younger generations and I couldn’t agree less!👎

First of all, if a kid is rude, doesn’t respect older people then it’s a result of bad parenting and our/my generation shouldn’t complain on younger ones as we are the ones responsible for them and making sure that they’re well-bred 😉.

Second of all, I don’t agree that they’re ruse, less intelligent or any of that anyway! Couple weeks ago I was on a tram on my way to work and an old lady asked a teenage boy for help finding the store she needed. Not only he googled the closest store in the area but he actually got off the tram with her and showed her how to get to that place 🙏. Another time I saw a young boy helping a woman out with a stroller on stairs while plenty older man (same age as the woman) were passing by indifferently 🙄.

At work I have 5 girls in their 20s in my team and they are very willing to work, keen on learning new things and I’d never say that they’re lazy 😉.

And as for intelligence – I keep reading articles that young students invented some new machine that will translate sign language live into any other language, other young student who work on a cure for Alzheimer’s disease and they’re getting closer and closer, other ones who do a lot for ecology…😃 Honestly, there are plenty examples of talented and brilliant young people who are smarter than some of us.

So lets not make assumptions on couple examples (there are different kind of people in every generation), lets not label people and lets not create stereotypes that aren’t true. We should all complain less and try to see what’s best in every human being 🤗.


Questions you shouldn’t ask or be asked

I believe in honesty and being open. We should be open and talk about our lifes, our feelings, our emotions 👍 but there are couple subjects that you should not start unless you’re really close to a person you’re talking to and you get a feeling from that person that it’s ok to talk about it ⚠️.
There are questions that you shouldn’t ask and shouldn’t be asked, like:
➡️ Did you put on weight? 🙄
➡️ You’re gonna eat it all? 😳
➡️ When will you get a boyfriend? 😒
➡️ When will you get married? 😐
➡️ Why don’t you have kids? 🤔
➡️ You still didn’t get a promotion at work? 🤷🏼‍♀️
Etc etc
Those are normal questions between friends, really close ones ❤ but you shouldn’t be asked those e.g. at a family dinner with uncles or aunts you barely see 👴👵, at an office party 🕺💃, at a high-school reunion 👩‍🎓👨🏻‍🎓or at any meeting with people you’re not that close with 🤷🏼‍♀️
There are people who are fine with those questions and they will answer them and talk about those subjects easily 👍 but some people not only don’t like those questions but they might feel anxiety or even be ashamed to answer them and will be thinking about them and/or feeling bad even days later 😖
The thing is, unless you know someone really well you might not notice a difference between those two groups and you might ask this question a shy and insecure person that will be hurt hearing it 😕
How do you feel about it?
Do you agree?

Be positive!

International Children’s Day

Do you still have an inner-kid inside you?
Being an adult is extremely hard and stressful. Do you remember how easy and cool it was to be a child? To play all they? To not worry about anything? To be reckless and happy?
Maybe we can take a break from being a stiff formal adult from time to time?
I’m not saying loose it all and start a reckless irresponsible life but maybe we could have a day to just be a kid again? To just play, have fun and not worry about anything? I think we should! 😊
As it is International Children’s Day today (we celebrated it last weekend in Poland) let loose and have fun! Stop worrying, stop planning, stop organizing and scheming. All your duties can wait, all your problems will wait too. Just take a day off and let your inner kid out! 🤗🤗🤗