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Man appreciation post!

We (us, girls, especially) keep on saying that girls have such a difficult life. That it’s so hard to be a girl/woman 🙄. That there’s pressure on so many levels – we need to always look good, be fit, have pretty hair, wear nice clothes, shave legs etc. That we need to be good mothers, but also hard-workers, that we need to take care of the house, cook well, clean… I keep hearing from other women that it’s so hard and that „being a man is so much easier”.

Well, is it? 🤔

Don’t men also have/feel pressure about plenty stuff? Don’t they also need to always look good, wear nice clothes, shave etc? There are plenty men who are way more worried about their looks, about being muscular, about getting into shape than other women. They also feel the pressure to be fit, to look good 🤷‍♀️.

Besides looks, plenty men feel such an enormous pressure to earn good money 💰 and to provide for the family that they’d be actually ashamed if e.g. wife earned more money than they did. Because according to some stupid (and out-of-date) stereotype it should be a man that earns more 🙄.

Men also want to be good dads 👨‍🍼, to have the connection with the kids. There’s always a natural bond between a kid and a mother because it is women, who carry the child in our womb for 9 months 🤰 and then it us who stay with the child at home for 1-1,5 year. The kid knows us more and I can’t even imagine how hard it must be for men to break that barrier and also get that amazing bond with the child when they’re not around as much as moms 😬.

What I want to say is controversial, especially coming from me – a woman, but needs to be said – it’s not all about women 😉. Men work hard too, men feel enormous pressure too, men are great parents too 🤷‍♀️.

We shouldn’t look at the world with one standard. World and society isn’t as simple as we’d want it to be, it’s not all black or all white, it’s always more complex and that’s what makes it interesting and beautiful 🤗.

Come on guys, am I right?