Smiley Future

Smiley Future – Step 46

Today’s the last step of our intense (and uneasy!) work on sabotaging thoughts 💪
➡️Today’s task nr 1: Now appreciate yourself for all the hard work and congratulate yourself on your success 😎. Yes, success because just noticing the sabotaging thoughts is already a big part of the success! 😉
I realize that working on sabotaging thoughts lasts longer than a week or a month. Those last couple steps were only a stimulus and en encouragement to work! 💪 So remember: everytime you notice a sabotaging thought appreciate yourself with a smile and a good word! 🙏 Same thing when you choose a helpful reaction instead of being tempted! 🤗
If a sabotaging thought you ‘caught’ wasn’t pleasant, you got tense or upset, after recalling a helpful/supporting thought take couple deep breaths and relax your body 🧘🏼‍♀️
➡️ And now task nr 2: Create a system of awarding yourself (daily, weekly, monthly) for your hard work on sabotaging thoughts 🏆. You deserve it! 🤗
Write down some nice, supporting words to yourself appreciating your work 📝
Next week: How emotions influence your willpower 🤔
Source: @chodakowskaewa‘s new book “90 days – design your tomorrow”

Be positive! · Self-evolving


I’ve got an excericise/task for you! 👊
As it is holidays season you’ll be probably going on some trip soon.
You can use that trip to learn not to care what other people think. 🤷🏼‍♀️
When you’re in a hotel/foreign city just stand in the middle and do a funny dance 🕺. Go jogging on a beach and do it in a funny/weird way (have you seen Friends episode with Phoebe running?) 🏃‍♀️. Just be weird and be proud about it. Who cares what people will think? Who cares that they will be staring? 🤷🏼‍♀️ You are on holidays and no one knows you there. Use it. ❗
Practice being yourself and not giving a damn what others think. 😎
Once you master it on holidays it’ll be easier for you not to care so much about everybody’s opinion on every-day life.
Try it out! 😊

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