Be positive!

Weekend time!

Happy Friday!

Go into the weekend wiser and with more experience than a week ago.

Sum up your week – what have you achieved, what has failed, what have you done right and what wrong. Congratulate yourself on your successes and learn from the things that went wrong (DON’T punish yourself or feel bad about them. It was a lesson not a failure!). Think about the next week. What do you need to work on to not make same mistakes anymore. What do you have to do to get closer to your goal. Organize that week.

And now go rest. Go enjoy the weekend. Turn your mind off, be here & now and get back to work on Monday with new motivation and new energy!

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2018 sum up

Time for 2018 sum up.
Was it a good year for you?
Try to write down 10 good things (only good ones!) that happened to you this year.
What was it?

It was a big year for me for sure. First of all i got married in May 😊 and my husband and I got our 1st own apartment and moved in in June ❤🏡
Also, one of my dreams came true, i got to a goal that i’ve been working on for 7 years! I’ll tell you what it was soon 😊