Social media clean up

How do you feel scrolling instagram or facebook? 🤔 Are you smilling seeing photos of others, do you feel inspired reading their posts, are you motivated hearing about their successes? 🤗
Make sure you follow people you feel good about ⚠️. If there’s any account you follow that makes you feel bad about yourself, that makes you feel worse 👎, unloved 💔, unsuccessful, unattractive or any other negative emotion – unfollow now!!! ❌
Just like you wouldn’t talk to a person you don’t like or that makes you feel bad, don’t do it online either! 😉 Surround yourself with positive people only, with people that inspire you, motivate you, that send positive vibes only! 🤗
I love scrolling instagram and seeing people I follow succed, it makes me feel motivated! 🤩

Be positive!


FOMO or JOMO? Which one do you practice?
Nowadays people are so soaked into social media and Internet that it becomes hard for them to get off their phones. 📱 This habit got its name – FOMO – Fear of Missing Out.
Some of us can’t spend a day (or even an hour!) without the phone, without looking at instagram or checking facebook every 5minutes. Can you relate?
I used to HAVE TO check snapchat (when it was still on top 😅) everyday. I HAD TO see new stories before they disappear after 24h. I used to scroll whole facebook feed until I got to my last seen post. Same with twitter. I just had to see it all. What for? Don’t know. I just felt like I can’t miss out.
I had that problem not only with social media but with emails too. I could go on holidays, set an autoresponder and then check all the emails and reply to them straight away anyways. I just couldn’t let it go.
But luckily I changed FOMO into JOMO – Joy of Missing Out 😊. Now whenever I go on holidays I am happy to leave my mailbox full and let those unread emails wait for me. I go on instagram when I have time and feel like it, not because I HAVE TO see all the instastories before they disappear.
If you have same problem as I used to have just try (try really hard) to let your phone aside for 1 full day. Once you see that nothing happens when you miss out on the news and new posts on your social media it will be easier for you to do it next time and then another time and another.
Believe me, life is not all about social media! 😊
Enjoy JOMO!

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Nowadays we are ‘attacked’ by plenty images of perfect bodies, faces etc. We see perfect figures in magazines, slim bodies on tv and lots of that here, on instagram. People tend to lose confidence when they see how other people have perfect lives, relationship, house or perfect body. Remember, nobody’s perfect! 💁🏼‍♀️
We all share only good (or even best) moments of our lives and only good/best photos of ourselves on social media! Not to mention that many people use filters (i do) or even photoshop their photos to make they bodies slimmer or boobs bigger. Don’t compare yourself to those unreal images. ⚠️ Don’t get sad or lose confidence over that! 💔 I am pretty sure all of us work hard to get that perfect posture, get your hair and make up done and all that before taking a photo. And this is normal, we all want to look good on pictures but if you get sad when looking on others, on some ideal photos/faces remember about this process before (make up, perfect pose) and after (good edit,filters) taking the photo.👯‍♀️
And it is not only about the body. E.g. if you see plenty romantic photos and a couple holding hands or kissing on all of them don’t think of them as a perfect couple and don’t compare their relationship to yours. I am sure they also have their bad momments, they also argue etc. They just don’t share those moments on social media. ⚠️Cause we only share our good/best moments.⚠️
Please remember about that. There’s so many people going crazy seeing how other people live or how they look but it’s only one side of their life.
Here’s me for an example (don’t think i’m comparing myself to those beautiful accounts or models, it’s just an example) – my bad version & best one after doing make up, hiding my round parts, standing differently etc. One photo taken after another, on the same day. Remember all those beautiful photos here on ig or in magazines are those ‘best version’pics 😉