Spring fever

Nature is waking up after winter, everything is blooming 🌸, spring is here and with that – spring fever…
Spring fever is any of a number of mood, physical, or behavioral changes, which may be experienced coinciding with the arrival of spring, particularly restlessness, laziness, and even amorousness 🙄.
🔸️feeling week, powerless 😮‍💨
🔸️sleepiness 😴
🔸️mood swings 😵‍💫
🔸️headaches 🤕
🔸️trouble with sleeping 😵
Have you experienced it? I gotta say that I am feeling sleepy/powerless and can’t get a good sleep lately 🤷‍♀️.
How can we fix/avoid that? 🤔
➡️ Stay physically active! 💪 Go for walks 🚶‍♀️, bike rides 🚴‍♂️, jogging – try spending as much time outside as possible. This way you expand capacity of your lungs and get your breath deeper 🤗. You also boost release of endorphins – happy hormones and lower release of stress hormones – cortisol 🤩.

➡️ Make sure you sleep well 🛌 – sleep 7-8h, try making a routine and go to sleep same time every night. If you have time – take 15-20min naps during the day too, they are proved to be very healthy! ☺️ Remember to relax in the evening, avoid blue light (no phone in bed!), make yourself a tea ☕️, have a bath 🛀 and/or light a scented candle

➡️ Remember about vitamins! 🔆 Supply your organism with as many vitamins as possible and do it in a natural way (no pills 💊) – drink smoothies and/or fresh squeezed juices – mix fresh fruit 🍒 and vegetables 🥕 but also mix various vitamins (e.g. vitamin C that you’ll get from parsley, kiwi 🥝 or lemon 🍋; vitamin E present in nuts 🥜 or olive oil; vitamin A from kale, spinach 🍃 or carrot; magnesium from banana 🍌, dates or avocado 🥑)

➡️ Last but not least: drink water! 💧 Make sure to drink 2-2,5 l of water (fresh water, juices, tea etc. don’t count 😉). Drink regularly throughout the day (e.g. 1 glass every hour)
Easy right? 😉


SELF LOVE: Start your day well

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the way you start your day has HUGE impact on the rest of your day! ⚠️ And it’s all up to you! If you wake up thinking „Ugh, it’s gonna be a tough day 😑” it is gonna be in fact a tough day 😉. If you get up from bed thinking how much you don’t feel like doing anything it will stay this way 😪 – you won’t feel like doing anything 🤷‍♀️. If you start the day with negative mindset the day won’t magically turn into a positive one 😉!
And so if you want to practice self-love/self-care throughout the day you need to start the day with the right mindset 😉!
➡️ 1. Think positive thought – something positive (can be small!) about the upcoming day 🤗
➡️ 2. Don’t think what you „HAVE TO” do that day. Think of it as an opportunity, as something you ‘GET TO’ do 😃
➡️ 3. Write down positive affirmations for the day like „I can do it”, „I am enough”, „I am beautiful” etc 💪
➡️ 4. Take care of your body – have a good nurtitous breakfast, take vitamins and stretch a bit 😋
➡️ 5. Do something fun – dance to your favourite song 🎵, be goofy with your partner/kids 🤪 or anything else that will boost your energy and bring a smile on your face ☺️.
And now go conquer the world!


Vitamin D

It’s winter time which means lack of sun (especially in Europe). This affects our body a lot hence it affects our mind as well. Do you know what the sun brings (apart from the heat) to our body? Vitamin D! And this is what your body is missing now. Make sure to take Vitamin D in pills during autumn and winter. It is so important! It will make you feel better, you’ll have more energy! You’ll see 😊

Do you take Vitamin D?