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Feeling sorry for yourself

We all have bad days from time to time 🤷‍♀️. We all go through sad difficult times. We all cry 😥, we all feel insecure sometimes. That’s normal. But what is really important is to find that strenght to get up after we fall. To leave the dark, sad times and come back to life 💪.
Has feeling sorry for yourself helped anyone? Has feeling insecure, sad helped anyone? 🤔 Has it made anything better, easier? 🙄 The answer is ‘no’. You know what is it really? It’s wasted time 🤷‍♀️.
I don’t want to be harsh but that is the truth 🤷‍♀️. Time is the most precious thing in the world and we can’t waste it on sad, dark moments/days. I know there are situations (after break-up 💔, in grief 🖤 etc) when we need to have this time, when we need to lay in bed, to cry etc. It’s ok to feel sad, to feel angry, it’s ok to feel ashamed, it’s ok to feel guilty. We all need those feelings! But we all need to end with those feelings at some time too.
So remember, it’s not worth spending time being sad or anxious 😔. Life is short. If you’ve cried your eyes out after some sad/traumatic experience try to get up and forget about it 💪. Or if that’s too hard seek help. Please 🙏.
Feeling sad and feeling sorry for yourself just to feel sorry or to arouse interest is pointless and doesn’t help anyone 🙄. Believe me. Your clock is ticking⏰️. Please find that strenght and move forward.
I wish that all of us always find that strenght.


SELF LOVE: Dealing with emotions

We’re all focused now on helping others, on taking care of refugees, our dear friends Ukrainians.
But remember to take care of YOU too! ❤ Like in a plane – put your mask first before helping others.
So today focus on you 💛.
What to do when you feel…:
🔸️ ANGRY – ask yourself why you feel this way, what’s the reason of your anger, go for a walk, focus on breathing, listen to some calm music
🔸️ SAD – write down what you feel, all your anxieties, let it all out, cry if you feel like crying, then treat yourself – make yourself (or order in) some nice meal, buy yourself something nice
🔸️ ASHAMED – develop self-compassion, practice self-love talk, talk to your friend
🔸️ ANXIOUS – turn off your phone, stretch your body, go for a walk, listen to some chill music, try yoga and/or practicing mindfullness
🔸️ DRAINED – rest, take a hot shower/bath, do some home spa, have some tea, go to bed early
How do you feel today?

Be positive!

Good vs evil

Last week was horrible for Gdańsk. We lost our hero, our friend, father of this city. Our mayor Paweł Adamowicz was murdered. I know most of you didn’t know him but he was a marvelous man. He’s been a mayor for over 20 years, he’s been elected for the 6th time just 2 months ago. I keep saying that in a small village with couple hundreds of people a mayor knows every citizen and works on every man’s wish but Paweł Adamowicz did that in a city with 500 000 citizens. We all knew him and he knew all of us. Each one of Gdańsk citizens had an individual story with him, I am sure of it. I had a couple of those.
But what people started talking about is this fight between evil and good. We can’t let evil win. Sometimes it is hard to let go but when you fight back, evil vs evil, bad energy wins.
Instead of that we should all do an examination of conscience. Think about your thoughts, your actions, examine your past. See what did you do wrong and try to fix it.
We all need to unite in this time. We all need to be good, do good deeds to let good win.
Our Polish TV says now „We all need to be nice to each other. We all need to be good now. Maybe say „good morning” to your neighbour? Let’s smile to each other!” and all I keep thinking is what a horrible time it has come to. Do we really need to tell others to smile? To say „Good morning”? What has happened to the inner good? To the inner will to be polite?
On this day, one week since our mayor has passed away, I still can’t understand how it has come to this, I still can’t understand how someone can be so evil.
But i still believe that there are more good people than bad ones. We just need to show it to them!
Please do something good this week! Help out a charity, volunteer in some social event, help a stranger, smile at others (although this one is an obvious one)!
Our mayor’s last words were „Let’s share good”. Please lets do that.

Be positive!

Mood swings

How are you today? I’m actually having a really bad day. Bad week actually but what i want to say is that it’s ok if you have a bad day! It’s ok if you have mood swings (well, from time to time). Even the happiest person in the world is sad from time to time too. That’s totally normal. Nobody tells you to keep smiling and pretending you’re happy when you’re not (although when you smile you actually trick your brain into thinking you’re happy! 😁).
When you have a bad day just keep thinking about happy things, bring back your happy memories, try to relax, do something for you – maybe go shopping, watch your favourite movie, go to bed early. You need to have bad days from time to time to enjoy happy days more! Am I right?
So tell me what makes you happy on a bad day? What do you do to make yourself feel better?
I LOVE watching Friends, i can watch it over and over and over again (seen each episode 17th times!) and they always make me laugh. 😊