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Positive apps!

I showed 5 positive apps in June (7 over all) on my Instagram Stories and I’d like to sum it all up 🤗.
Here’s quick description if you haven’t seen my stories with tutorial on each app (you can still see it in Positive Apps! Highlights on my profile).

🔸️Gratitude ( is a great app for building gratitude and affirmations. It works like a journal where you add what you’re grateful for daily. After a week or a month you have a whole list of things you can be grateful for – great to have on a bad day! 🤗

🔸️My Affirmations is a beautifuly done app for affirmations only BUT you get to say them out loud 🎙. In the app you’ll find various affirmations divided into categories. After you pick your affirmations you get to record yourself and in the end you can play a nice presentation with amazing pictures, calm music and your own voice saying amazing things about you! 🤗Pretty incredible presentation to have when you’re feeling down!

🔸️CBT Thought Diary is an app that works basically like a diary where you can keep on track with your thoughts, emotions and moods.

🔸️ThinkUp (@thinkupapp) is very similar to My Affirmations but with wider choice of affirmations to choose from.

🔸️21 Days Challenge (@21daysapp) is an app for building new healthy habits! You’ll find 11 challenges there for new habits in sections like: Mental wellness, Sleep schedule, Self care, Gratitude, Productivity, Happiness or No Junk Food. Each challenge has 21 steps with 21 different tasks for each day! 😁

🔸️Focusly (@focuslyapp) is a great app for meditation, fighting stress and calming yourself e.g. before sleep. There’s many meditation sessions divided into couple different types and plenty interesting articles.

🔸️Fabulous (@thefabstory) is another app good for building new habits but also about learning about time management and meditation, a bit of everything actually!

It’s impossible to choose just 1 best because they focus on different things so I’d pick 3 – My Affirmations for building gratitude, Focusly for meditation and keeping yourself calm and 21 Days Challenge for learning new habits.
I love those 3 apps and I am SO HAPPY I found those! You need to check them out! ❤🤗

Be positive! · Self-evolving

New normal

What if it is all a test? 🤔
To see whether you got your prorities set right? To see what you’re sad about when having to cancel all plans? To see if you can appreciate what you got? To see if you’re flexible making new plans, rearranging your schedules, building new paths, being creative? 🤔
We can learn so much these days ⚠️ Not only about the world but about ourselves too 😉, about your closes ones whether think about you too these days, about your friends if they really care for you 😘
Have you learned something new about yourself? I, for example, started to notice that I really answer to problems/anxiety with work 💪. I put more and more on myself trying to achieve as much as I can, to prove that I’m good enough, to make myself proud, to feel calm once something is complete. This is they way I cope with stress – I work even more. That’s just me but I’ll work on that 😉😅
This is the time to observe, take notes and draw conclusions 📝 This is the time to learn ⚠️. So that once it’s all over we can build new ‘normal’ with the notes we took. We can use our lessons, our mistakes to set new goals, build new paths ⚠️
And I’m not talking about you and me only. I’m talking about all of us as one Earth-society 🌍. We should all keep some of the actions we do now forever. Starting from taking more care abour our health and appreciating when we’re healthy 🙏, from paying more attention to hygiene and washing our hands as often as we can 👏, from keeping healthy distance from one another in a shop, not standing on somebody’s toes 😅, let’s keep this personal space 😉, to helping one another 🤝, to spreading good deeds, to caring about strangers, not only about ourselves! 🙏
We can build such a beautiful new world out of it with new, better priorities, better standards and better rules. 🤩
A world where we can all appreciate what we got, care about others and are willing to help a stranger. 🙏
This is the time to build a new reality. ⚠️
Who’s with me? 😉 📸 pic taken in Athens in 2015