Top 10 Inspirational stories

As today is 1 year since I started this blog time to do some summaries!
Here’s My Top 10 Inspirational stories (you’ll find full stories in Inspirational Stories section):
10. Simon Cowell – man who drove back to his parents being broke and using his last money ($5.26) for taxi and is now a millionaire
9. Ed Sheeran – man who was bullied yet wanted to become big so much that he went on a tour having no money and had to sleep in parks from time to time and is now known all over the world
8. Walt Disney – man who struggled to make ends meet yet fought for his dreams and later became a legend
7. Steven Spielberg – man who got rejected from school of cinematic arts but didn’t give up on his dream
6. Tony Robbins – man with horrible, abusive childhood who was strong enough to keep going despite diseases or being chased out of the house with a knife by his mother and now is a king of a bilion-dollar empire
5. J.K. Rowling – woman who battled with depression and contemplated suicide yet now is best-selling living author with a fortune over 650mln GBP (she had over 1 billion but donated a lot to charities)
4. Keanu Reeves – man who kept losing his loved ones one after another yet never lost a positive attitude and still is a good human being
3. Dwayne „The Rock” Johnson – man whose family couldn’t make it financially, had to steal and in the end got evicted from an Island yet he now is one of top-grossing actor in all of Hollywood
2. Chris Gardner – man who couldn’t make ends meet, was homeless yet now is not only a millionaire but his story was so inspiring that it became a well-known movie „Persuit of Happyness”
1. Steve Jobs – man who never finished high school and started his big empire in his parents’ garage
Successful people also go through difficult obstacles so never give up! 😊


Setting your goals

When following dreams one of most important things is to set your goals right. Goals set right will help you UNDERSTAND the path you need to walk through more, it will be easier for you to PLAN your next steps, it will be easier for you to CONTROL if it’s going good, there will be LESS PRESSURE and it will be easier for you to BE PERSISTANT 😊
Goals need to set with a SMART method 🤓. That’s right, SMART:
S – Specific – Provide enough detail so that you know exactly what you should be doing. For example, stop setting goals such as „I need to lose 10kg in 3 months”. Make it more „I need to start eating more vegetables and workout 4 times a week” 🥦💪. This is more doable, you have more control over it (as you know exactly what you need to do) and there’s less pressure. Try sticking to it and just wait for results. Same with e.g. growing here on ig. Instead of setting a goal like „I need to get 1k new followers in a month” try „I need to post daily, take more colorful photos and interact with other users more”. Just do it and wait for the results 😉
M – Measurable – A measurable goal has an outcome that can be assessed as a hit or miss ✔❌. So e.g. you can easily check whether you worked out 4 times this week or posted everyday.
A – Achievable – An achievable goal has an outcome that is realistic given your current situation. Make sure you actually have the time 🕰 to workout 4 times a week or post daily. Don’t set such goal if you know you won’t make it.
R – Realistic – Start small. If you set your goal too high („I need to lose 10kg in a month” or „I need to gain 10k followers in a month”) there’s too big pressure and you will give up quickly if you won’t see results you’d want 🤔
T – Time Bound – Set a timeframe for the goal: „in three months”, „by six months”. Setting an end point for the goal gives you a clear target to achieve 🏁
Now that you know how to set your goal right let me know what are your goals!
Mine are: eat healthy + workout 3-4 times a week, post 5 times a week + take more colorful photos and read at least 60 pages a week 😊


Following dreams

Are you following your dreams?
What does have to happen to make you start going for it?
Are you waiting for the right time?
There never will be. There’s always going to be something on the way, some obstacle but you need to overcome it and just get to work 💪
Are you waiting for something to change so you can start? Stop waiting. Don’t wait for some change, be that change ❗ The world and your life don’t change on their own, you have the power to change them.
Are you waiting for a sign from the Universe that you should get to work? There you have it. I am giving you that sign. 💫
Stop waiting.
Stop creating excuses. ⚠️
You’ll always find a reason not to do it but that’s not the point.
Just get up and start following your dreams.
You can do it. 💪

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Don’t give up

Why do people give up⁉️
Is it because they are not good enough? Because they are not capable of achieving the goal?
You are good enough and you CAN achieve the goal! 💯
When it comes to setting goals and following dreams people tend to be very impatient and want results right away. They give up because they haven’t reached their goal in a week or a month. Not that fast! „Rome wasn’t built in a day”, they say. Be patient and keep going! Don’t give up! 🙏
Also, when going after a dream people tend to look ahead. They keep looking how much road they have left to reach the finish line 🏁 instead of looking back once in a while and appreciating how far they’ve come already! Do it! Look back! ⏮
When e.g. you are trying to lose 10kg and after a month you’ve got still 7 more kg to lose, don’t give up! It means you’ve lost 3kg! Congratulate yourself and keep going! (Also, it is not possible to lose 10kg in a month in a healthy way 😉).
OR you’re trying to build a popular blog or an account here on ig and after couple months you’ve got only 20% of what you wanted. Don’t give up! Keep pushing! And look what you’ve got already! I, for example, thought Smiley Society will be way bigger after 6 months (has it been that long already?! 😅) but I’ve got 1800 of you here and when I try to imagine 1800 in a room and me talking to them…that’s a lot of people! 😅
Do you see what I mean? When going after a dream don’t just look forward and look out for the finish line. Look back and see if you can see START. You have passed it which means you are making progres! 📈
You’ll get where you want, you just need to be persistent and patient!
I believe in you! 🙏💫

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Leave your comfort zone

In order to grow your need to leave your comfort zone.
In order to achieve great things you need to leave your comfort zone.
In order to change your life you need to leave your comfort zone.

