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Man appreciation post!

We (us, girls, especially) keep on saying that girls have such a difficult life. That it’s so hard to be a girl/woman 🙄. That there’s pressure on so many levels – we need to always look good, be fit, have pretty hair, wear nice clothes, shave legs etc. That we need to be good mothers, but also hard-workers, that we need to take care of the house, cook well, clean… I keep hearing from other women that it’s so hard and that „being a man is so much easier”.

Well, is it? 🤔

Don’t men also have/feel pressure about plenty stuff? Don’t they also need to always look good, wear nice clothes, shave etc? There are plenty men who are way more worried about their looks, about being muscular, about getting into shape than other women. They also feel the pressure to be fit, to look good 🤷‍♀️.

Besides looks, plenty men feel such an enormous pressure to earn good money 💰 and to provide for the family that they’d be actually ashamed if e.g. wife earned more money than they did. Because according to some stupid (and out-of-date) stereotype it should be a man that earns more 🙄.

Men also want to be good dads 👨‍🍼, to have the connection with the kids. There’s always a natural bond between a kid and a mother because it is women, who carry the child in our womb for 9 months 🤰 and then it us who stay with the child at home for 1-1,5 year. The kid knows us more and I can’t even imagine how hard it must be for men to break that barrier and also get that amazing bond with the child when they’re not around as much as moms 😬.

What I want to say is controversial, especially coming from me – a woman, but needs to be said – it’s not all about women 😉. Men work hard too, men feel enormous pressure too, men are great parents too 🤷‍♀️.

We shouldn’t look at the world with one standard. World and society isn’t as simple as we’d want it to be, it’s not all black or all white, it’s always more complex and that’s what makes it interesting and beautiful 🤗.

Come on guys, am I right?

Be positive!

How to be happy in a relationship

Happy Valentines!

On this day I want to talk to you about LOVE.

We have all seen many romantic movies, we’ve read beautiful books about perfect relationships, we know all the fairytales but people tend to think it works like that in real life too.

People tend to expect too much of a man/woman when looking for a partner and then expect too much from the relationship. Don’t get me wrong. True love does exist and there are plenty beautiful and happy stories but it’s not a fairytale but 2 people making it beautiful.

I used to be one of those people believing in fairytales. I waited for my prince, wanted him to be tall, British, and a brunet.  But then in 2016 i fell in love with a Polish man with blond hair and who’s shorter than me. And you know what? He is my prince. And he’s my husband now (here’s a photo from our honeymoon 4 months ago).

Later on our relationship taught me what is most important in making love work. Communication. With good communication you can have a relationship just like in movies. Talk to each other. Tell your significant other what you feel, what makes you mad, what you like and what don’t you like. Women are weird 😀 if your man drives you crazy by doing something just tell him that! How can you expect him to change if he doesn’t know there is a problem? Also, what is super important, men really are from Mars and women from Venus, haha – stop thinking your man will get the idea to do something, he won’t. Even if there’s a full basket of dirty clothes he won’t notice it. Don’t wait for him to do laundry and be mad if he doesn’t. Men are not like that, they don’t notice things that need to be done. Just tell him nicely „can you do the laundry?”. Communication.

Another thing – even though you are a couple you are still 2 different people. You can like different things. You can have different habits. You can get angry with the way he segregates clothes or dishes cause you do it other way but he can just as much get irritated they way you do it. Communication. Tell him what you like, listen to what he likes. Work compromises.

Last thing – as I said, we are 2 individuals, 2 seperate bodies, 2 seperate minds. We do things differently. So when your man doesn’t show you the affection, doesn’t hug you or kiss you that many times as you’d like or doesn’t tell you „I love you” every day don’t get angry with him straight away. Maybe he shows the affection other way? Maybe he takes care of you when you’re not feeling well and brings you tea? Maybe he covers you with a blanket when you fall asleep on the sofa? Maybe he does something for you when he sees that you’re tired? This is love too. All those actions. Not just saying „I love you” – this is the easy way. But if you need to hear it more often anyway just tell him that. Communication!


So what I am trying to say – beautiful love doesn’t come to you itself, you have to make it beautiful. And if you’re single – prince charming won’t come to you himself, you have to make a decent man you meet a prince.