Kids nowadays

Have you heard phrase „ahh kids these days…”? 🤔 I keep hearing (mainly from people my age so 25-35) that kids nowadays are lazy, that they are not independent 🤷‍♀️, that they are less intelligent because they read less and „only sit on their phones”, that they are rude… I keep hearing that there’s no hope in younger generations and I couldn’t agree less!👎

First of all, if a kid is rude, doesn’t respect older people then it’s a result of bad parenting and our/my generation shouldn’t complain on younger ones as we are the ones responsible for them and making sure that they’re well-bred 😉.

Second of all, I don’t agree that they’re ruse, less intelligent or any of that anyway! Couple weeks ago I was on a tram on my way to work and an old lady asked a teenage boy for help finding the store she needed. Not only he googled the closest store in the area but he actually got off the tram with her and showed her how to get to that place 🙏. Another time I saw a young boy helping a woman out with a stroller on stairs while plenty older man (same age as the woman) were passing by indifferently 🙄.

At work I have 5 girls in their 20s in my team and they are very willing to work, keen on learning new things and I’d never say that they’re lazy 😉.

And as for intelligence – I keep reading articles that young students invented some new machine that will translate sign language live into any other language, other young student who work on a cure for Alzheimer’s disease and they’re getting closer and closer, other ones who do a lot for ecology…😃 Honestly, there are plenty examples of talented and brilliant young people who are smarter than some of us.

So lets not make assumptions on couple examples (there are different kind of people in every generation), lets not label people and lets not create stereotypes that aren’t true. We should all complain less and try to see what’s best in every human being 🤗.

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Why do we keep judging people without even knowing them?

People tend to make an opinion about others based on their looks, their behaviour or anything else.

Isn’t there a posibility that they may be original and not fit some stupid stereotype? Are really all people the same? No, they’re not and we all need to remember about that. We are all unique and that’s what makes us, as society, interesting.

Some people tend to be prejudiced to others because of their looks, their social status or anything else. They see a person for a second and they already have an opinion about him/her. They already label them and put them in a sack with other people in the group. I already talked about stereotypes here some time ago but today I want to talk to you about something similar, yet different.

Have you ever heard „Look at her, she’s so young yet she wears Gucci, has Michael Kors bag and Chanel sungless. She must be with an old rich man or has a rich dad” or „Have you seen what he’s driving? He can’t be THAT rich! He’s probably stealing or does scams”.

Have you? Cause I’ve heard it many times and that’s enough. Why can’t a young girl be successful and earn good money to be able to buy expensive clothes and  accessories? There are plenty young successful woman who are rich and don’t need a man to support them financially.

Why can’t a guy have a good car and not be a scammer? Is it impossible to get rich on hard honest work? Of course it’s not!

Does a girl who is successful here on ig have be a cheater? Maybe she just works hard on it, takes great photo, is very charismatic and had a bit of luck too? Do people who have wealthy parents and have been travelling since being a kid have to have an easy life? Money doesn’t give you everything so perhaps they can have a difficult life on another lever.

Some of us are less successful and some are more, even being in the same age. We all have different stories and we shouldn’t make bad assumptions about people who have more or who go a different path.

Unless you know somebody’s whole story please don’t judge people and spread bad things about them. If that was you, if you were successful and got rich would you like people to say that you probably stole money from someone?

Please treat people you’d like to be treated.

Talk about them the way you’d like to be talked about.

Lets all have respect towards one another and just STOP JUDGING.

Be positive!


What do you think about stereotypes and labeling people?

I think we shouldn’t judge people just by their looks, nationality or anything else. We are all unique and this is what’s beautiful about this world!

Spend at least 10 minutes with a person and then you can make up your mind about him or her. Only then you can say something about this individual, not before.

There are so many stupid stereotypes and even more examples that those labels are wrong. Every nation has some stereotype attached to them, I think. Who hasn’t heard the following, while travelling: „Oh, you’re from X country? Then you must do this (stereotype)!”. Yes, some stereotypes are true but most of them are just hearsay transformed into a rumour with no real merit passed around from one person to another and to another.There is a stereotype about us, Polish people, that we are thieves. Well, I don’t agree with that. I know plenty Polish people (obviously) and none of them is a thief. According to stereotypes all Portuguese or Spanish are lazy, all French people are snobs, all Irish are red hair catholics, Norway – ruddy rustics, Sweden is nothing but tall blonds, Germans are stiff and humourless, Swiss are punctual, Italians are rude, Scottish people are skinflints, Brits care about nothing but tea, all Americans are fat etc etc. I’ve got plenty friends from different countries and I don’t think I agree with any of those stereotypes. All people are different and we can’t put labels on them. Especially such bad ones.

But it’s not only about the nations. There are plenty stereotypes put on different sexes, hair color etc. For example, two stereotypes that annoy me the most and would definitely want to get rid of them are that women are bad drivers (no!) and that all blonds are stupid (hell no!). Hair color has nothing to do with intelligence and I think women are good drivers because they have great attention to details and great reflexes.


What stereotypes annoy you most? Which one would you like to emend?


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