SELF LOVE: 2 Breathing excercises

➡️ Lion’s breath (Lion’s Pose or simhasana in Sanskrit)
Lion’s breath is an energizing yoga breathing practice that is said to relieve tension in your chest and face.
To do this:
🔸️Come into a comfortable seated position
🔸️Press your palms against your knees with your fingers spread wide
🔸️Inhale deeply through your nose and open your eyes wide
🔸️At the same time, open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue, bringing the tip down toward your chin
🔸️Contract the muscles at the front of your throat as you exhale out through your mouth by making a long “ha” sound
🔸️You can turn your gaze to look at the space between your eyebrows or the tip of your nose
🔸️Do this breath 2 to 3 times
➡️ Humming bee breath (bhramari)
The unique sensation of this yoga breathing practice helps to create instant calm and is especially soothing around your forehead. Some people use humming bee breath to relieve frustration, anxiety, and anger. Of course, you’ll want to practice it in a place where you are free to make a humming sound.
To do this:
🔸️ Choose a comfortable seated position
🔸️ Close your eyes and relax your face
🔸️ Place your first fingers on the tragus cartilage that partially covers your ear canal
🔸️ Inhale, and as you exhale gently press your fingers into the cartilage
🔸️ Keeping your mouth closed, make a loud humming sound

Continue for as long as is comfortable.


Smiley Future

Smiley Future – Step 49

— Step 49
To notice your emotions, to be good to yourself and to understand yourself better you’ll need mindfullness 🤗
What is it? 🤔 In short, it is an intentional focusing on here & now without judging it. Practicing mindfullness we focus on what we experience in a specific moment, here & now ⬇️ We dont think about the past or the future 🚫, we focus on what’s happening now. Couple next steps will be about mindfullness ☺
During mindfullness training try to remember about  couple tips:
💫 Don’t judge your thoughts and emotions that you’re feeling
💫 Be patient and persistent – let your thoughts and emotions go in and out in their time
💫 Keep your head open, imagine you’re a beginner at every training
💫 Avoid expectations – just try practicing mindfullness without any script or thoughts on how will it go
Task for today: Are you attentive every day? 🧐 Do you focus on here & now, feel the presence? If yes, in what moments you find it easy to be focused on here & now and when is it harder? 🤔
Have you ever practiced mindfullness? 😊
Next week: Practicing mindfullness: breathing
Source: @chodakowskaewa‘s new book “90 days – design your tomorrow”

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