Success doesn’t happen by doing ordinary, easy things. You need to push yourself further to get what you want. You need to overcome your weaknesses to grow. 💪Think of it as going to the gym – you need to feel pain and feel uncomfortable for the workout to work. You don’t burn calories without losing your breath and you don’t build muscles without getting tired. This is this barier you need to overcome to get results. That barier is your comfort zone.💥

The same rule is when it comes to work, following dreams or anything else. You need to constantly leave your comfort zone. If something is too easy it means you’re doing something wrong. There NEED TO BE DIFFICULTIES. And you need to overcome them.📈

For example, if you want to be a successful businessman but you are shy, you don’t like talking to and meeting strangers – you need to overcome it.

If you ask musician or an actor if he/she is scared before going onto the stage most of them will tell you they are. No matter how many years they’ve been doing it. They overcome their stress, their anxiety and/or stagefreight every evening.🎙

There are plenty people who are stuck at work doing what they hate but they don’t look for a new job because they’ve been working there so many years that they can just keep doing it. The truth is they are stuck in their comfort zone. They are scared of changes, of new challenges, of meeting new people and starting from the beginning so they stay where they are. That is not right. You need to overcome this fear of changes, you need to overcome your weaknesses, you need to leave your comfort zone, go out and do what you want!

Everybody wants to be at home, in PJs not stressing about anything whole day. But this is not the way to achieve great things.

You need to grow to achieve success but you won’t grow without leaving comfort zone.

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Congrats! ⭐⭐⭐
You are an amazing human being! ❤
You are beautiful. 😍
You are strong. 💪
You are capable of anything. 💯
Believe in yourself. 🙏
You are great! 😘
Now read it again




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Inspirational Story

Time for another Inspirational Story. This story will show you how determination and persistance can work miracles. I know it’s long but please read it.

There was a girl. Let’s call her Ana.

In 2011 Ana started writing a book. She never wanted to be a writer but she had a lot to say and share about her outlook on the world and society nowadays so she built it in a story and made a book out of it. As soon as she finished writing it 1.5 year later she was really proud of it, it was a good book hence she wanted to have it published. She started looking for a publishing house, she took part in every writing contest she could find. But it was for nothing.

She took a break and got back to it 2 years later. She changed a bit in the plot as she didn’t like some parts anymore and tried again – contacted a bunch of publishing houses yet it was still for nothing. She decided to print the book herself. She had a graphic made for a cover, a professional helping correcting the text and a proper bindery to make it into a book. She spent all her savings to get 180 copies. What did she do next? Having the book printed she started sending it to…publishing houses. Again. At that time it was 2015 so already 4 years in the making.

She gained some interest from 3 publishing houses but it didn’t work out as they wanted her to put more money into it. She wanted to find a publishing house that will fall in love with her book and will invest in it. After that she took a break again, this time for half a year.

In 2016 she decided to try it different way. She did a research and found a lot of blogs that write books reviews. The book got plenty good reviews, some blogs gave it 5/6, some 8/10 and wrote articles about it trying to bring attention to publishing houses to take that book in and publish it. One chapter got even published in a national newspaper. But still nothing. Still no publishing house interested  in making it big.

Having lots of great reviews she decided to take it one step further and she reached out to well-known people in the industry. She managed to get in touch with a man who wrote dozens of books and was later a chairman of jury in the biggest literature awards in the country. He loved the book and wrote a great review. She got even an email from a famous director Krzysztof Zanussi („The Constant Factor”, „Life as a Fatal Sexually Transmitted Disease”, „The Supplement”) that he sees potential in her book to make it into a movie.

With those 2 reviews from 2 big names she tried again. She packed her book with those reviews as a Xmas present and sent it to over 30 pubslishing houses for Christmas 2016. A month later she started calling each company to see if they got it. She has been calling to all companies EVERY WEEK for a whole year asking if they read it, if they like it etc. In the meantime she kept looking for more publishing houses and got to 44 companies on her list. She kept calling them until she had a proper answer YES or NO. She did not accept answers like „We will read it and will get in touch with you if we like it”, no. She asked how much time they needed to read it and said that she’ll call again to ask for the opinion. She made over 200 calls asking about the book. It lasted whole 2017. She kept hearing „NO” over and over again but she did not give up. 37th answer was „YES”. In the beginning of 2018 she found a publishing house that fell in love with her book and wanted to make it big.

Let’s call her by her real name now. It was Pola Rewako. It was me. My book is being published on February 13th after 7 years of trying to make it happen. This is my secret project i’ve been telling you about. J

Also, I will not stop here. I want to make it into a movie and translate it into English by 2021.