I quit

I quit.
That’s it, I quit 🤷‍♀️.
I quit being dependent on other people, on their decisions, on somebody’s mood, on somebody’s actions 🙄.
I quit giving my heart and my time to people who won’t give it back 💔.
I quit spending time with people who pull me down, with people who don’t support me, who are not passionate about life and chasing dreams 🤷‍♀️.
I quit being scared of being different, of being misunderstood, of being laughed at 🤨.
I focus on myself. On my inner-strenght 💪, on my passions 📝, on my dreams 🤩. I will walk my path and good, positive, passionate people will follow me.


It’s all about mindset!

It’s all about mindset! 🤗
It’s not about the situation but how you react 😉.
Your thinking can truly make a difference!
Let’s try an easy excercise.
Instead of thinking „What if I won’t make it?” 🤔 think „What if it works out?”
Instead of thinking „What if they judge me?” 😶 think „What if thanks to this situation I’ll finally learn who is a good friend, who supports me now matter what, who’s a true friend?”
Instead of thinking „What if nobody likes it?” 🤷‍♀️ think „What if people love it?”
You don’t know what’s gonna happen. You don’t know how will people react 🤷‍♀️. Why would you imagine only negative situations then? We tend to overthink and worry about something not going well, about somebody not liking what we do… If you NEED TO imagine future situation, if you need to kind of predicts what’s gonna happen do it in a positive way! 😃 Not only you’ll worry less, have easier life, less stress etc but if you think of positive outcome, if you stay positive and believe in success you get more confident! 😉 And when you get more confident you are more like to succeed!
You see? It’s all about positive thinking!

About me · positive


I turned 30 last week. 😜
And it actually got me thinking about the origin of all of us celebrating birthday. Like what is a birthday exactly? It’s an anniversary of us being born 🥳 a celebration of the day we came to this world 🤩 quite beautiful! But for me, we should celebrate our life, our presence in this world everyday! 🤗
How? Just living a positive life! By appretiating what we have 🤗, by noticing the good and positive things in our surroundings everyday 🥰, by being kind and positive towards others 😘.
Do you agree? ☺

Also! I’m having my own Smiley Advent Calendar on my Instagram with a special post each day either a:
– tutorial for a homemade Christmas decoration 🎄
– tutorial for a homemade gift 🎁
– recipe for a Christmas snack with a recommendation of a great Christmas movie 🥧🎬
– self-love tutorial for a homemade cosmetic/home SPA

Come join me there!

Be positive!

Challenge negative thoughts

Are you fair to yourself? 🤔 Do you treat yourself well? 😉 Do you think of yourself in a nice way and understand your needs and problems? 🧐 Do you expect same results as others from yourself or are you over ambitious and tend to be critical of your achievements? 🙄
Imagine a situation: your friend calls and tells you that she failed at work and is afraid she’s gonna get fired 😰. What do you tell her? 🤔 You probably tell her not to worry, you try to assure her/him that she’s/he’s probably over dramatic and that it couldn’t have been that bad. You emphasise that she’s/he’s good at her/his job and that she/he won’t get fired 🤩
Now imagine same situation but you’re the one that failed at work 😉. What do you tell yourself? Do you blame yourself? 😶 Do you keep saying how bad you are? That you deserve getting fired? 😬 Do you tend to be overcritical to yourself? ☹
Is that what you would say to your friend? No! 🚫
Be a friend not only to others but to you as well! 🤗 Be supportive, understanding and loving ❤
How to challenge negative thoughts? 🤔
Stop thinking:
❌ „No one likes me.”
❌„It’s all my fault that she’s upset”
❌„I shouldn’t have made that mistake”
❌„I can’t do this”
❌„Why does this always happen to me?”
❌„Everyone is out to get me”.
Instead think:
✔„What is another possibility?”
✔„What would the people who care about me say?”
✔„What is the worst that could REALLY happen?”
✔„If my friend had this thought, what would I tell her?
✔„Can I be 100% sure this is true?”
✔„What is the best possible outcome?”
Remember, be a friend to yourself.
Be kind 😘
You’re not a robot. You’re a human, you make mistakes and that’s ok 😉
Love yourself 🙏.

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Smiley Future

Smiley Future – Step 45

Take that step into future! 😉

Do you remember our previous steps about sabotaging thoughts? 🤔 Have you managed to work on them and create your helpful recreation or helpful reaction? 🧐 If yes – wonderful! 🤗 Now start using them in practice.
Here are some examples of sabotaging thoughts and answers to them taken from „The Beck Diet Solution: Train Your Brain to Think Like a Thin Person” book by Judith Beck 📖
➡️Situation: Reaching your goal will affect your family’s life 😐
🧠Sabotaging thought: I can’t put my needs first above the others 🤷🏼‍♀️
❤Helpful reaction: I can try reaching for goal that is imporant to me.Time to start thinking about my own needs 👊🏻. My family should eat healthy too, limit fattening products, it will be good for them as well. 😊
➡️Situation: You don’t let yourself have any satisfaction until you lose as much weight as possible 😬
🧠Sabotaging thought: As long as I won’t reach my target weight I won’t feel any satisfaction. I don’t deserve any prizes until I lose as much weight as possible 🙄
❤Helpful reaction: I need to learn to be happy about small successes 🤩. Celebrarting every 2 kgs lost will make me feel better and will strenghten my belief in myself! 😎
➡️ Situation: Temptation 😟
🧠Sabotaging thought: I deserve to eat anything that I want 🤷🏼‍♀️
❤Helpful reaction: If I want to benefit and stay thin I can’t eat anything I want. It is more important to lose weight and feel good than to spontanously decide what to eat 🤗
Remember, those are only examples (although I really am often in situation nr 3 😅😳) that should help you understand the idea of creating helpful reaction/supporting thought for sabotaging thought 🙂.
Create your helpful reactions that fit your individual situation and personality. You are the expert of yourself! 😚
Next week: Appreciate your hard work!
Source: @chodakowskaewa‘s new book “90 days – design your tomorrow”