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Don’t worry over small things

Don’t worry over small things!
Do you know the rule of 1 year?
If somethings bothers you but it’s some small thing that you won’t remember about in 1 year, you shouldn’t worry about it! ⚠️
Don’t waste time crying or getting stressed about some things (or people) that won’t matter in a year! It means they don’t matter now!
For examle, if you had a misunderstanding with a friend, you did something wrong at work, you broke your favourite cup or some guy said something uncool to you – shake it off and forget about it. 🤗 We’ve got too little time in this precious life to spend it worring about unimportant things! 😉
Will it matter to your in a year? Willi it change your life or yourself that much? 🤔

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Be positive!


One of the things that annoy me the most is complaining. Oh how I hate it! (am i complaining on complaining now? 😜)
To me it feels like people are never happy with what they have🤷🏼‍♀️

Blond girls want to have dark hair, brunettes want to be blond, girls with curly hair want to have straight hair, tall girls want to be shorter while short girls want to be taller etc etc. It never stops 🤷🏼‍♀️

If you can change it (e.g. hair colour) then change it and if you can’t change it (e.g. height) then just accept it. Complaining won’t do you any good and will only annoy people around you 😜

It is also quite often that people want something, complain that they don’t have it and then when they get it they complain they have it. Do you know what I mean? It’s like it’s never good but always something to complain about.

People tend to complain a lot about their jobs but do nothing to change it. How is it supposed to get better if all you do is complaining? Are you waiting for a miracle to happen and you think that by complaining you’ll get it to come to you? No! Just get moving! Start working on your dream or change and stop complaining! 😊



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One of the main and easiest ways to happiness is being GRATEFUL.
Are you grateful for what you have? If you’re thinking „what do I have to be grateful for?!” you’re probably one of those people who have lots but don’t appreciate it. You don’t have to be a millionaire or have a perfect life to be grateful. People tend to think that they don’t have anything to be grateful because they’re not rich or because they have some problems. ALL people have problems. Poor ones and rich ones. ⚠️
But the key is to appreciate what you have.
Are you healthy?
Do you have a place to live?
Do you have food in your fridge? Do you have family?
Do you have friends?
Do you have both legs?
Are you able to see, hear, talk? There are so many things /aspects that we need to be grateful for yet most of us take those things for granted.
People keep thinking that it is an absurd to be grateful that we see or have both legs. That it is a given. Well sadly not for everyone. Imagine not having that. I am grateful I am healthy, able to see, hear and walk everyday! ❤❤❤ The truth is, there are many people who lost their legs, are blind, deaf or very sick but still can appreciate life and be happy and those are the people we should follow and learn from them! 💪
Do you have both parents? I know this may not be as simple as the 1st question in the age of divorces but even if you have only one parent you are still more lucky than all those poor children living in shelter houses.
Did you have dinner today? So simple right? Yet still, if you have, you are still more lucky than millions of people in the world who starve to death.
You have PLENTY OF THINGS TO BE GRATEFUL FOR! You just need to learn to see them. 👀
You can do an easy exercise – write down what are you grateful for on a piece of paper and put it in a jar. Keep doing it for next 30 days. You’ll see how many things you have to be grateful for! + when you’ll have a bad day you can read them all and it will make you feel better. 😊

What are you grateful for?


Don’t Judge

How many times have you walked into a room when something odd was happening and you made your assumptions, judged someone and then turned out to be wrong? How many times have you seen someone doing something for a second and thought the worst of him/her without knowing the whole story? How many times have you heard a half of a sentence that somebody said to someone and you made up a whole story on those couple words taken out of the context?
You can see perfect examples of what I’m trying to say here in Ameriquest commercials. Do you know them? The „Don’t judge too quickly. We won’t” slogan? If you don’t, look it up: „Funniest Ameriquest Commercials – Don’t Judge Too Quickly!”, you’ll find it on youtube.
If you’ve seen it you know what I mean. Don’t judge too quickly, always try to understand. Try to see the bigger picture, what could’ve happened there. If your boyfriend doesn’t like the dinner you made for him, don’t be mad at him instantly, try to think deeper. Maybe he’s had a bad day? Maybe what you made reminds him of a grandma that he misses? There can be plenty explanations and the one you come up with will be so wrong that you’ll laugh when you know the truth. You need to control your assumptions though. ALWAYS think of at least of 2-3 things that could be true in a situation. DON’T JUMP INTO CONCLUSIONS. Those are the worst. How many couples broke up because of that? That there was a situation that looked wrong, may have looked like cheating and somebody jumped into conclusion that they other one is cheating? It may turn out to be something totally else later on but it may be too late for you to go back to how it was before you made the assumption. Couples fight, the person accused of cheating explains what happened, the other person feels sorry for jumping into conclusion but they break up anyway because thanks to this situation they got to see there’s no trust in their relationship.
Do you know what I mean?
Don’t judge. Don’t jump into conclusions. Always try to see the bigger picture, try to understand the other person why he/she is doing something.

Be positive!

The power of smile

Do you know the power of smile? Do you smile often? Do you smile at strangers?
Smile is such an amazing way of communicating, known all over the world. It can mean so much without using any words. I don’t think we smile enough. Go out and smile at strangers, you will make them feel better, and what’s most important – they will probably smile back. Give a smile to your family, to your friends, to your co-workers. This is the easiest friendly gesture you can make and it costs you nothing. But do you know what you can gain? – When you smile people think of you as more friendly, more open. It will work for you in the future e.g.when you will be in need 😊 – When you smile you actually trick your brain into thinking you’re happy. Try it. Even when you’re sad, confused, worried – smile. You brain will read it as a sign that everything is ok and will start producing endorphines which are happy hormones. This is scientifically proven, smile does work that way on brain 😊 – When you walk down the street with a smile on your face people will perceive you as more confident 😊 – Smile when you’re talking on the phone, it will make your voice warmer and will soothe your listener 😊 – Smile when talking to kids, they’ll like you more and will trust you 😊 – Smile when doing groceries, being at resturant, using any kind of services – make people who work there like their job 😊
The list can go on and on and on. Just try it. Smile as much as you can!

Be positive!


Do you know what’s 1st step to being unhappy? OVERTHINKING. That’s right. Half of the problems (or maybe even more) that you worry about DO NOT EVEN EXIST. Why do you stress out about some possible scenarios that MIGHT happen? They may not happen. People tend to exaggerate so many situations. Waking up at night stressed that you might lose your job. That you might be seriously ill cause you’ve been having this headache for some time now. That your boyfriend doesn’t love you anymore. Do you know that for a FACT or you’re just assuming? DO YOUR RESEARCH. Is your situation at work really endangered? Talk to your boss if he/she is sattisfied with your work. Maybe you can do something better? Do you feel bad, have headaches? Just do some blood tests, you’re probably just missing some vitamins, hormones or just sleep. Is your boyfriend not into you as he used to be? He’s not smiling when he sees you? Talk to him. It may not even be about you. Maybe he’s going through something, maybe there’s something wrong with his family. Or maybe he’s overthinking too, ha! Stop worrying about future. You’ll have enough time to worry and to stress out when something bad does happen (and it will from time to time, life can’t be just about good times). Believe me, it will save you 80% of stress.
So as we have new week, new plans, new opportunities, please promise me that you’ll try to worry less and don’t overthink. 😘