How to easily change your mindset

Stop thinking „I have to” and start thinking „I can”. 💪
This is the easiest and most effective way to find what you should be grateful for 🤗
Instead of thinking „Damn, I have to go to work tomorrow 🙄” think „I can work! I didn’t lose job during coronavirus shutdown and I can keep on earning money 💪!”.
Instead of thinking „I have to make dinner, I so don’t feel like it 🙄” think „I can make dinner! I have all the ingredients in the fridge and I don’t have to walk around being hungry, I am so lucky 😋!”
Instead of thinking „I have to ride 300km to see my Mom, it’s so far away 🙄” think „I can still catch a train and go see her, not everyone is so lucky as so many people already lost their moms ❤”.
It’s not only about finding the reasons why you should be grateful but once you start thinking like that, once you start seeing your life as a list of opportunities and not tasks that you HAVE TO do you’ll feel more willing to do them! 😉
Words „have to” bring this pressure and tension, when you hear someone saying „you have to do this” you don’t feel like doing it at all 🤷🏼‍♀️, it works another way round.
„I can” attitude will make you feel more willing to actually do those things, you won’t feel that pressure and you’ll do those tasks with a smile on your face! 😊
Try it out!

Be positive!

The Power of Thoughts

Do you know that your thoughts have huge impact on your mood, your feelings and your behaviour? It may seem obvious but you need to learn the power of thoughts. With that knowledge you can change your perception on events, on some people, on whole world actually.
To make you understand it more, I’m gonna give you an example and paint a little picture for you. Let’s say 3 people lose their jobs. It is same situation, same environment but what can differ them? Their reactions, their thoughts. One of them will think „Oh no, what will i do now? I’m such a loser!” and be very depressed. Second one will be furious and will be yelling „They can’t fire me! This is discrimination!”. What will the 3rd one think? He’ll be the positive one and will try to look at it differently. „I don’t like it but now I can look for something new, I have biggest motivation for it now”. You can see both anger and hope in the same situation. Always try to think in a positive way in every situation.
Thoughts have impact on what we feel in a present situation. Emotions bring new thoughts that empower and confirm their legitimacy. In anger, for example, we tend to remember injuries and traumas, in depression we focus on negative aspects of our life and when we’re scared we think of all threats. It doesn’t mean that in moments of intense feelings we are always wrong, we tend to distort, ignore and disregard those information that undermine legitimacy of current feelings or beliefs though. The stronger emotions we feel, the more we go into extremes.
Think about that.
When was the last time you overreacted and made a huge deal out of something small?
This happens quite often to me actually but we need to remember to stay calm and not make decisions while being angry, sad or in any strong emotion.
Read more about the power of thoughts and exatly what I wrote here in „Mind Over Mood. Change How You Feel by Changing the Way You Think” by Dennis Greenberger and Christine A. Padesky.