SELF LOVE: What is self-love exactly?

What is really self-love/self-care? πŸ€”
People use to think that self-care is just taking care of our body (and I may have pushed that thinking by sharing recipes for homemade cosmetics as self-love series and not talking about other ways of self-caring 😬).
Self-care is not only taking care of your body and/or skincare. Self-care is also taking care…of our mind! Of our soul, of our self-cofindence, of feeling present, feeling important & needed.
For me, self-love is putting yourself first! 😎
Self-love is standing up to somebody who expects something from you that you don’t want and saying ‘no’ 🚫
Self-love is putting your needs first and not going to a party with your friends simply because you feel like staying home and having some me-time πŸ’….
Self-love is suddenly taking a day off because you don’t feel well 🀧 even though your boss and/or co-workers count on you (which I did yesterday πŸ˜‰).
Self-love is not only putting your needs first but also feeling good about doing it! You’re doing it for yourself, you’re taking care of yourself, of your mental health, be proud! 😊
So, do you practice other forms of self-care rather than just taking care of your body? Can you give an example of a situation when you put your needs first? 😊


SELF-LOVE: Breathing excercises

How’s your self-care time? πŸ‘Œ Do you put yourself first? πŸ’… Do you allow yourself to say ‘no’ to others and ‘yes’ to you and your needs? πŸ€—
I gotta say that I have finally learned to do that this year 😊 I started planning my days off and by planning I mean writing in my calendar “REST TIME – DO NOT PLAN/DO ANYTHING!” haha πŸ˜….
But I’ve really started putting myself first too. I don’t feel bad rejecting some other plans if, e.g. a friend calls me on my day off to do something/party and I say “sorry, it’s me-time and I want and need to rest and spend some time by myself” πŸ˜‰. If you say that to your friend and he/she doesn’tΒ understand it then he/she is not a friend! πŸ˜‰
I really cherish me-time and I try to have such a day at least once a month 😊
How about you? Do you have enough of me-time? Do you spend some time alone just chilling and having some quality time with yourself? 🀩

Scroll down to see an amazing excercise for a self-love time!

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I changed my Instagram Feed into 1 big Advent Calendar! 🀩
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SELF-LOVE: Suit up

How’s your self-isolation going?
Are you stuck in pjs and without make up for weeks now?
Today I want you to jump out of pyjamas and suit up! πŸ˜‰
Put on something nice, do your hair and make up and check yourself out in the mirror!
Maybe do some selfies? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜…
Simply dress up just for you, maybe try some new hairstyle or new kind of make up?
Have fun!

πŸ“Έ pic taken ages ago πŸ˜…