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Smiley Future – Step 17

Today’s step is a bit long but it is SO important in everyday life ⚠️
How big impact does stress have on willpower? In order to answer that question I’ll tell you about „fight 👊 or flight ✈ response”. It is a physiological reaction when seeing danger that’s been protectin people for centuries from deadly threats.
How does it work? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Let’s say you’ve noticed a venomous snake on your path. A part of your brain called amygdala reacts instantly and it prepares your body to fight or run away. The secretion of stress hormones increases, liver releases fats and sugars giving organism energy, lungs start to work faster to oxygenate body, the blood circulation accelerates (that’s why heart start to beat so fast!) to deliver needed substances to all cells. Basically whole organism is mobilizing for you to have best shot to survive 💪. In order not to delay your reactions the activity of the prefrontal cortex, so the part of your brain that is responsible for controlling impuleses, decreases ⬇️
What does it mean? Stress physically decreases your ability to self-control ⚠️
Brain still works in the same way as if you were standing in front of a venomous snake and it starts fight or flight reaction. E.g. when you see an annoying e-mail from your boss 😉. That’s why it is so important to learn to deal with stress!
Task for today divides into 3 parts:
1. Try relaxation. Lie down or sit down in a comfortable position 🧘🏼‍♀️, close your eyes, take deep breath and let your body loose muscle by muscle 🙏.
2. Answer those questions:
· What do you think about stress and its affect on your life?
· How do you rate your stress level?
· Do  you think of the stress that you experience as bad stress 👎or good stress 👍?
3. Watch short Ted talk with Kelly McGonigal „How to make stress your friend” – so good! 😍
Next week: Improve your willpower by breathing :::
Source: @chodakowskaewa‘s new book “90 days – design your tomorrow”

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5 ways to fight stress

Are you aware how big impact does stress have on your health both mental and physical? 😳
Too much stress not only will obviously make your mood worse and make you powerless but in the long run it can affect your immune system, the state of your hair and skin, your digestive system and plenty more 🤯
It will make you unhappy, less willing to work or follow your dreams. Not to sound too scary but it will make you miserable 😫
So here’s 5 ways to fight stress. Whenever you feel stressed do one of those:
1. Workout 💪 – physical exhaustion will not only bring down your mental exhaustion and/or chaos in your head but after a good workout your organism will start producing endorphynes – hormones of happiness so you’ll feel much better 💪😊
2. Take a walk 🚶‍♂️– as I said in my yesterday’s psychological fact – brain secretes certain chemicals when you have trees and plants around you which boosts the brain thinking 🌳🌴🌲. This is a great way to deal with a stressful situation, just walk and think, find a solution
3. Write it down 📝– it is also scientifically proven that taking your thoughts „out of your brain” and writing them down makes you feel calmer, makes you  see the problem/stressful situation more clearly and it is easier to think of a solution 🧐
4. Clean 💧– another thing scientificcally proven that when you clean your apartment or take your trash out your brain does „self-cleanse” too and gets rid of the bad thoughts/emotions, puts your thoughts in the order and gets rid of the chaos inside your head, something like placing everything in its spot on a cupboard 😉
5. Take a nap 🛌 – sleep makes everything better. You rest both pchysically and mentally and you’ll be waking up with fresh mind ready to face the stressful situation 🤗

Be positive!


Do you know what’s 1st step to being unhappy? OVERTHINKING. That’s right. Half of the problems (or maybe even more) that you worry about DO NOT EVEN EXIST. Why do you stress out about some possible scenarios that MIGHT happen? They may not happen. People tend to exaggerate so many situations. Waking up at night stressed that you might lose your job. That you might be seriously ill cause you’ve been having this headache for some time now. That your boyfriend doesn’t love you anymore. Do you know that for a FACT or you’re just assuming? DO YOUR RESEARCH. Is your situation at work really endangered? Talk to your boss if he/she is sattisfied with your work. Maybe you can do something better? Do you feel bad, have headaches? Just do some blood tests, you’re probably just missing some vitamins, hormones or just sleep. Is your boyfriend not into you as he used to be? He’s not smiling when he sees you? Talk to him. It may not even be about you. Maybe he’s going through something, maybe there’s something wrong with his family. Or maybe he’s overthinking too, ha! Stop worrying about future. You’ll have enough time to worry and to stress out when something bad does happen (and it will from time to time, life can’t be just about good times). Believe me, it will save you 80% of stress.
So as we have new week, new plans, new opportunities, please promise me that you’ll try to worry less and don’t overthink. 😘