Be positive!


Do you know what’s 1st step to being unhappy? OVERTHINKING. That’s right. Half of the problems (or maybe even more) that you worry about DO NOT EVEN EXIST. Why do you stress out about some possible scenarios that MIGHT happen? They may not happen. People tend to exaggerate so many situations. Waking up at night stressed that you might lose your job. That you might be seriously ill cause you’ve been having this headache for some time now. That your boyfriend doesn’t love you anymore. Do you know that for a FACT or you’re just assuming? DO YOUR RESEARCH. Is your situation at work really endangered? Talk to your boss if he/she is sattisfied with your work. Maybe you can do something better? Do you feel bad, have headaches? Just do some blood tests, you’re probably just missing some vitamins, hormones or just sleep. Is your boyfriend not into you as he used to be? He’s not smiling when he sees you? Talk to him. It may not even be about you. Maybe he’s going through something, maybe there’s something wrong with his family. Or maybe he’s overthinking too, ha! Stop worrying about future. You’ll have enough time to worry and to stress out when something bad does happen (and it will from time to time, life can’t be just about good times). Believe me, it will save you 80% of stress.
So as we have new week, new plans, new opportunities, please promise me that you’ll try to worry less and don’t overthink. 😘

Be positive!

Mood swings

How are you today? I’m actually having a really bad day. Bad week actually but what i want to say is that it’s ok if you have a bad day! It’s ok if you have mood swings (well, from time to time). Even the happiest person in the world is sad from time to time too. That’s totally normal. Nobody tells you to keep smiling and pretending you’re happy when you’re not (although when you smile you actually trick your brain into thinking you’re happy! 😁).
When you have a bad day just keep thinking about happy things, bring back your happy memories, try to relax, do something for you – maybe go shopping, watch your favourite movie, go to bed early. You need to have bad days from time to time to enjoy happy days more! Am I right?
So tell me what makes you happy on a bad day? What do you do to make yourself feel better?
I LOVE watching Friends, i can watch it over and over and over again (seen each episode 17th times!) and they always make me laugh. 😊

Psychology facts

How to end your day well

Every evening make yourself a list of things that you have managed to do that day. It doesn’t have to be anything big. Did you make someone smile? Did you send that email that you’ve been stressed about? Did you finish reading a book? Did you call your friend and told him you miss him? Or your mom?
Think of anything small but special.
Try to do it every evening. But only good things! Don’t think about things you did wrong or you did not manage to do at all. You’ll have tomorrow to deal with that. Now focus on good things.

So what have you done today?
I did well at work, got a great idea for a new post, had a phone call about my next project and prepared a special surprise for my husband 😊❤