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Smiley Future – Step 11

You often hear that imagining success helps you get motivated. Research shows though that it is not imagining success that helps but visualisation of process so imagining the path that takes you to your goal 🏁
The visualisation makes you practice in your mind the difficult path that awaits you and helps you get ready for its all steps.
Depending on what works on you best, punishments or rewards, you can choose proces visualisation with a negative outcome (what happens when you don’t reach the goal) or with positive outcome (what happens when you do).
* Simulation of process with positive outcome 👍
Imagine going shopping and you choose only healthy products. Imagine passing sweets section and not taking any 🚫. Imagine being at a party full of food and unhealthy snacks where everybody eats but you don’t. Imagine you working out and doing excercises that you like, e.g. swimming, riding a bike etc. You’ve reached your goal 💪 Imagine yourself thin with a beautiful body. Imagine walking into a party looking fabulous and having all people stare at you 🤩
*Simulation of process with negavite outcome 👎and proces letting you avoid it
Imagine yourself fatter. Your favourite pants don’t fit because you put on weight 😳. Family and friends tell you that your overweight problem becomes more and more serious. You walk into a party and people look at you and gossip. You feel bad about yourself, you’re unhappy and you’re self-esteem drops 😞 Now imagine how you can avoid those situations. You buy only healthy stuff. You don’t overeat at a party. See with your imagination you working out 💪
Those are examples from the research. Now think of your visualisations.
1. Decide whether you are more sensitive to punishments or to rewards 👍👎
2. Imagine the proces taking you to your goal (process of losing weight, looking for a better job etc.) – make sure to imagine specific situations 🧐
3. Write your visualisation down
Keep reading it and imagining the proccess several times a week 📝
Next week: What do  you need to reach your goal

Source: @chodakowskaewa‘s new book “90 days – design your tomorrow”

📸 Greece, 2015

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Leave your comfort zone

In order to grow your need to leave your comfort zone.
In order to achieve great things you need to leave your comfort zone.
In order to change your life you need to leave your comfort zone.

Success doesn’t happen by doing ordinary, easy things. You need to push yourself further to get what you want. You need to overcome your weaknesses to grow. 💪Think of it as going to the gym – you need to feel pain and feel uncomfortable for the workout to work. You don’t burn calories without losing your breath and you don’t build muscles without getting tired. This is this barier you need to overcome to get results. That barier is your comfort zone.💥

The same rule is when it comes to work, following dreams or anything else. You need to constantly leave your comfort zone. If something is too easy it means you’re doing something wrong. There NEED TO BE DIFFICULTIES. And you need to overcome them.📈

For example, if you want to be a successful businessman but you are shy, you don’t like talking to and meeting strangers – you need to overcome it.

If you ask musician or an actor if he/she is scared before going onto the stage most of them will tell you they are. No matter how many years they’ve been doing it. They overcome their stress, their anxiety and/or stagefreight every evening.🎙

There are plenty people who are stuck at work doing what they hate but they don’t look for a new job because they’ve been working there so many years that they can just keep doing it. The truth is they are stuck in their comfort zone. They are scared of changes, of new challenges, of meeting new people and starting from the beginning so they stay where they are. That is not right. You need to overcome this fear of changes, you need to overcome your weaknesses, you need to leave your comfort zone, go out and do what you want!

Everybody wants to be at home, in PJs not stressing about anything whole day. But this is not the way to achieve great things.

You need to grow to achieve success but you won’t grow without leaving comfort zone.